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in office of.



United States, it shall be lawful to fill such vacancy by Justices of the peace in the appointment or election, in such manner as has been or ing vacancies may be provided by the governor and legislative assembly

of such territory: Provided, that such appointee, or per-
son elected to fill such vacancy, shall hold office only
until his successor shall be regularly elected and qualified
as provided by law.
Ibid. CHAP. 235. EXTRACT.

* *
That the legislative assemblies of the several territories of

con- the United States may make such provisions for the care ritory, con-and custody of such persons as may be convicted of

crime under the laws of such territory as they shall deem ritory or state.

proper; and for that purpose may authorize and contract for the care and custody of such convicts in any other territory or state, and provide that such person or persons may be sentenced to confinement accordingly in such other territory or state; and all existing legislative enactments of any of the territories for that purpose are hereby legalized: Provided, that the expense of keeping such prisoners shall be borne by the respective territories, and no part thereof shall be borne by the United States.

Care and custody of victs of any ter

tracted for in any other ter


[PUBLIC_No. 6.] AN ACC amending section 1852 of the Revised Statutes of the United States.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, that section 1852 be, and the same hereby is, so amended as to read as follows:

Length of sessions of leg

Sec. 1852. The sessions of the legislative assemblies islative assem- of the several territories of the United States shall be limblies of the several territories ited to, sixty days' duration. limited to sixty days.

Approved December 23, 1880.

CHAP. 389.
* *

And hereafter no expense Expenses for for printing exceeding three thousand seven hundred printing for the several territo- and fifty dollars, including printing laws, journals, bills, ries limited to $3,750 for each and necessary printing of the same nature, shall be

incurred for any session of the legislature of any of the territories.



Approved August 5, 1882.

claim for

[PUBLIC—No. 101.] AN ACT regulating appeals from the supreme court of the District of Colum

bia and the supreme courts of the several territories. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa

Limiting the tives of the United States of America in Congress assem- a mount of bled, that no appeal or writ of error shall hereafter be appeals can be allowed from any judgment or decree in any suit at law taken from the or in equity in the supreme court of the District of Col- of any of the

territories umbia, or in the supreme court of any of the territories the supreme of the United States, unless the matter in dispute, exclu- United States. sive of costs, shall exceed the sum of five thousand dollars.


court of the


SEC. 2. That the preceding section shall not apply to any case wherein is involved the validity of any patent or copy-right, or in which is drawn in question the validity of a treaty or statute of or an authority exercised under the United States; but in all such cases an appeal or writ of error may be brought without regard to the sum or value in dispute.

Approved March 3, 1885.


Enacted by the Fourteenth Legislative Assembly.


AN ACT concerning official duties.

Be it enacted by the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of



sonally ent.


SEC. I. If any officer or officers within the limits of the territory of Montana shall sign any jurat, purporting

to be a certificate that any other person has taken or whom an oath subscribed before him on oath, without actually adminpurporise to be istering to such person such oath, or shall sign any such must be per- jurat or certificate in blank, or shall sign any acknowl

edgment of an instrument or conveyance, purporting to state that some other person has acknowledged the

same, as therein described, when in fact such person has Signing jurats not made such acknowledgment, or shall sign such ac

knowledgment in blank, the person or persons so offending shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor; and, being thereof convicted, shall be subject to a punishment of not less than one hundred dollars fine, and be imprisoned in the county jail not less than ten days, nor more than one hundred days, and shall be liable, personally, and upon his official bond, to its amount hereafter given to any person or persons who shall suffer thereby in such damage as such person or persons shall suffer.

in blank prohibited.


Penalty so doing

SEC. 2.

This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

Approved March 12, 1885.


AN ACT to suppress and prevent the dissemination of contagious and infec

tious diseases among domestic animals and Texas cattle.

Be it enacted by the Legislative Assembly of the Territory

of Montana:

SEC. I. That the governor of the territory is hereby authorized to nominate, and by and with the advice and Governor to consent of the council, appoint a competent veterinary erinary sur: surgeon, who shall be known as the “Territorial Veteri-geon. nary Surgeon;" and, on entering on his duties, shall take an oath to well and truly perform his duties, as provided

by law.

Sec. 2.

The duties of said territorial veterinary surgeon shall be as follows:



First. To investigate any and all cases of contagious or infectious diseases among cattle, horses, mules, and asses, in this territory, of which he may have a knowl- Duties of vetedge, or which inay be brought to his notice by any res-geon. ident in the locality where such disease exists; and it shall be his duty, in the absence of specific information, to make visits of inspection to any locality where he may have reason to suspect that there is contagious or infectious diseases.

tle driven from sections quar

Second. To inspect, under the regulations of this act, all cattle, horses, mules, and asses, which may be brought into this territory, in any manner whatever, from or through such state, territory, or foreign country, as the owners of catgovernor shall declare by proclamation upon the recommendation of the board of stock commissioners, or other-antined. wise be held in quarantine for purposes of inspection for contagious or infectious diseases. And after the making of such proclamation it shall be the duty of the owner or person in charge of any cattle, horses, mules, or asses, arriving in this territory, from or through any state, territory, or foreign country, against which quarantine has

animals to be


been declared, to notify the territorial veterinary surgeon without delay, and not to allow such animals, or any of them, to leave the place of arrival until they shall have been examined by the said surgeon, and his certificate

obtained that all are free from disease; and no animal Nounsound pronounced unsound from disease by the territorial vetturned loose. erinary surgeon shall be turned loose, or allowed to run

at large, or removed or permitted to escape, but shall be held subject to the order of the territorial veterinary surgeon. Any person failing to comply with this provision shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor; and, upon conviction, shall be fined not less than fifty nor more than five hundred dollars for each offense, and shall be

liable for any damage and loss that may be sustained by Certain stock any person or persons by reason of the failure of such inspection. owner or agent to comply with the provisions of this

section: Provided, that the owner of horses, mules, or asses, ridden under the saddle or driven in harness into this territory, or the owner of oxen driven into this territory under the yoke, and any person coming into this territory with his own team or teams, shall not be required to notify the territorial veterinary surgeon, or await the inspection of such work-oxen, team, or teams, but he shall be liable for all loss or damage to any person or persons from or by reason of any contagious or infectious disease brought into the territory by his animals; and no cattle, horses, mules, or asses shall be held · in quarantine in this territory for a longer period than ninety (90) days, unless contagious or infectious disease shall be found to exist among them.

SEC. 3. In all cases of contagious or infectious disease among domestic animals or Texas cattle in this territory, the territorial veterinary surgeon shall have authority to order the quarantine of the infected prem

ises, and in case such disease shall become epidemic in Veteri n ar y any locality in this territory, the territorial veterinary thorized to surgeon shall immediately notify the governor of the tercattle in this ritory, who shall thereupon issue his proclamation forterritory. bidding any animal of the kind among which said epi

demic exists to be transferred from said locality without a certificate from the territorial veterinary surgeon showing such animal to be healthy. The expenses of holding, feeding, and taking care of all animals quarantined under the provisions of this act, shall be paid by the owner, agent, or person in charge of said stock.


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