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Milton's arrival in London.—Commences schoolmaster.-Re-
proached on that account-Vindicated by Toland.-Inconsolable
because of the death of Diodati.—Writes against the Bishops.-Two
Books on the Reformation from Popery.--Prayer to the Trinity in Uni-
ity.--Declaration of his motives in writing.-Conduct of the Bishops.

Admiration of the Reformation. Appeal to the united English and
Scotch nations. Origin of Antichrist. Publishes on Prelatical Epis-

Presbyterians oppose the execution of the King.–Testimony of
Neale.-Mistake corrected, (note)-Milton publishes Tenure of
Kings and Magistrates after the death of Charles I.-His description
of the Presbyterian magistrates, and ministers.—Enemies to liberty
of Conscience.-House of Lords voted to be useless.-Office of King
voted to be dangerous to liberty.-Council of State.--Milton com-
mences the history of England.--Appointed Latin Secretary to the
Council.-Publishes his Eiclonocastes.-Eikon Basilike an im-

* The writer, by mistake, has in this Chapter used the name of Hume instead.
of Smollett.

The Duke of Savoy persecutes the Waldenses.-Cromwell's noble
conduct.--Milton's Sonnet.-Cromwell's intention to found a Protes-
tant Council.-Milton's State Letters:-The Protector to the Prince
of Tarentum, to the Duke of Savoy, to the Prince of Transilvania, to
the king of the Swedes, to the States of the United Provinces, to the
Evangelick States of Switzerland, to the King of France, to Cardinal
Mazarine, to the King of Denmark, to the Senators of the City of
Geneva, to the Cities of Switzerland, to the King of the Swedes, to
the States of the United Provinces, to the King of the Swedes, to
the King of Denmark, &c., to the Landgrave of Hesse, to the King
of the Swedes, to the heir of Norway, to the Marquis of Branden-

burgh, to the King of France, to the Cities of the Switzers, to Cardinal Mazarin-Richard, Protector, to the King of the Swedes.The Parliament to the King of the Swedes, to the King of Denmark. Page 167—117.



Restoration of Charles II.-Milton secretes himself.--Sonnet. Anecdote.-Two of his works burnt.--Secured by act of Oblivion.Exemplifies the Character of Abdiel.-Marries his third wife.-Removes to Chalfont.--Thomas Ellwood and Paradise Lost.--Extracts from that inimitable Poem.-Anecdote of Milton.--Anecdote of the Duke of York.-Paradise Regained.-Samson Agonistes.-Letter to Peter Heimbach.-His Treatise on True Religion.-Andrew Marvell.-Respect shown to Milton.-His death and funeral.His person and character.-His will.--His widow and daughters.Original Letter of Mr. George Vertue.-Monuments.—Treatise of Christian Doctrine.--Extracts.-Remarks. List of works. Page 213.


Animadversions on Dr. Johnson's Life of Milton.-Proclamation against Milton.--Extracts from Council Book respecting Milton. Page 267—300.

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