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U.S. General Services Administration, National Archives and Records Service, Office of the Federal Register, 1966

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Página 919 - I Bureau of the Comptroller of the Currency, Department of the Treasury II Federal Reserve System III Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation IV Export-Import Bank of...
Página 82 - Explosive — any chemical compound, mixture, or device, the primary or common purpose of which is to function by explosion, ie, with substantially instantaneous release of gas and heat, unless such compound, mixture, or device is otherwise specifically classified by the US Department of Transportation; see 49 CFR chapter I. The term "explosives...
Página 9 - ... the vessel, such vessel shall be liable for the penalty and may be seized and proceeded against by way of libel in the district court of the United States in any district in which such vessel may be found.
Página 446 - This term includes those acids, alkaline caustic liquids, and other corrosive liquids which, when in contact with living tissues, will cause severe damage of such tissues, by chemical action; or in case of leakage, will materially damage or destroy other freight by chemical action, or are liable to cause fire when in contact with organic matter or with certain chemicals.
Página 164 - A combustible liquid is defined for the purpose of the regulations in this subchapter as any liquid which gives off inflammable (flammable) vapors (as determined by flash point from Tagliabue's open-cup tester as used for test of burning oils) at or below a temperature of 150
Página 558 - Flame Projection Apparatus,1 the flame projects more than 18 inches beyond the ignition source with valve opened fully, or, the flame flashes back and burns at the valve with any degree of valve opening. (3) Using the Bureau of Explosives' Open Drum Apparatus,' there is any significant propagation of flame away from the ignition source.
Página 93 - When issued, the permit shall specify that the limits as to maximum quantity, isolation and remoteness established by local, municipal, territorial, or state authorities having jurisdiction shall not be exceeded.
Página 85 - BLACK POWDER". CLASS B EXPLOSIVES ; DEFINITIONS § 73.88 Definition of class B explosives. (a) Explosives, class B, are defined as those explosives which in general function by rapid combustion rather than detonation and include some explosive devices such as special fireworks, flash powders, some pyrotechnic signal devices and liquid or solid propellant explosives which include some smokeless powders. These explosives are further specifically described in paragraphs (b) to (g) of this section.
Página 10 - Regulations with respect to explosives prohibited by subsection 3, of RS 4472, as amended, apply to all vessels. (d) Regulations with respect to the transportation, storage, or stowage of high explosives on board passenger vessels apply to all vessels defined as "Passenger Vessels
Página 813 - Grenades. Grenades, hand or rifle, are small metal or other containers designed to be thrown by hand or projected from a rifle. They are filled with an explosive or a liquid, gas, or solid material such as a toxic or tear gas or an incendiary or smoke producing material and a bursting charge. When shipped without explosives or bursting charges, see §§ 73.100 (y), 73.330, 73.350, and 73.385.

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