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His little work is not & offered to the public

under the idea that it

contains any thing new T

or more excellent than

many others upon the same subject, which are already well known. Many most incomparable books of meditation and prayer have been in


the hands of all devout persons for the last two centuries, and expositions of the holy communion are in every library : but they are, in general, treatises of considerable length, the devotional parts of which are mixed with much extraneous matter : and the more portable books of preparation for the sacrament have been objected to as too enthusiastic, or not sufficiently comprehensive. None of these, therefore, are in all respects adapted to the use of young persons : but it was thought that, out of them might be compiled a little manual which would excite devotion without tiring the attention. Much, therefore, of this volume may be found in works already well known, particularly those of Bishops Taylor and Beveridge; from which have also been extracted most of the prayers. The most fervent wish of the Author is, that it may answer the end proposed, of making the Holy Communion more worthily thought of, and more constantly attended.





HEN this little work

was first published, it W

was intended for the use of young people, for whom something of

the kind appeared to be much wanted. Now, there are many works upon

the same subject useful and excellent in every way, well known, and much approved, that vanity


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