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Altmeyer, Arthur J., Chairman, Social Security Board:

How healthy are we?-----

Barriers to adequate medical care--------

Budgeting for medical costs ----

Borrowing to pay for medical care----

Adequacies of medical care, facilities and personnel

The need for protection against sickness costs.---

Voluntary insurance.-

Method of doctor remuneration...

Selection of physician.----

Effect of bill on voluntary plans.-

Freedom of choice under the bill..

Health insurance in other countries

Financing the plan -------

Attitudes of medical associations-

Compulsory insurance-------

Voluntary plans are not democratic-

Public-opinion polls on health insuran

Advantages of a national system..

Title I of S. 1606.-.

Title II of S. 1606---


Scope of the benefits provided.--

Costs and financing-

Administering a health insurance program.-

Anderson, Joseph P., executive secretary, American Association of Social


The American Association of Social Workers----

Endorsement of S. 1050.--

Barriers to adequate medical care.--

Public health services ---

Medical care. -----
Butler, Dr. Allan M., associate professor of pediatrics, Harvard Medical


Inevitable changes in patterns of medical care-

Importance of group practice--.

Present medical care too expensive...

Voluntary medical plans inadequate...

Physician support of the Bill..

Prompt action is imperative...

Independent citizens committee of the arts, sciences, and professions

The AMA bureaucracy ---

Income of the AMA...

The National Physicians Committee

Cobb, Dr. W. Montague, the national medical committee of the National

Association for the Advancement of Colored People:

Endorsement of S. 1606. ---

Health problems of the Negro

Title I of S. 1606 -

Title II of S. 1606----

Attitude of the AMA..


Dingell, Hon. John D., representative from Michigan

Opposition of American Medical Association.
Public opinion polls ----
Inadequacies of voluntary health insurance --
The plan is not radical. ----
The plan does not regiment doctors -----

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Foreman, Dr. Clark, president, Southern Conference for Human Welfare:

Endorsement of the bill.---

More sickness in the South -------

The causes---

Voluntary Health Insurance not the answer.

Nati onal Health Insurance is essential.

Medical Advisory Council.--

The Southern Conference for Human Welfare

Attitude of the American Medical Association.

Financing National Health Insurance--------

Bill collecting under existing system.-------

The problem of the South...

Fichter, Joseph W., chairman, joint subcommittee on health of the
National Planning Association:

The National Planning Association.
Tuberculosis campaign...
Annual costs of tuberculosis.--
Costs for a 10-year campaign ----

The hospital program...

Green, William, president, American Federation of La

A. F. of L. program for social security-

Endorsement of National Health Insurance.

Workers dissatisfied with present health levels.

Selective-Service rejection figures.--

Unpredictability of illness.---------

Neglect of illness.------------------

Voluntary insurance plans.--------

Coverage of S. 1606 is adequate...

Quality of medical care would be improved

Existing services would be utilized..

Freedom of choice-----

The bill provides for democratic administration

Maternal and child health services.------

Proposed amendment to title I.------

Medical care for the needy.--

Source of opposition funds should be investigated.

Constitutionality of S. 1606.

Financing of S. 1050.--

Selective-service rejections.---

Free choice of doctor.---

Survival of our system depends upon economic security

Workmen's compensation ------

S. 1606 is not socialistic----

Voluntary health insurance...

Supplementary statement on estimated costs ----
Hall, Helen, director, Henry Street Settlement, appearing for National
Federation of Settlements:

Health insurance is overdue.
Two rusty cliches---
Risks and services.----
Both out of work and sick
A Texas experience. ----
Medicine's capital city--
Settlement studies --------
Some wartime lessons
Free choice of a doctor.--
Health insurance and unemployment insurance
Free choice of doctors.---
Exemption for Christian Scientists...

Imposition of fees to prevent abuses.

Ickes, Harold L., executive chairman of the Independent Citizens Com-

mittee of the Arts, Sciences, and Professions:

Conservation of the Nation's health ---

Selective-service rejections.-------

United States is not the healthiest nation.---
Hospital construction under the PWA..
Specialized medical care by industry undesirable.
Comparison to old-age insurance.

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La Guardia, Fiorello H., former president of the United States Conference

of Mayors:

Appropriations for title I are low..

Health insurance most important legislation ever before Congress.

Hospitals and medical research in New York City--

Financial burden of illness ---

National insurance better than local plans

The bill does not regiment doctors.----

Importance of group practice.---

Plan should be put into effect gradually

Hospital construction.----

Gradual introduction of the plan.---

Hospital plans in New York.------

Medical education -----

Professional incentive under health insurance.

Why not leave it to the States?..

Attitude of the American Medical Association..--

Freedom of choice of doctor ----

Lawless, Dr. Theodore K., Congregational Christian Chu

Inadequacy of health care--

Weaknesses of voluntary plans.---

Inadequate local facilities------

The issue of regimentation ----

Advantage of the national health bill, S. 1606

Health is a government responsibility -----

Linder, Leo J., National Lawyers Guild:

Report on the National Health Act:

The medical care and education program.-

Grants to States for health services and for medical care for needy


The need for national health insurance------
Constitutionality of S. 1606.---
Appraisal of American Bar Association Report
Freedoms under the bill.----
Financial needs for medical care..
Voluntary insurance is not adequate.-
No freedom of choice today----
Relationship between doctor and patient.-
The right of judicial review----
Health insurance is in the American tradition
The National Lawyers Guild.

Constitutionality of S. 1606..
Martin, William Logan, American Bar Association:

American Bar Association report on S. 1161.
Appraisal of S. 1606. ---
Political attitude of American Bar Association.--

Blue Cross plans ----

McMichael, Rev. Jack R., executive secretary, Methodist Federation for

Social Service:

The Methodist Federation for Social Service...

Comparison to crusade for free education --

Public opinion polls..---

Freedom from disease-------

The need for medical care----

Voluntary plans inadequate...

Private charity cannot do the job.

Health insurance must be national..

Coverage should be extended.----

Doctor-patient relationship -----

8. 1606 will improve quality of medical care..

Democratic administration of the bill....

Amendments to title I.--

McPeek, Rev. Francis W., chairman, legislative committee, council for

social action, Congregational-Christian Churches:

The Congregational-Christian Churches..

Endorsement of S. 1606. ---------

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