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He would have liked to eat her on the spot; but some woodmen were at work near by, and he feared they might kill him.

“Good morning, Master Wolf,” said the little girl, who had no thought of fear.

“ And where are you going ?” said the wolf.

“I am going to my grandmother's,” said Little Red Riding Hood, “to take her a cake and a pot of butter; for she is ill."

“And where does poor grandmother live?” asked the wolf.

“ Down past the mill, on the other side of the wood," said the child.

“Well, I think that I will go and see her too,” said the wolf. “So I will take this road, and do you take that, and we shall see which of us will be there first."

The wolf knew that his way was the nearer, for he could dash through the trees, and swim a pond, and so by a very short cut get to the old dame's door.

The wolf ran on as fast as he could, and was very soon at the cottage. He knocked at the door with his paw, “ Thump! thump!”

“Who is there?” cried grandmother. “ It is Little Red Riding Hood. I have come to see how you are, and to bring you a cake and a pot of butter,” said the wolf, as well as he could.

He made his voice sound like that of the little girl. “Pull the bobbin, and the latch will fly up,” called the grandmother from her bed.

The wolf pulled the bobbin, and in he went. Without a word he sprang upon the old woman and ate her up, for he had not tasted food for three days.

Then he shut the door, and got into the grandmother's bed. But first he put on her cap and night-gown.

He laughed to think of the trick he was to play upon Little Red Riding Hood, who must soon be there.

All this time Little Red Riding Hood was on her way through the wood.

She stopped to listen to the birds that sang in the trees; and she picked the sweet flowers that her grandmother liked, and made a pretty nosegay of them.

A wasp buzzed about her head, and lighted on her flowers. “ Eat as much as you like," she said ; " only do not sting me. He buzzed louder, but soon flew away.


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And a little bird came and pecked at the cake in her basket. “ Take all you want, pretty bird,” said Little Red Riding Hood. “ There will still be plenty left for grandmother and me.” “Tweet, tweet,” sang the bird, and was soon out of sight.

And now she came upon an old dame who was looking for cresses. “ Let me fill your basket,' she said, and she gave her the bread she had brought to eat by the way.

The dame rose, and patting the little maid on the head, said, “Thank you, Little Red Riding Hood. If you should meet the green huntsman as you go, pray tell him from me that there is game in the wind.”'

Little Red Riding Hood looked all about for the green huntsman.

She had never seen or heard of such a person before.

At last she passed by a pool of water, so green that you would have taken it for grass.

There she saw a huntsman, clad all in green. He stood looking at some birds that flew above his head.

“Good morning, Mr. Huntsman,” said Little Red Riding Hood; “the water-cress woman says there is game in the wind.”

The huntsman nodded. He bent his ear to the ground to listen. Then he took an arrow and put it in his bow. “What can it mean?” thought the little girl.

Little Red Riding Hood at last came to her grandmother's cottage, and gave a little tap at the door. 66 Who is there?cried the wolf.

The hoarse voice made Little Red Riding Hood say to herself, “ Poor grandmother is very ill, she must have a bad cold.”

“ It is I, your Little Red Riding Hood," she said. “I have come to see how you are, and to bring you a pot of butter and a cake from mother.”

“Pull the bobbin, and the latch will fly up,” called the wolf. Little Red Riding Hood did so, the door flew open, and she went at once into the cottage.

“Put the cake and butter on the table,” said the wolf. “ Then come and help me to rise.” He had hid his head under the bed-clothes.

She took off her things, and went to the bed to do as she had been told. “Why, grandmother,” she said, “what long arms you have !”

“ The better to hug you, my dear,” said the wolf.
“ And, grandmother, what long ears you have !”
“The better to hear you, my dear.”
“But, grandmother, what great eyes you have!”
“ The better to see you, my dear.”

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“ But, grandmother, what big teeth you have!”

“ The better to eat you with, my dear,” said the wolf.

He was just going to spring upon poor Little Red Riding Hood, when a wasp flew into the room and stung him upon the nose.

The wolf gave a cry; and a little bird outside sang, “Tweet! tweet !'

This told the green huntsman it was time to let fly his arrow, and the wolf was killed on the spot.


There was a little girl,

And she had a little curl
Right in the middle of her forehead;

When she was good,

She was very, very good,
But when she was bad, she was horrid.


Ding, dong, bell; Pussy's in the well.
Who put her in ? Little Tommy Green.
Who pulled her out ? Little Tommy Stout.

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