The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift, D.D. ...: With Notes, Historical and Critical, Volumen14

J. Johnson, 1808

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Página 324 - Mr. Addison and I are different as black and white, and I believe our friendship will go off, by this damned business of party: he cannot bear seeing me fall in so with this ministry ; but I love him still as well as ever, though we seldom meet.- — Hussy, Stella, you jest about poor Congreve's eyes; you do so, hussy; but I'll bang your bones, faith.
Página 292 - I am thinking what a veneration we used to have for Sir William Temple because he might have been secretary of state at fifty; and here is a young fellow hardly thirty in that employment.
Página 132 - He gave the little wealth he had To build a house for fools and mad; And show'd by one satiric touch, No nation wanted it so much. That kingdom he hath left his debtor, I wish it soon may have a better.
Página 226 - The Whigs were ravished to see me, and would lay hold on me as a twig while they are drowning...
Página 260 - There is a young fellow here in town we are all fond of, and about a year or two come from the university, one Harrison, a little pretty fellow, with a great deal of wit, good sense, and good nature ; has written some mighty pretty things ; that in your sixth Miscellanea, about the Sprig of an Orange, is his.
Página 116 - I am unable to refuse the request of a very particular and very deserving friend, one of those whom his own merit has forced me to contract an intimacy with, after I had sworn never to love a man more, since the sorrow it cost me to have loved so many, now dead, banished, or unfortunate. I mean Mr. Lyttelton, one of the worthiest of the rising generation.
Página 33 - My lord treasurer found his credit daily declining. In May before the queen died, I had my last meeting with them at my lord Masham's. He left us together ; and therefore I spoke very freely to them both ; and told them, " I would retire, for I found all was gone.
Página 250 - Why, the reason you lost four and eightpence last night but one at Manley's, was because you played bad games ; I took notice of six that you had ten to one against you : Would any but a mad lady go out twice upon manilio,' basto, and two small diamonds? Then in that game of spades, you blundered when you had ten-ace ; I never saw the like of you : and now you are in a huff because I tell you this.

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