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the Flood, as it will then stand, which we fhall find to be so perfectly consistent with it's self, that we shall have no need to have recourse to Conjectures, to make the Account of the Particulars agree with the ge'neral one of it.

We are told, that the Flood begun on the twenty seventh of the second Month, of the six hundredth Year of Noab's Life, and ended on the twenty seventh of the se'cond Month of the six hundredth and first Year of Noah's Life, and consequently the Flood lasted just a Year. I have already Shewn that the Months there fpoken of, consisted of thirty Days each; and shall therefore now shew, that the Year did conlist of twelve Months, or of three hundred and sixty Days in all. From the twenty Seventh of the second Month, to the twenty seventh of the Seventh Month, there were, as I have said before, five Months, for the Increase, Duration, and part of the Decrease of the Flood. The Waters, we find, continued decreasing until the first of the eleventh Month, when the Tops of the Mountains were seen. Here is a further Decrease of the Waters, of three Months and three Days, namely, the remaining part of the seventh Month, and all the eighth, ninth, and tenth Months; which makes in all eight Months and three Days. We read afterwards, that after forty Days, Noah o


pened the Window of the Ark, and sent out
a Raven, which brings us to the tenth of
the twelfth Month, and makes nine Months'
and thirteen Days. We read after that
(chap. viii. ver. 10) that he staid yet other.
Seven Days, önépes en la £Tepes, for so the
Alexandrian and Vatican MSS. have it ;
this implies, as I have before mentioned,
his having waited already seven Days; al-
lowing then he waited seven Days after he
sent out the Raven, and then sent out the
Dove ; that will bring us to the seventeenth
of the twelfth Month, and makes nine
Months and twenty Days.' We're told, he
faid yet other seven Days, and sent out
the Dove a second time, when he returned
with the Olive Branch; which brings us
to the twenty fourth of the twelfth Month,
and makes nine Months and twenty feven
Days. We find,' he said Seven Days and
fent out the Dove a third time, when Me.
returned no more; which brings us to the
first of the thirteenth Month, or more pro-
perly to the first of the first Month of the
ensuing Year of Noah's Life; and makes
ten Months and four Days. The Waters
continued drying off the Earth, all the first
Month, so that makes eleven Months and
four Days; and on the twenty seventh of
the second Month the Earth was dried.
Which is the End of the Flood, and makes
twelve Months and one Day, including the
1 C



i twenty seventh, or just twelve Months exclusive of it.

Now Noah being said to be fix hundred Years, one Month and twenty seven Days old, when the Flood began, and fix hundred and one Years, one Month and twenty feven Days old, when the Flood ended ; and I having made it plainly appear, that from the beginning of the Flood to the end of it, there were twelve Months, and that each of those Months consisted of thirty Days; I think it is evident to a Demonstration, that Noah was three hundred and fix. ty Days older at the end of the Flood, than he was at the beginning of it; and consequently, that the Years by which the Lives of the Antediluvian Fathers are computed, are to be strictly and litterally understood to be Years, consisting of three hundred and fixty Days each, and not of any less Portion of time. - II. It is generally agreed by all Chronologers, that the Flood happened sixteen hundred and fifty fix Years after the Creation of the World; and if we examine the Genealogy of the Patriarchs from Adam'to Noah, as it is fet down in the fifth Chapter of Genesis, we shall find the fame Number of Years from the Creation to the Flood; which will afford us another Proof in favour of the Assertion I have laid down.'

It is there faid, (ver. 3.) that Adam liva ed an hundred and thirty Tears, and begat a Son in his own Likeness, and called bis Name Seth. So from the Creation to the Birth of Seth, there were an hundred and thirty Years; Seth, we're told (ver. 6.) live ed an hundred and five Years, and begat Enos. So from the Creation to the Birth of Enos, there were two hundred and thira ty five Years.

But this will appear at one View in the following Table.

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From the Creation, to the Birth of Seth
From the Birth of Seth, to that of Enos
From the Birth of Enos, to that of Cainan
From the Birth of Cainan, to that of Mahalebel
From the Birth of Mabalehel, to that of Jared
From the Birth of Jared, to that of Enoch
From the Birth of Enoch, to that of Mathuselah
From the Birth of Matbufelah, to that of Lamecha
From the Birth of Lamech, to that of Noab
From the Birth of Noah, to that of Shem, Ham and


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Now that the Flood happened an hundred Years after the Birth of Shem, Ham, and Japheth, is plain from Gen. xi. 1o. where we are told, that Shem was an bun. dred Years old, and begat Arphaxad, two Tears after the Flood. And tho' it appears


by that Text, that Shem was but ninety eight Years old at the time of the Flood, and that therefore the Account comes but to sixteen hundred and fifty four Years, and seems to fall fhort two Years; yer that may easily be set right, by what we're told, namely, that Japheth, tho’named laft, was nevertheless Noah's eldest Son, and that Shem was born two Years after him; and consequently could be but ninety eight Years old at the time of the Flood. So that it is manifest, this Genealogy agrees exa&ly with all Chronologers Accounts.

But perhaps it will be objected, that it is no wonder that all Chronologers Accounts fhould agree so perfectly with this Genealogy, since there being no History of so great an Antiquity as Moses's Writings, they necessarily must have fixed the Distance of time from the Creation to the Flood, by this Genealogy it felf; and that therefore I ought not to have brought this as a Proof. To which I answer, that this Objection, rightly considered, will be far from destroying the Argument I have brought to support my Assertion. For if Mankind in all Ages have agreed to fix the Distance of time from the Creation to the Flood by this Genealogy, and have determined it to be such a number of Years, as it appears from thence to have been, it is evident, they always understood the Years there spoken of


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