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Shem; Shem, Ifaac ; Ifaac, Levi ; Levi, Amram ; and Amram, Mofes. Which shows how improbable it is, and how little grounds there are to suspect that Mofes might be any ways imposed upon in the several Accounts deliver'd by him in his Writings, by reason of the great Distance between the Time he liv'd in, and that wherein those Events happen'd, which he relates.

This, Sir, is, I think, a full and exact Account of the Years in use before the Flood; and which, I hope, will prove satisfactory to you. The Arguments I have brought in favour of the Longevity of the Antediluvian Fathers, are, in my opinion, so plain and so strong, that they put the Matter out of all doubt. I shall therefore add nothing further, but submitting the whole to vour Judgment, close this long and tedious Epistle with assuring you that

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