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For those few prepared to take it in, The Myth of Male Power presents the reader with the missing half of gender reality. It is, in essence, the female power/male victimization half of the story presented in a logically airtight and factually substantiated manner that would convince all who read it except for one thing—this missing half of gender reality is missing because neither sex wants to hear it. The only gender truths we want to know are the truths of male power/female victimization. Therefore, many who read Farrell’s book will simply reject it. They’ll devour all 800 pages of Susan Faludi’s Backlash and savor every crumb of male power/female victimization within. Then they’ll read the first three pages of Farrell’s scrupulously fair prose and throw the book in the trash for being “whinny.” Well, the truth hurts, especially when the truths are not the truths you want to hear.  

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