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UUTCHESON'S JUSTICE OF PEACE. 1 “We beg to refer those who'may wish to study

this important subject minutely, to an excellent and A TREATISE on the OFFICES of JUSTICE of well-written treatise on the management of the poor, TEACE, CONSTABLE, COMMISSIONER OF lately published by the reverend Robert Burns, one SUPPLY, AND COMMISSIONER UNDER COM of the ministers of Paisley :--a work which well dePREHENDING ACTS IN SCOTLAND, with serves the attention of the public ;---and the more so, occasional observations upon other Municipal Juris. that the subject of it derives more than ordinary imdictions. To which are added, APPENDIXES, portance from the present circumstances of the councontaining some of the STATUTE FORMS of try."--Ayr and Wigtonshire Courier ---January, 20, PROCEEDINGS, and Writs referred to in the Work. | 1820. By GILBERT HUTCHESON, Esq. Advocate,

Burns on the poor laws of Scotland,"--"a work

of very great merit; and evincing, in every part, the The THIRD EDITION, in 4 large volumes, royal presence of research, correct judgment, and right 8vo. price £4, 4s.

feeling. As this work is but lately published, we recommend it, in the most unqualified manner, to the

attention of those who may be in any way interested TITHES AND STIPENDS OF THE about the subject it discusses." Edinburgh Annual

Register. Vol. ix. p. 238.

* Those who wish more full information on the A TREATISE on the LAW of SCOTLAND.

subject of the poor laws, both in England and Scotrespecting TITHES, and the STIPENDS of the

land, may consult a late publication, by the reverend

Robert Burns of Paisley; a work which, though I PAROCÉIAL CLERGY, with an APPENDIX, containing various Illustrative Documents not before

differ from him in some particulars, contains many

excellent views, and much curious and important inpublished.

formation.” Professor M Gill's Discourses and Essays
By Sir JOHN CONNELL, Advocate, on subjects of Public Interest, fc.
Procurator for the Church of Scotland.
In 3 volumes, 8vo. Price £2. 2s.


NOTES on the LAW of ARBITRATION, being

chiefly intended as a Guide to MERCHANTS, A TREATISE on 'the LAW of SCOTLAND, FARMERS, TRADESMEN, and others desirous of respecting the ELECTION, UNION, and DIS-adopting that excellent Method of Terminating difJUNCTION of PARISHES; The MANSES and ferences, and to ARBITERS, who may be chosen by GLEBES of the PAROCHIAL CLERGY, and the them for that purpose. With an APPENDIX et PATRONAGEof CHURCHES, with an APPENDIX. FORMS.

By Sir JOHN CONNELL, Advocate,

· Solicitor, Supreme Courts.
Procurator for the Church of Scotland.

8vo. Price 6s. boards. In one thick volume, 8vo. Price 16s.



IN SCOTLAND, cularly of SCOTLAND, with regard to the POOR; With an Introductory Book, and an Appendix. On the MODES of CHARITY; and the MEANS of

By GEORGE COOK, D.D. PROMOTING the IMPROVEMENT of 'THE Minister of Laurencekirk, and Author of an Mustra. PEOPLE: together with a Selection of Facts and tion of the General Evidence Establishing the Reality Documents, and Miscellaneous Inquiries, illustrative of Chirst's Resurrection. of the Management of the Poor in Scotland, and in

In 3 volumes, 8vo. Price £1. 16s. various parts of the Continent of Europe, &c.

By the REVEREND ROBERT BURNS, | THE HISTORY OF THE CHURCH Minister of St. George's Church, Paisley.

OF SCOTLAND, Second Edition, enlarged, pp. 530. Price 128.--8vo. From the Establishment of the REFORMATION, to boards.

the REVOLUTION. Illustrating a most interesting

period of the Political History of Britain. To this Work the following testimonies, among others, have been exhibited in different Publications.


Minister of Laurencekirk, "The history of mendicity, and the rise and pro

3 volumes, 8vo. Price £1. 16s. gress of the poor laws in Scotland and England, have been very ably and extensively reviewed by the reverend Robert Burns of Paisley, in the second A VIEW of the CONSTITUTION of the edition of his work, on the management of the poor, CHURCH OF SCOTLAND. just published. In this elaborate and valuable work, the au hor has displayed deep research, and a thorough

By GEORGE HILL, D.D. knowledge of the subject. --Cleland's Rise and Pro Principal of St. Mary's College, St. Andrew's gress of the City of Glasgow..-P. 138.

SECOND EDITION, 8vo. Price 78.


OF EMETIC TARTAR, Drawn up from the communications of the Ministers in the Cure of FEVER. INFLAMMATION, and of the different Parishes.

ASTHMA, and in preventing CONSUMPTION and By Sir JOHN SINCLAIR, Baronet,


By WILLIAM BALFOUR, M. D. Peter Hill and COMPANY, having con

Second Edition. Price 6s. tracted with the SOCIETY for the SONS of the CLERGY for the remaining vo- Management of Infants and Children. lumes of the above VALUABLE NATIONAL UINTS on the TREATMENT of the PRINCIPAL

RK, in order to accommodate those DISEASES of INFANCY and CHILDHOOD; who wish to possess complete copies, have adapted to the use of Parents. resolved to publish itin half volumes, price By JAMES HAMILTON, M. D. 6s. each.

Professor of Midwifery in the University, and Fellow

of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh. The first Part will appear in January 1821, and a

Second Edition, 8vo. Price 7s. part will be published on the first day of every succeeding month, until the whole is complete.

FEMORAL HERNIA. ** The Clergy of Scotland will hear with pleasure, that the exertions they made in collecting materials MEMOIR of the Formation and Connexions of for the Statistical Account of Scotland, are now ap- the CRURAL ARCH, and other parts concerned in preciated on the Continent, by the ablest men in it. INGUINAL and FEMORAL HERNIA. Cet ouvrage est certainment un des plus riches qui

By ROBERT LISTON, existent, en renseignemens positifs, en observations judicieuses ; et je la crois d'une assez grande utilite Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of London mon seulement a l'agriculture d'Ecosse, et aux profcs and Edinburgh, Lecturer on Anatomy and sions industrielles qui establissent leur calculs ou

Surgery, &c. &c. &c. exercent leur activete sur ses produits ; mais encore a

4to. Price 7s. boards. l'agriculture et a l'industrie de tous les pays. "Hauterive Elemens d'Economie Politique, page 366."

Scott's Beauties of Eminent Wrilers,



Selected and arranged for the Instruction of Youth in LAND, containing a general description of that

the proper reading and reciting of the English lanKINGDOM, with a particular account of the COUN

guage; calculated also to instil into the mind prinTIES, PARISHES, ISLANDS, LAKES, RIVERS,

ciples of wisdom and virtue, and to give it an early MOUNTAINS, VALLEYS, CITIES, TOWNS,

taste for the acquisition of useful knowledge. In VILLAGES, OBJECTS of NATURAL HISTORY,

2 volumes, for the use of Schools and Private Classes, SCENERY of the COUNTRY, MINERALOGY,

Volume first, fifteenth edition, revised, and having ANTIQUITIES, &c. &c. ; together with an account

the rhetorical pauses marked in select pieces. of the WEIGHTS and MEASURES of each COUNTY. The Revenues of Towns, and of all the Reli- By WILLIAM ANGUS, A. M. Teacher, Glasgow. gious Houses, at the time of the Reformation, &c.

Neatly printed on fine wove paper, price 2s. 6d. bound. By DAVID WEBSTER,

The publishers of these volumes have spared In one thick volume, 8vo. Price 14s. neither trouble nor expense in rendering them worthy

of the flattering reception they have already met with.

The first volume, after having been examined with View of the Political State of Scotland the most scrupulous accuracy by Mr Angus, has been

cast in stereotype plates, so that nu error can oecur At Martinmas 1811, with a SUPPLEMENT, exhibit

in any future edition. In this respect, therefore, as ing the VOTES at the GENERAL ELECTION in

well as in others, it may challenge comparison with 1812, to which is prefixed, an Account of the FORMS

any similar Publication; and, at the same time, it of PROCEDCRE at ELÉCTIONS, with an abstract

acquires a decided superiority from the marks denot. of the SETTS of the ROYAL BURGHS.

ing the rhetorical pauses and inflexions of the voice By JAMES BRIDGES, Esq.

introduced into it by Mr Angus, which tend consi.

derably to abridge the labour of the teacher, and to Writer to the Signet,

facilitate the progress of the scholar. One thick volume, 8vo. Price 18s.


of the same Work, also revised, and having the BOTANY.

rhetorical pauses marked in select pieces, by Mr Angus, neatly printed on fine wove paper, with a new

type. Price 28. or both volumes bound together, A GUIDE TO BOTANY. priee 4s.

In compliance with the wishes of serveral Eminent Or a Familiar Ilustration of the principles of the

Teachers, the Publishers hare omitted the Compen. LINNEAN CLASSIFICATION, with coloured

dium of English Grammar in this edition, and hare engravings.

substituted elegant Selections, chiefly from SCOTT, By JAMES MILLAR, M. D.

BYRON, CAMPBELL, and other MODERN Price 75. extra boards.

POETS, in short sentences, caleulated for recital at

Examinations, or for introducing Youth to an allThis work is particularly adapted to those who

quaintance with the Poetry of the present age. are beginning the Study of Botary, or who have not leisure to peruse larger works.

A General Pronouncing and Erplanatory MEDICINE.


Proper Names, &e. RHEUMATISMS, SPRAINS, I By G. FULTON and G. KNIGHT. and Debility of the Extremities

Careftilly revised and improved by the Authors. By W M BALFOUR, M.D. Furth edition, stereotyped. Square 12.10. ices

Price 1s. 6d. bound.


From numerous flattering recommendations of this Method of taking Dimensions of Artificers' Work. work from the most respectable quarters, the proprie- Rules for working on the Carpenters' Sliding Rule, on tors select the following; and while they have every Gunter's Scale, and on the sector. Practical Menreason to believe it to be the most useful Pronouncing suration. A Table of Interest. A Table of Time. Dictionary of the English Language yet published, A Calendar and a Perpetual Almanack. A Table they have also rendered it superior to all others in for Planting. point of typographical execution.

A Collection of Miscellaneous Questions. Epistolary

and Commercial Correspondence, Cards of Compli“ In point of notation, quantity, and syllabication,

ment, a few forms of Petitions and Advertisements. Mr Fulton's system is, in our opinion, decidedly su

Directions and Addresses, Titles, Trades, and perior to any which has yet been adopted in Die

Occupations, Names of Men and Women. tionaries; for it combines the principles of etymology

y With an Appendix, containing Answers to the Quesand orthoepy, which were unfolded by Sheridan,

tions, and the Method of solving those which are with all the real improvements of Walker, reduced

the most intricate. to a degree of simplicity and practical facility, which neither the one nor the other ever attained.-- British

. By JAMES GRAY, Critic.

Master of the English School of Peebles, (late of “The principal merit of Mr Fulton's System of

Dundee), Author of the Concise Spelling Book, for the Orthoepy consists in its simplicity, a property, it will | Use of Children, and an Introduction to Arithmetic. be acknowledged, paramount to every other in a

Price 3s. 6d. bound. book designed for the use of schools.".--Anti-Jacobin Review.

# The reviewers, in a comparative view of the different methods of marking the Orthoepy of the English Language, adverting to Mr Fulton's method, An Introduction to Book-keeping. thus express themselves: To this last we give,

Comprising a Course of Mercantile Transaetions, as without hesitation, the preference, on account of its

they have occurred in Inland and Foreign Trade. simplicity; and we think the work before us more

The former arranged by Single Entry, Italian Melikely to be useful than any other work of the kind

thod of Double Entry; and both Inland and Foreign we have seen." - British Critic.

by the Present Practice of the Counting House.

illustrated with Engraved Forms of the various A VOCABULARY

Accounts which occur in Business; designed for Schools and Counting-houses. Second edition, entirely new-modelled, and greatly improved.

By C. MORRISON, Glasgow.

Price 8s. neatly half-bound.
Price 6d.

The distinguished reception which the former Edi

tion of this work met with from the Publie, has The Tyro's Guide to Wisdom & Wealth, induced the Proprietors to bring forward the present

Edition, on which neither trouble nor expense have Designed for the moral instruction of Youth; with been spared, to render it still more worthy of their Exercises in Spelling, containing above five thousand notice. Among other important alterations and addiwords, having the Parts of Speech pointed out; to tions, it will contain, which are subjoined, the Principles of English Gram 1. A LEDGER by the Italian Method, at the re mar.

quest of several Teachers. By ALEXANDER BARRIE,

2. The QUERIES and ANSWERS have been

greatly augmented, and are now arranged upon a Teacher of English.

plan at once concise, comprehensive, and perspicuous. Tenth edition, stereotyped, and printed on fine wove

Those on the Principles and Practice of Book-keeping paper. Price 2s. bound.

embrace such a variety of cases, as will enable the Students easily to state and solve whatever cases may

occur in business. EXTRACTS

3. ENGRAVED FORMS of Receipts, Inland and

Foreign Bills-Bills of Parcels, Invoiees, Accounts For the Use of Parish Schools, Sales, Accounts Current, and Letters on Business,

written in an easy Mercantile style. Collected by the late Thomas S.Hardie, D.D. Minister

4. A SERIES of LETTERS connected with the of Ashkirk. Seventh edition, 12mo. Price 2s.6d. Subjects in the Work, &c. bound.


TERMS; and,


Agency not arranged, designed as an Exercise to the HISTORY OF IRELAND,

Learner; for whose assistance, the Stock and Partners'

Accounts, with the Profit and Loss, and Balance From the earliest accounts to the present time, on the

Accounts are exhibited. plan of Dr Goldsmith's History of England, for the Use of Schools and private Education, with Exercises at the end of each chapter, and Recapitulations at the end of each book, and a Chronological Table. Second Edition, 12mo. Price 1s. bound.

| Containing its general Principles, and an Account of The Exercises at the end of each Chapter of this all the Countries of the Earth, their Divisions, Towns, work have been arranged in a similar manner with

Rivers, Lakes, Mountains, Bays, Straits, Capes, those in Mr Simpson's Histories of England and

Islands, &c. with an Appendix, consisting of Tables Scotland'; thereby forming in conjunction with these of Latitude and Longitude, Population of Countries, works, a complete series of the History of the united Towns, &e. intended chiefly for the Use of Schools, Kingdom, for the Use of Schools.


Teacher of Etocution and Geography. Seventh Edition, improved by an entire set of new

Maps, and other important particulars. 12mo, price, VH

bound and lettered, 5s. with coloured Maps, 6s. 6d.

fff For the convenience of those Schools where an CONTAINING,

Atlas is used, this work may be had without Maps, Rules for Writing: with a Selection of Copies in price 3s. 68. bound. Prose and Verse.

** In this edition the late important political A Compendious System of Praetical Arithmetic. changes which have occurred with regard to France, Bills of Parcels, Bills on Book Debts, Invoices

and other parts of Europe, are mentioned in their Forros of Bills, Promissory Notes, Bills of Exchange, proper places, and numerous other improvements and Receipts.

have been introduced, throughout the work, by the Extraction of the Square and of the Cube Root, Author, the late Mr William Scott, long a distinguistis Exchange,

ed teacher of Elocution and Geography in Edinirurgh,


Correct, Cheap, and Beautiful Atlas. NOVELLE MORALI di FRANCESCO

SOAVE. IMPERIAL SCHOOL ATLAS, Nuova editione corretta, royal 18mo. Price 4s. bound. Containing distinct Maps of the Empires, Kingdom, In which every word is accented, with a view to aud States of the World, with the Boundaries of

facilitate the understanding of Italian Prosody. Europe, as settled by the Treaty of Paris and Con- |

By gress of Vienna; to which are added, the most Useful

Signor Francalanza.
Maps of Ancient Geography, accompanied by Practical
Directions and Diagrams for constructing Maps on the
most approved projections; and a beautifully en-

graved View of the Altitudes of the Principal Moun-
tains, &c. Engraved by Lizars. Imperial 4to. neatly
half-bound and coloured in outline, Price 25s.


ANTIQUITIES, May also be had neatly half-bound, in octavo, price

| Proper Names, and Geography, to which are annexed 255. forming the most complete PORTABLE ATLAS

a few Grammatical Observations. For the use of Schools yet published.

and Private Classes. The Proprietors of the Imperial School Atlas can with confidence recommend it to the attention of By ROBERT MUNDELL, A. M. those engaged in instructing youth, and to the Public.

Academy, Wallacehall. Price 38. 6d. bound. The greatest care has been taken to render it as accu. rate as a work of this nature will admit of; in this

Mr Mundell has employed this abridgement in respect, as well as in the style of Engraving, they manuscript for many years past as a text book for the venture to assert that it is excelled by none; while, in

instruction of his pupils, and is fully convinced from order to render it as widely useful as possible, it has

experience, of its beneficial effects. With a view to been carefully compared with Mylne's, Ewing's, its becoming more extensively useful, he has been Guy's, and Scott's Geography, and with equal pro

induced to make some additions to the original, and priety may be taught with either.

to commit the whole to print, thereby presenting to It contains Forty Engraved Maps and Plates, be

Mine and platee be the classical scholar a concise view of Roman Antiing one-half more than what is given in other School quities and Geography at a very moderate expense. Atlas's, while the price is only a few shillings more than what is charged for them.

Taken for the most part from Mr Turner's Exercises

to the Accidence, and adapted to the method of Mr MATHEMATICAL TABLES, Ruddiman's Latin Rudiments. A New Edition, in

which the quantity is carefully marked, together with Containing the Logarithms of Numbers, Logarithmic

a Vocabulary.
Sines, Tangents, and Segants, and a Traverse Table.
To which are prefixed, Logarithmic, Arithmetic, and By WILLIAM RITCHIE, A. M.
Plane Trigonometry; for the use of Schools.

Senior Master of the High School, Edinburgh, 18mo.
By J, BROWN, Mathematician.

Price 2s. 6d.
Third Edition, improved and enlarged, with many
useful additions. By John Wallace, Teacher of
Mathematics, Sandhurst Royal Military College.


BREVIARIUM, The additions and alterations which have been made in this third edition of Mr Brown's Logarithmic Cum Notis, in usum Scholarum, 18mo. Price 1s. Cd. Tables, are intended to render the work a useful sequel to the systems commonly employed in teaching the Elements of Geometry. For this purpose it has been the object of the Editor to exhibit a succinct view of the construction of the Logarithmic and Trigonometrical Tables ; and by a proper selection of Examples, to illustrate the various practical rules which the speculative truths of Elementary Geometry furnish. To every example given in the work the answer is annexed.


4to. Price 18s. boards, FRENCH & ITALIAN. SCOT'S RUDIMENTS and PRACTICAL Report from the Select Committee on the

EXERCISES, For Learning the French Language, by an easy Me HIGHWAYS of the KINGDOM, thod, with a variety of Idiomatical Expressions, by which Learners may be enabled to write and speak Together with the Minutes of Evidence taken before the French Language with propriety. A New Edition,

them. 8vo, Price 18. carefully corrected.

This Report is illustrative of the System of Road By JOHN THOMSON, M. D.

Making introduced by John Loudon M Adam, Esq. A thick 12mo. volume, Price 4s. bound.

of the City of Bristol, and of the great success which In order to restore the utility of a most excellent has attended it wherever it has been acted on. Work, the Editor of this edition has most strictly followed Mr Scot's own arrangement, and has taken every possible care to present the book to the public THE IMPERIAL ATLAS, correct, complete, and cheap.

Containing distinct Maps of the Empires, Kingdoms,

and States of the World, with the Boundaries of Notes, Critical and Explanatory, on Europe, as settled by the Treaty of Paris and Congress SCOT'S FRENCH RECUEIL,

of Vienna; to which are added, the most useful Maps of

Ancient Geography, accompanied by Practical DirecContaining a Translation of every Idiomatical Ex- ' tions and Diagrams for constructing Maps on the most pression or difficult Phrase, in the whole of that

Phrase, in the whole of that approved projection; a Table of the Altitudes of the work. Price 2s.

Principal Mountains, &c. and an outline of Physical Geography, with Plates of the most prominent, natural, and artificial features of the Globe. By James

Millar, M. D. Lecturer on Natural History, &c. EnAlphabetically arranged, intended to facilitate the graved from original Drawings made expressly for the progress of Youth in the acquisition of that elegant I Work, by W. and D. Lizars, Edinburgh, Imperial Language. By a Teacher. "Prioe 28.

4to. Price, neatly bound and coloured, £2. 10s.


Encyclopaedia Britannica.

This Day was Published,
Handsomety Printed in Quarto, with New Engravings,

Price Sixteen Shillings in Boards,











TO THE PUBLIC. THE ENCYCLOPÆDIA BRITANNICA forms à Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and Literature, on the most approved and comprehensive plan. It was the first Work of the class which aspired to embrace all the departments of human knowledge ; and the superiority of its Plan, as well as the general merit of its Articles,

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