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Such are the professions on which the Author submits his claim to public favour; and he begs leave to call upon the lovers of this alluring study, to assist him by any remarks they may have made, or which may occur to them during the progress of this Work, He would particularly direct their attention to the Variations of Plumage from the young to the adult Bird ; not only those variations incident to the period of moulting,—but also that gradual change of feather in some birds, which has so lately become the subject of observation, and which proved so fertile a source of doubt and error to the earlier Ornithologists.

A few of the Plates have been furnished by a friend of the Author's, Captain R. Mitford of the Royal Navy, who has possessed similar opportunities for observation, and the same desire to improve them with himself. And in thus laying before the Public the fruits of these private studies and amusements, they are actuated by no desire so strong, as to promote in others the study of a branch of Science which they have themselves found particularly fascinating and delightful.

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As the number of copies of the above Work to be cast off is intended, in the first instance, to be very limited, such purchasers as intend promoting the undertaking, are requested to forward their names to the Publishers, or to their respective Booksellers, with as little delay as possible, specifying, at the same time, whether they desire coloured or uncoloured impressions.


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