To the Halls of the Montezumas: The Mexican War in the American Imagination

Oxford University Press, 1988 M01 21 - 662 páginas
For mid-19th-century Americans, the Mexican War was not only a grand exercise in self-identity, legitimizing the young republic's convictions of mission and destiny to a doubting world; it was also the first American conflict to be widely reported in the press and to be waged against an alien foe in a distant and exotic land. It provided a window onto the outside world and promoted an awareness of a people and a land unlike any Americans had known before. This rich cultural history examines the place of the Mexican War in the popular imagination of the era. Drawing on military and travel accounts, newspaper dispatches, and a host of other sources, Johannsen vividly recreates the mood and feeling of the period--its unbounded optimism and patriotic pride--and adds a new dimension to our understanding of both the Mexican War and America itself.

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CHAPTER 1 Americas First Foreign War
CHAPTER 2 A DareDevil War Spirit
CHAPTER 3 The True Spirit of Patriot Virtue
CHAPTER 4 Visions of Romance and Chivalry
CHAPTER 5 A New Stock of Heroes
CHAPTER 6 Travelers in a Foreign Land
CHAPTER 7 A WarLiterature
CHAPTER 8 Poetry and the Popular Arts
CHAPTER 9 The Historians War
CHAPTER 10 The War and the Republic
A New Epoch in American History
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