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is for Zo-E, with sweet smil-ing look, Who bids you good bye, as you close

up the book.

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EE here, we little children are seated in a row,

So talk to us, dear Grandmamma, and tell us all you

know : We want to have them all again, the Rhymes we've often

heard, As your kind voice in the evening repeats them word by

word. We've sat and learned our lessons till we can see no more, And three times little Janie has rattled at the door; Come, let her in, dear Grandmamma, and take her on your

knee, And let us have “My Lady Wind” how happy we shall be!

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Lit-tle Jack Hor-ner sat in a cor-ner,

Eat-ing a Christ-mas pie; He put in his thumb, and he took out a plum,

And said, “What a good boy am I !"

Sings for his


What shall he eat?
White bread and but-ter.
How shall he cut it
With-out e'er a knife?
How will he be mar-ri-ed
With-out e'er a wife?

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This lit-tle Pig stay-ed

This lit-tle Pig got roast

beef ;


at home.

This little Pig

got none.

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