The Political State of Great Britain, Volumen45,Parte2


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Página 193 - Houfe, that altho' by the Cafh which came into their Hands, and by the Saleof four Millions of Stock to the Bank, and by the Loans of Stock and otherwife, they were fufficiently enabled to pay off the Debt of five Millions four hundred...
Página 193 - Becaufe, altho' the Directors applied to Parliament, in the Year 1727, for their Authority to difpofe of the Produce of the Eftates of the forfeiting Directors, pretended to be then remaining in their Hands ; yet it appears, by the Accounts now before us, that the greateft Part of this Money had been before actually divided out in extraordinary Dividends ; and when...
Página 194 - Three-fourths into Annuities, and leaving the remaining Quarter to be a Trading Stock, with a large Debt and Demands upon it unliquidated, and the Value of it...
Página 196 - But the People may be taught to complain, they may be made to feel imaginary Ills, and by fuch Practices they are often induced to make Complaints before they feel any Uneafinefs.
Página 191 - Project will, fome time or other, fucceed ; and to this good and laudable End, we conceive, that nothing would have contributed more, than fuch a folemn Declaration of the Senfe of this Houfe, as is contained in the Cjueftion.
Página 194 - Stock Abroad, and felling fictitious Stock at Home, with many other Practices of the like Nature, too long and various to be particularly explained : For...
Página 215 - Proposition full fraught with innumerable Evils, and more particularly with this, that it may make wicked Minifters more audacious than otherwife they would be , in projecting and propagating Schemes which may be inconfiftent with the Liberties, deftrudtive to the Trade, and burthenfomc on the People
Página 316 - House should on that day week resolve itself into a committee ' to consider of the most proper methods for the better security and improvement of the duties and revenues already charged upon and payable from tobacco and wines.
Página 190 - Application of the entire Sinking Fund to the Difcharge of thofe Debts, for the Difcharge of which thefe Taxes were intended and given : if fome Part of this Fund therefore continue to be mortgaged off, and other Parts to be applied to the current Service, even in the midft of profound Peace, this Hope muft fink, and Defpair arife in its ftead.
Página 188 - Engagements of Parliament, to a gradual Difcharge of the Principal due to thefe Creditors of the Publick, who have parted with a Third of their Revenue in this View, and upon this Confidence.

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