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Concerning 3 and Last Child of that worthy elder Joseph Jordan and Ann his wife who died an Inphent Remarkable for a bright wit not inferiour to Some Children of 4 or 5 years of age whom the Poor Douping widdow bore after the Death of her Dear husband above mentioned about 4 weeks the Los of this Child brought a great and heavy exercise upon the poor afflicted mother which continued until the Lord was pleased to open her mouth to spake in the Church to Edification Exortation and Comfort to whom be Prais for ever and ever more amen.

Robt Jordan And Mary his wife their Children nativities Recorded :

First. Thomas Jordan sonn of the above sd Robt and Mary was born on the 13 day of the 4 mo In the year 1691.

2. Robert Jordan the sonn of the Above sd Robt & Mary was born on the 27 of the 10 mo. 1692.

3. Joseph Jordan the sonn of the Above sd Robt & Mary was Born on the 18 day of 9 mo In the year 1095.

4. Mary Jordan the Daughter of the Above sd Robt & Mary was born on the 24 of the 12 mo in the year 1699.

5. Margrett Jordan Daughter to the Above sd Robt & Mary was Born on the 12 day of the second mo 1702.

6. Elizabeth Jordan Daughter to the Above sd Robt & Mary was Born on the 17 day of the 12 mo in the year 1705.

7. Edmond Jordan And Bellson Jordan being Twins And sons to the Above sd Robt & Mary was Born on the 17 day of the sixth mo in the year 1707.

Bellson Jordan Departed this life on the 9 day of the 10 mo 1707.

Mary Scott the Daughter of William Scott And Christian his wife was Born the 4 day of the 7 mo in the year 1708.

Christian Scott the wife of Willm Scott And Daughter to

Robt Jordan by his first wife Departed this life on the 12 day of the 7 mo in the year 1708.

Samuel Jordan youngest son of the said Robt & mary Jordan was Born ye 29 4 mo 1711.


Henry Wiggs son to Henry Wiggs was born sixth day of the Eleventh month year 1675.

Thos Trotter and Anne his wife their Childrens Nativities :

First and second. Thos Trotter and Joseph Trotter Being Twins and Sons to the above sd Thos & Anne was Born the 14th of ye 6 mo 1738 about 5 a Clock in the night.

The above Jos. Trotter Departed this Life the 6th of 4 mo: 1739 and his Brother Thos: Trotter the 6 day of 7 mo following.

Third son Secondly named. Thos Trotter Son of the sa Thos & Anne was Born ye 25th 2 174— about: II: a Clock in the morning.

First Daughter. Anne Trotter Daughter of ye sd Thos & Anne was Born ye 5th 6 mo 174— about: 10 a Clock in the morning.

Second Daughter. Elizabeth Trotter Daughter of ye sd Thos & Anne was Born the 9 da of 12 mo 1748 about 6 a Clock in the Morning.

Anne Trotter that worthy good woman and minister of ye Gospel Departed this Life ye 20 of the I mo Caled January 1754 in Grat Peace & Resignation of mind She Being in 45 year of her age a minister 16 years.

(Here follow an epistle from "the nationall mens & womans meetings being met & Assembled togeather at Dublin the 30 day of the 3d mo 1680

consisting of betwixt 200 & 300” and signed by 50 of those present. Also an epistle addressed “To the unmarried Amongst ye flock of God," signed by Richard Robinson, and dated “Prison near Richmond the 24 day of Aforesd 8 mo 1680.” Also an agreement between Richd Rattclift senior and Daniel San


bourn, both of the Isle of White County to leave the determination of the proper division line of their lands to the decision of John Richardson and Edward Thomas; said agreement is dated the sixth day of the first mo called March, 1702, and signed by “Richd Rattclift senior, Daniel Sanbourn, Richd Rattclift, Junor, Joshua Jordan, their seales, not heare" and witnessed by James Bates and Richd Jordan and the decision is signed by John Richardson and Edward Thomas, bears no date and was witnessed by Richa Orme and James Battes.]

A Testimony of disownment of “Henry Hackly A liver In the upper Parrish of nansemond County" dated 12 of the 6 mo in the year 1702 was signed in the Behalfe of the meeting pr Isaac Rickesis.

“This may sattisfie friends that I have Given my Consent to Moses Hall as Concer marriage with my Daughter Margrett Duke as witness my hand this 7 day of the i mo 1707.


Inventory Taken of the moveable Estate of Wm Bresy Deceased By us the Trustees Appoynted as by his last will & Testament, (over one hundred separate items are mentioned including feather beds, furniture, pewter dishes, silver Tankards, sheep, horses, negroe men and women, one English man servant, etc. In the year 1701 John Jordan, Isaac Rickesis, Robert Lacy, Daniel Sanbourn, Henry Wiggs, Trustees.

Jno Scot son of Wm Scot of the Ile of Whight County & Joan took Daughter of Tho Took of the aforesd came to a meeting at the meeting house at the cavy neck in 10 mo last and signified their intentions of marriage, but as Joan Took was not of the Society the meeting made no record thereof, and at a monthly meeting held 13 day of the 4 mo 1706, John Scot was disowned for marrying one not a member of the Society as certifyed to by James Jordan, Henry Wiggs, Richa Jordan, Ben Jordan, Richd Rattclift Junr., Sam Cornwell, Jno Took, Mattw Small, Dan Sanburn, Isaac Rickes, Thomas Page, Richd Rattcliff, Sr., Robt. Jordan, Matt Jordan, Jno Jordan Jno Small, Jno Porter, Ben Small, Ben Chapman.

John Harris on 12 of 7 mo 1706 acknowledged having attended the marriage of Jno Scot & Joan Tooke on a first day after meeting in the meeting house at the Leavy neck and having signed their certificate.

William Scot the Elder sent a testimony on the same day against his sons manner of marriage.

John Rattcliff acknowledged attending the wedding of Wm Oudelants (date and name of bride not dated].

[one page torn out.] Francis Briddell acknowledged signing a "Paper of Tho. Sikes wch was in the Roame of A Certificate Concer takeing of his wife in that Disorderly manner” [name and date not stated).

Jno Denson made a similar acknowledgment.

(To be continued.)


THE SCOTCH-IRISH OR THE Scor IN NORTH BRITAIN, NORTH IRELAND AND NORTH AMERICA. By Charles A. Hanna. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons. 2 vols. 0. pp. ix+il.+623, 2 maps, and iv+il.+602, i map; cloth, $10.00 net.

These sumptuous and beautifully printed tomes remind the reader of the preacher who being taxed with the reproach that he could not keep to his text replied, "My next sermon shall confute you," and when preaching time came announced as the subject of his discourse "Much every way. So the author of these volumes announces that they are to serve as an “introduction to a series of historical collections which the writer expects hereafter to publish relating to the early Scotch-Irish settlements in America.” Let us devoutly pray that these forthcoming collections will have more order and system; more of balanced historical spirit and less of partisan rancour than is found in the present effort.

These volumes well illustrate also the evils and the pitfalls to which the muse of history is exposed because, forsooth, she has not seen fit to surround herself and her worshipers with a thick web of technical terms and a jargon of professional idioms which protect and defend the science of medicine, of law and of theology from the incursions of the uninitiated. Evidently without historical training but filled with enthusiasm for Scotland and things Scotch, fired by the oratorical rantings of ignorant speakers in the ScotchIrish Congresses, abounding with zeal for Presbyterianism and with equal hatred of England and the system of church worship established there, the author has vainly imagined that he was thoroughly equipped for writing the history of a great people.

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