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Sarah Scot was born on the 5 day of the 5 mo in the yeare 1694

Kathren Scot was Born on the 9 day of the 4 mo In the year 1697

John Scott & his wife Elizabeth there Childrens Nativities Recorded as folloeth

william Scott ye sonn of ye Above sd John & Elizabeth was borne ye: 8th day of ye 3 moth: 1683

Elizabeth ye daughter of ye sd Jon & Eliz. was borne ye 5th day of ye 2 mon in ye yer : 1686.

Edmond Belson & his wife Mary ther Childrens Nativities Recorded as folloeth

Mary the daughter of ye afore sd Edmond & Mary was borne: ye 24 day of ye Eleventh month: 1685

Elizabeth ye daughter of ye afore sd was borne ye: 13th day of ye: 11 moth 1687

Beniamin Small & Elizabeth his wife their Children Births Recorded

Amy Small Daughter to the above sd Beniamin & Elizabeth was Born on the 30 day of the first mo 1702

Hannah Small Daughter to the above sd Beniamin & Elizabeth Small was Born upon the last day of the third mo in the year 1704

John Morry & Elizabeth yarrat daughter of William yarrat of the Ille white County did propound theire marriage before a meeting of frends: and coming before the meeting the second time did publish their mariage againe and were married before an appointed meeting of Friends in the howse of Wm Yarratt hir father on this twenty second day of ye 6 month in ye year: 1678

John Murry
Elizabeth Yarratt

William: Yarratt:
John Graue:
Robart Willson:
Edward Perkins :
william Pope:
Henry wiggs :
william Boody
John Walton:
Thomas Tooke
Giles Limscott
John Coker
Arther : Jones
frances Wren

Mathew Wakle
Edward Mathews
Tho: Jordan
Wm Oudelant
Margret Tabbarer
Margret Jordan
Susana Bressie
Mary Tooke
Anna Boody
Julian Wakly
Wm Poope Jun"
Henry Poope
Tho: Jordan Jun?

William Oudelant of Chucatucke in ye county of Nanzemund: And Christian Taberer the daughter of: Thomas: Taberer of the county of Islle a weight did propound theire marriage before a meeting of frends at Thomas Jordans house in Chucatuck ye 14 day of ye 7 month last: and coming before ye meeting ye second time at Wm Yarrats at Pagan Creeke did publish their mariage againe one the 7 day of the: 9: month after: And were married in a meeting apoynted for yt purpose in ye house of Elizabeth Oudelants his mother on this fifteenth day of ye: 9: month In ye yeare: 1678.

William : Oudelant
Christian Taberer

Thomas: Taberer
Margaret : Taberer
Elizabeth Oudelant
William: Yarrat
Thomas: Jordan

Thomas Tooke
John Morry
Thomas Scuthins
James Hill
Susana Bresei
Mary Tooke

Richard: Ratlyfe
John: Copeland
Joseph: Copeland
Edmond: Belson
William Pope
Henry: Wiggs

Margaret: Jordan
Thomas wombwell
Henry Pope and
2 Justices of ye peace viz:
Barnabe Keaone

& Tho: Godwin
(To be Continued.)


COLUMBIA MEETING (JUNE 23). [These documents are an interesting study in social psychology. We see how at the start the whole body is timid, wandering aimlessly, hardly conscious of anything more than a feeling of unrest practically neutral, then moving forward a little, reach the point of seeing two sides to the question, discussing each but carefully preserving the equilibrium, then getting a little alarmed and withdrawing to the first state of indecisiveness, then under reacting impulses, growing bold again, irrevocably choosing one road, no longer casting a glance backward, but looking to the future, devising means to carry out their purpose. At the beginning some individuals are pronounced in utterance, but even they hardly get farther than general statements, which are not endorsed by the bulk. All bracketed insertions are made by the editor. Some of these documents have already been published, but in a newspaper not readily accessible, hence they seem worthy of a reissue, especially in connection with the other unpublished ones. The Association is indebted to Mr. E. C. Barker for this material.]

The following letter from the Political Chief of this department was received in the town of Columbia on Monday evening, and early next morning a respectable meeting of the citizens took place. This meeting was characterized by the talents and respectability of those who composed it, and also by the harmony and good feeling which prevailed. However great might be the discrepancy between those who composed the meeting upon some points, upon two there was not a dissenting voice; viz, union and organization, without these all agree that we have nothing to expect but ruin and anarchy. We anticipate that the same spirit will pervade the contemplated meeting that was manifested on the former occasion; if so nothing but good can be the result. Whether we resolve to attempt the rescue of the Governor or whether we resolve to adopt measures defensive or offensive towards

A municipality on the Brazos 35 miles from its mouth, still in existence.

the anarchists, one thing is certain, organization will be the order of the day.

[Editor Texas Republican.]


It has become my duty as chief of this department to advise you of the critical situation in which you and your rights as freemen and as citizens of the State of Coahuila and Texas are placed by the usurpations of the military that garrison the towns of the three Eastern States.

So far back as September of the last year they in conjunction with (the) faction of Saltillo overthrew the constitutional authorities of the state & placed a military officer in the supreme executive power of the state as its governor.

In December last you were told by that officer that certain individuals had incurred the displeausre of the General President of the Republic, and you were instructed not to vote for them as officers of the State....... You chose to exercise your suffrage freely and openly. And you voted for Augustin Viesca for your Governor, your vote thus open and manfully given, called loudly upon that individual to yield to your wishes, although he knew he would be driven from his office by the military force of the nation; he took the oath of office and entered upon his duties, he saw soon the clouds gathering around him and applied to the legislature for permission to establish his government in some place of safety ere the storm burst in all its violence upon his head. Texas was hailed by him as that favored spot,......Permission was granted to the Governor to come to Texas,...... he was compelled to return to Monclova, because the military had declared he should not pass to Texas; persuaded that could

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