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(Concluded in this number.)

Daniel Sanboarn on 9 day of 11 mo. 1706 gave his consent to the meeting for Joseph Woodson to marry his daughter Mary.

John Scot on 10 of 3 mo. 1707 sent an acknowledgment for his error in marrying Joan Took in the manner he did; he thought she was a member of Pagon Creek meeting.

Daniel Akehurst Departed this Life the Eight day of the II mo in the year 1699

Richa Rickesis Departed this life on the 29 day of the 7 mo in the year 1703 about the tenth hour in the morning.

Elizabeth Small Daughter of Edmond Belson & mary Belson of nansemond County Departed this Life the 25th day of ye 7th mon in the year 1717.

Catherin Ricks Departed this Life ye [th Day of ye gth mon in ye year 1717

Wm Scott ye elder Departed this Life ye 11th Day of ye gth mon in ye year 1717.

Isaack Ricks Depared this Life ye 3d day of 11th: moth 1723

Richard Jordan Departed this Life ye 29th of roth mo: 1723

[Three fourths of a page cut out.]

Katheren wiggs Departed this life the twelfe day of the Eleaventh month 1675.

the Buriall of jeams Hill: Rachill Hill Buried the tenth day of the first month 1674

Josife Hill Buried the fourteenth day the second month Elizabeth Hill the wife of jeams Hill Buried the 16th day of the 3d month 1674

An: Hill Buried the 16th day of the 8 month 1674

Hannah Outland the wife of Cornelius Outland departed this life the Eleaventh day of the first month 1676

William Denson ye Elder departed this Life ye Eaight day of ye first month: 1676.

Cornelius Oudeland: departed this Life on ye: 13th day of the 12mo: 1676

william Galliway of Scotland A minester of ye Gospell of Jesus Christ departed this Life on ye 27th of the 5 moth 1677

Mary Copland wife of Joseph Copland departed this Life ye 27th day of the: 3 month: 1678.

William Yarrat ye younger departed this Life towards ye latter Eand of ye yeare in: 1676

Margaret yarrat wife of william yarret the Elder and mother of the younger departed this Life abought a year after in 1677

Edmond Bellson departed this life the 19 day of the i month in the year 1679

Ruth Harris ye daughter of John Harris died ye: 11th of ye 4th mo 1679

William yarrat the Elder departed this Life ye

william outeland departed this Life ye 24 day of ye 5 moth in ye yeare 1687

Thomas Hollowell ye Elder died ye 16 of ye i moth 1687

Edmond Hollowell his son died ye 15 day of ye 2 moth 1687

Mary Belson ye wif of Edmond Belson of Nanzemund departed this Life The: 18th day of ye: 12: month: 1687

Christian Jordan the wife of Robart Jordan departed this Life ye 26 of ye 6 mo 1689

Tho. Hollowell ye Elder departed this Life ye 16 of ye first moth 1687*

Edmond Hollowell ye son of ye aforesd Thomas Hollowell of Elizabeth River died ye 15 of 2d moth after.*

Wm Rickesis the son of Isaac Rickesis departed this life the 22 day of the sixth mo Aboate halfe and houre before the goeing down of the sun In the year 1694: hee being almost 24 years of age.

Alice Hollowell widdow of Thomas Hollowell deceased the Elder Departed this Life this 19 day of the 9 mo in the yeare 1700

Jacob Rickesis the sonn of Isaac Rickesis & Kathren his wife departed this Life upon the † day of the fivfth mo about the first hour in the Afternoon

Thomas Page Junor his sons Birth Recorded & daughter

first Thomas Page the son of Thomas Page & Isabell his wife was Born on the 7 day of the Tenth mo in the: year 1703 (?)

2 Elizabeth Page daughter to the abovesd Thomas & Isabell his wife was born on the 30 day of the 4 mo In the year 1706

3: Henry Page sonn to the Abovesd Thomas Page and Isabell his wife was Born on the ninth day of the second mo in the year 1708-9

Abraham Rickes and Mary his wife their childrens nativities Recorded

Mary Rickes Daughter to the abovesd Abraham & Mary was Born on the first day of the 7 mo in the year 1704.

Elizabeth Rickes Daughter to the abovesd Abraham & Mary was born on the 18 day of the mo In the year 1706.

Isaac Rickes Junor and Sarah his wife their Childrens nativities Recorded

Wm Rickes son of the Abovesd Isaac & Sarah his wife was Born on the 25 day of the 7 mo In the year 1698.

* These two entries have been crossed off, being a duplicate of entries above.

+ The words fifth and ninth have both been crossed out leaving the day of the month uncertain.

Isaac Rickes son of the abovesd Isaac & Sarah was Born on the 27 of the 12 mo in the year 1702

Jacob Rickes sonn to the Abovesd Isaac & Sarah was Born on the ii day of the second mo In the year 1705

[Several pages cut out. Then follow letters from Joseph Glaister and from various meetings in England. ]

Att A mans meeting att Chuckatuck in the County of nanzemond held the 9 of the 8 mo 1707

That wereas some friends being Disattisfied as concer nathan newbys testimony Complaint Being made to ye monthly meeting Before this the meeting was pleased to Defere itt to this meeting above mentioned for A further Consideration & a Careful enquiry being made as Concer the matter the meeting was Pleased in order to Proceed to Putt & end to this difference some friends being Appoynted for that Purpose & did Proceed in order their unto according to the best of their Judgmt & wee the subscribers doe give our sence & Judit Concerning our friend nathan newby that hee is a man that feares the Lord and that his Call is to the ministry and that itt is of God and that hee has A share with the Rest of his Brethren in the ministry & that it is our sence & Judgmt that hee ought not to bee made & offender for the word or the like & tho some doe say that they doe not Receive Refresment from his ministry others say they have Received Refresment from his-through his ministry & hee allwaies Appeared to us the subscribers to bee willing to spend & to bee spent for the honnor & Glory of God And wee dare not disencourage him in his testimony but desieres that the Lord may Prosper him and bee with him to the end of his daies desiering that hee may be Carefull neither to outgoe his Gide nor linger behind him sence hee that makes hast may miss his way And hee that stayes behind lose his Gide and this is our sence & Judgment And if any amongst us friend or friends should Aproach unto the Lord in prayer and if any Amongst us Profesing Truth with should att any time sitt with their hatts on in the time of Prayer unsattisfied with the friend so concerned that they ought to be brought to Judmt except the friend is denied by a meeting of friends Isaac Rickes

Daniell Sanbourn Jno Small

Richard Rattliff Sarah Sanbourn

John Porter Levied By Distress of Jno simons for the year 1704: 48 poundes of Tobb itt being for his Parrish levy.

Levied by distress of Jno simins for the year: 1706: 18 lb of Tobb itt being for his parish Levy.

Levied by distress for the year 1707: 98 poundes of Tobb itt being for his parish levy.

I say Recd pr Jno King Church warden for the Branch parish

Sesed for ministers dewes & Clerkes dewes a hundred poundes of this with Receipts

By mee John King Church warden. "Margarett Jordan the Daughter of Robt Brashare was Born in the seventh mo in the year 1642 and was Convinced of the Truth about the 16 year of her Age from wch time shee lived and exemplary life in all Conversation untill the day of her death and was a sufferer with my father both by Confinement and alsoe the spoyling of their Goods by the Adversaries of Truth for the exercise of their Concience in the worship of God whose whose hearts was Given up in the service of Truth according to her Ability. shee was A Good wife A tender And A Carefull mother A Good mistris And a kind neighbour And Aboute the 63 year of her Age shee was Taken with and Indisposition of Boddy wch Contanued near 3 years in wch time shee was much weakened by Reason of her distemper & A little before her death some friends Come to see her to whome shee signified zer Content & spake much to them of the Goodness of God to her & sd shee Questioned not of her salvation & upon A first day of the weeke being the fifth of the moshee spoke to mee

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