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publication in full-pp. 532-550); 8. Idylls of the King, by J. T. Littleton (thread of Tennyson's epic, ideal nature of it ---Pp. 551-561); 9. Emperor William as a theologian, by the editor (part of letter of the German ruler to Admiral Hollman, declaring his faith in revelation which he divides into two kinds, that to great leaders, that to foretellers of Christ : pp. 502-564); 10. The Kaiser's letter on Christ and Revelation, by Prof. Adolf Harnack (translation reprinted from Contemporary Review, first appearing in Preussischer Jahrbuecher; mere comments: pp. 565-570); 11. Agnosticism and immortality, by John J. Tigert (review and answer of Fiske's Life Everlasting which is called philosophical “makeshift:" pp. 571-583); 12. Editorial departments (reviews, notes: pp. 584-624).

Va. paper


THE VIRGINIA MAGAZINE OF HISTORY AND BIOGRAPHY, July, 1903, Vol. XI, No. 1, pp. 112, quarterly, $5.00 yearly, $1.50 singly, Richmond, Va.

Contents: 1. Proceedings of the Virginia Committee of Correspondence, 1759-1767-continuea (25 Pp., defence of Va. paper money; letters from Sec. Pitt to Va. authorities urging colonies to raise forces against French; instructions to colonial agent, Montague); 2. John Brown letters--concluded (6 pp., 5

( letters, sympathetic, encouraging, threatening, but of so little historical significance in addition to ones already published that editor will not give others); 3. Surrender of Virginia to the Parliamentary Commissioners, 1651-1652 (9 pp., documentary history of Virginia's subjection to Cromwell, which Gardiner seems to have given only superficially); 4. Ferrar papers-continued (5 pp., sketch, with 2 poems, of Virginia Ferrar, daughter of John Ferrar, a colonial official; she had made efforts to have silk cultivated in Va.); 5. Virginia in 1638-39—continued (10 Pp., orders, petitions, Francis Wyatt's commission and instructions ;—part original docs., part abstracts); 6. Some colonial Virginia records—continued (11 pp., 1674-1695, mostly petitions, accounts); 7. Virginia gleanings in England-continued (12 pp., genealogical data ; names of deceased and administrators, 17th and 18th centuries; contributed by L. Withington and H. F. Waters); 8. Native Virginians who became governors of other States, by H. T. Owen (3 PP., 77 names, with birthplace, name of State and date of term); 9. Notes from the Isle of Wight County records—continued—by R. S. Thomas (5 pp., chiefly names of military officers, 1772-1782); 10. Virginia militia in the Revolution-continued (2 pp., items of payments 1776); II. Henry County-continued (3 pp., payments, military appointments, 1783); 12. Genealogy-continued (12 pp., Brooke family, by St. Geo. T. Brooke; RoBards family, by J. L. RoBards; Herndon family, by J. W. Herndon; Lindsays of Va., by A. C. Gordon; Cocke, Gray, Bowie, Robb, by Fanny B. Hunter; Waring family); 13. Notes and queries (5 pp., on J. A. Patterson ; Stephen Lee, of Miss.; Daniel Parker, of Ga.; Va. Jamesons; Mrs. J. B. Fremont; Maj. Gen. Chas. Lee's will, 1782); 14. Book reviews (2 pp., Some Va. Families, Gleanings of Va., Buford genealogy).

THE GULF STATES HISTORICAL MAGAZINE, May, 1903, Vol. 1, No. 6, pp. 395-482, $3.00 yearly. Thomas M. Owen, editor, Montgomery, Ala.

Contents: Forgotten Southern authors, with thoughts and theories as to the elements of lasting literary popularity, by Andrew J. Miller (8 pp., names many authors who once enjoyed wide popularity but who have since disappeared); 2. Louisiana affairs in 1804 (6 pp., letter of W. Ç. C., Claiborne to Madison on public affairs; complains of corruption and slowness in the judiciary and of the need of an intimate acquaintance with Spanish to understand its work); 3. Coal Barging in War Times, by W. H. Blake (4 pp., based haiences of Ira Harmon, a pilot on Alabama river

The Absentee Shawnee Indians (6 pp., letter of i Shawnee, contributed by H. S. Halbert); 5. Bib...cai notes on Spanish materials relating to the history

suii States, by William Beer (4 pp.); 6. List of saper files in the Carnegie Library of Atlanta (2 pp., wid 146 vols., particularly rich for reconstruction .'!? Georgia); 7. Alabama newspaper files in Library

erican Intiquarian Society (3 pp., two copies included - As early as 1819); 8. Farley Gleanings, by Mrs. Wm.

IDS (5 pp., Virginia); 9. Myths of the Cherokee, by .! Street (6 pp., favorable review of Mooney's book of ile); 10. Original letters dealing with settlement of ....un family in S. C., Proposed attack on Mobile in 1810 .. wens of Mississippi Territory; Affairs at St. Stephens,

s : 1810; Annexation of West Florida to Alabama, S2: minor topics; notes and queries; historical news, Trutes and reviews, with an index of 16 pages to the

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in the completion of Volume 1 of this valuable journal

'wen retires from the editor's chair. He will be sucod by the business manager, Mr. Joel C. DuBose. Mr. twich will devote all of his time to the Department of ArVeo and History of the State of Alabama.

1, Ipril, 1903, Vol. 6, No. 4, pp. 265-336, besides II
kalit, $2.00 yearly, 50 cents singly, Austin, Texas.
cilts: 1. The disturbances at Anahuac in 1832, by
uwe (34 pp., based on Spanish archives and other
... sources, describing this early clash with Mexico,
Liz W. B. Travis first comes into prominence); 2.

Patie monument, by Judge C. W. Raines (10 pp., full
Laste history of a private effort to perpetuate mem-

is wefenders); 3. Reminiscences of early Texans,

by J. H. Kuykendall (20 pp., 2d part of these valuable personal pictures of pioneer days); 4. editorial departments (7 Pp., reviews, notices, notes) ; 5. Index (11 pp., so condensed as to be very troublesome to use, only the page being given).

The North CAROLINA BOOKLET, March, April, May, June, July, 1903, Miss Mary Hilliard Hinton, editor. Raleigh, N. C., $1.00 yearly.

March, 1903. The signal and Secret Service of the Confederate States, by Rev. Dr. Charles E. Taylor, a member of the signal service corps.

April, 1903. The last days of the War, by Henry T. Bahnson, a private of Co. B, ist N. C. Batt. S. S. This booklet gives a vivid and realistic picture of the last week of fighting around Petersburg and at Appomattox by one who was a part of the things he describes.

May. Trial of James Glasgow and the Supreme Court of N. C., by Kemp P. Battle, pp., 11+[1]. Glasgow was Secretary of State and was accused of issuing fraudulent grants for land in Tennessee. He was indicted for misdemeanor in office and it was necessary to have the trial in Raleigh where the records were kept. A special tribunal was organized by the Assembly for this purpose. At least two of the district court judges were to meet for the trial and while so convened they were authorized to hear and determine appeal causes from the district courts. This court was continued by special acts and finally became permanent as the Supreme Court.

June. North Carolina Cherokee Indians, by Wm. W. Stringfield; based on personal experiences supplemented very largely by extracts from Mooney's Myths of the Cherokee.

July. The Volunteer State (Tennessee) as a Seceder, by Miss Susie Gentry.

on experiences of Ira Harmon, a

1. XI. Xo. 2, PP. boats); 4. The Absentee Shawne

singly, Sewanee, Wm. H. Shawnee, contributed by liographical notes on Spanish maten,

in, 5 F. A. Dodge (14 of the Gulf States, by William

pts to give them Newspaper files in the Carnegie

Liing so); 2. What is extends to 146 vols., particula

'7 PP., heavy in style, period in Georgia); 7. Alabar,

i treatment but decides of American Antiquarian Societ

Trend of modern literdated as early as 1819); 8. F: otest against use of word C. Stubbs (5 pp., Virginia);

reak down all barriers of O. D. Street (6 pp., favoral

Victor Hugo, by C. M. that title); 10. Original let'

a supremely great dramaCalhoun family in S. C., I'ri

-cession, larded with puerile by citizens of Mississippi Ti

the conventional drama, by Ala., in 1810; Annexatio:

d for giving threads of plays 1821-2; minor topics; nl

timation were blotted out); book notes and reviews,

South Carolina, by D. D. Walvolume.

review, not critical, of McWith the completion

nlip Freneau, the poet of the Mr. Owen retires from : W. Bowen (7 pp., very interceeded by the business Ettee's first volume of Freneau's Owen will devote all

zabethan Poet, by L. W. Payne chives and History (). -oze verse of Humphrey Gifford);

1 W. A. Montgomery (7 pp., not THE QUARTERLY

ve" from his opposition to scienCIATION, April, 190

tralization of Germany and Italy, pp. index, $2.00 ve

14 Hildebrand); 10. Reviews (13 Contents: 1. T

t'et's review of W. N. Guthrie's Edna Rowe (34

II. Notes (3 pp., some dozen original sources, in which W. B.

es issues, where the articles are anaThe Alamo mon

toue, they are of high standard, but documentary hi are often amateurish and sickly. But ory of the defe

in English capable of literary esti

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