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Gracious God of Love! I can neither write, nor think. Send one line, half a line, to

your own, own


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tracts me.

Your two letters of the day before yerterday, and what you said to me yesterday in my dressing-room, have drove me mad. To offer to sell out, and take the other step to get money for us both, was not kind. You know how such tenderness dif

As to marrying me, that you should not do upon any account. Shall the man I value be pointed at and hooted for selling himself to a Lord, for a commission, or some such thing, to marry his cast miltress? My soul is above my situation.-Besides, I will not take advantage, Mr. H., of what may be only perhaps (excuse me)

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a youthful passion. After a more intimate acquaintance with me of a week or ten days, your opinion of me miglit very much change. And yet---you may love me as sincerely as I

But I will transcribe you a long which I don't believe you ever heard me sing, though it's my favourite. It is said to be an old Scots ballad---nor is it generally known that Lady A. L. wrote it. Since we have understood each other, I never sung it before you, because it is so descriptive of our situation how much more so since your cruelly kind proposal of yesterday ! I wept, like an infant, over it this morning.


The sheep were in the fold, and the cows were all Young Jamie lov'd me well, and he fought me for

at home, And all the weary world to rest was gone, When the woes of my heart brought the tear, in

mine e'e, While my good man lay found by me.


his bride, He had but a crown, he had no more beside ; To make the crown a pound, young Jamie went

to sea, And the crown and the pound, they were both for


He had na 'been gone but a year and a day,


father broke his arm, and our cow was

stole 2way ;



mother she fell fick, and my Janie at the

fea, And Auld Robin Gray came wooing to me.

My father could na work, and my mother could na

spin, I toiled night and day, but their bread I could na

win; Auld Rob maintained them both, and with tears in

his e’e, Said, “ Jenny for their fakes, oh! marry me.”

My heart it said no, and I wish'd for Jamie back, But the wind it blew forę, and his ship it prov'd a

wreck; His ship prov'd a wreck: ah! why did not Jenny

dee? Why was she left to cry—“Ah, woe is me!”


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My father argu'd fore; though my mother did na

speak; She look'd in my face till my heart was fit to break; So auld Robin got my hand -but


heart was in the fea, And now Robin Gray is goodman to me.

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I had na been a wife but of weeks only four,
When fitting right mournfully out at my door,
I Jamie's ghost, for I could na think 'twas

Till he said, · Jenny, I'm come home to marry



Sore did we weep, and little did we say,
We took but one biss—and we tore ourselves away;
I wish I was dead, but I ain not like to dee,
And oh! I am young to cry—" Ah, woe is me!”.

I gang like a ghost, and I do not care to spin,
I fain would think on Jamie, but that would be a

I must e’en do my best a good wife to be,
For auld Robin Gray has been kind to me.

My poor eyes will only suffer me to add, for God's fake, let me feee my Jamie tomorrow. Your name also is Jamie.


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But I will never more use any preface of this fort-And I beg you will not.

A correspondence begins with dear, then iny dear, dearest, my dearest, and so on, 'till, at last, panting language toils after us in vain.

No language can explain my feelings. Oh M. yesterday, yesterday! Language, thou lieft--there is no such word as satiety, positively no such word. Oh, thou beyond my warmest dreams bewitching! what charms! what

But words would poorly paint our joys. When, when ?-yet you shall order, govern every thing. Only remember, I am Jure of those we trust.

Are you now convinced that Heaven made us for each other? By that Heaven,


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