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you, and always will until the very last letter you shall have from me, which will be between 5 and 6 weeks hence. I shall send the Admiralty word that I am arrived at Spithead. Then I shall only wait for their answer, which will be with me in a few hours to strike my fag- and then I shall return to you that instant. O'my love, mad and happy beyond myself to tell you how I love you and have thought of you ever since I have been separated from you! The wind being contrary today about one, I put off dinner till three o'clock, in order to anchor ships for this this night in Portland road, just off Weymouth, about 2 miles. I hope to fail tomorrow by 5 in the morning. I hope you are well. I am sure I need not tell you I have had nothing in my thoughts but your dear self, and long for the time to come back again to you. I will all the while, take care of myself because you desire, my dear little friend does, the angel of my heart! Pray do you take care of your dear


self for the sake of your faithful servant, who lives but to love you, to adore you, and to bless the moment that he has made you generous enough to own him. I hope, my dear, nay I will dare to say, you never will have reason to repent it. The wind was not so contrary but we could have failed on: but I told Barrington that, as it was not fair, I would anchor, especially as I could send one of my frigates in, for that I had dispatches of consequence to send to London. Indeed, my dear angel, I need not tell you. I know you read the reason too well that made me do so. It was to write to you, for God knows I have wrote to none else, nor shall I to any other but to the King. God bless you, most amiable and deareft little creature living -aimons toujours, mon adorable petite


Je vous adore plus que la vie mesme.

I have been reading for about an hour this morning in Prior, and find these few lines, just now applicable to us.


How oft had Henry chang'd his fly disguise, Unmark'd by all but beauteous Harriet's eyes ; Oft had found means alone to see the dame, And at her feet to breathe his am'rous flame; And oft the pangs of absence to remove By letters, foft interpreters of love, Till time and industry (the mighty two That bring our wishes nearer to our view) Made him perceive that the inclining fair Receiv'd his vows with no reluctant ear; That Venus had confirm'd her equal reign, ( And dealt 10 Harriet's heart a fhare of Henry's


Such is my amusement to read those sort of things that puts me in mind of our mutual feelings and situations. Now, God bless you, till I shall again have an opportunity of sending to you. I shall write to you a letter a day as many days as you miss herein of me when I do they shall all come Friday 16 June. God bless--I san't forget you. God knows you have told fo before I have your heart, and it lies warm in

my breaft. I hope mine feels as easy to you, thou joy of

life. Adieu.


Well, my M. how like you my pen to-day? Don't you think I am improved ? In tinie I shall come to write such letters as may appear in print. Were you not surprised to read a letter dated at sea ; and to find me write about my squadron, and the King, and the Lord knows what? when we parted but yesterday within the bills of mortality.-Come, I'll now put off my mask. The hopes you gave me yefterday of so soon calling you mine, and to-day's uncommon fineness, had quite inspired me with good spirits. A copy of the letter I have just transcribed was given me last night; and, as I promised to write to you to-day, I thought it would amuse you more than any thing I could say. It has blood-royal in it, I assure

you; and I'll take my bible oath of of its authenticity. When you have nobody by you but yourself, I think it will make you laugh. Compare this King's brother with my sexton's son ; who, during the compo


sition of this letter, was writing Rowley's poems. Where I could make it sense by stopping it, I have. The original is all written poft.

Cupid never stops to bait. Then he has no eyes, you know; which is an excuse for bad spelling, and confusion in the sense. Poor blind boy! It's very well he can contrive to write at all. With regard to some of it, we are still in the dark; but Lady G. made it out I dare say. Oh Love, almighty Love! with what eloquence does adoration of thee inspire thy yotaries !

Now, in my own character. What you desired so earnestly shall certainly be done. As to the disparity of our years, what you said about it yesterday did honour to your heart, but was all nothing to the purpose. My mind is made up. Befides, I knew your age all along. Do you remember fome sufficiently bald poetry, with the reading of which I taxed your


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