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by the paradise of your dear arms, I will bē only yours!

Have I written sense? I know not what I write. This scrap of paper ('tis all I can find) will hold a line or two more. I must fill i up to say that, whatever evils envious fate design me, after those few hours of yesterday, I never will complain nor murmur.

Misfortune, I defy thee now. M. loves me, and H's soul has its content moft absolute. No other joy like this fucceeds in unknown fate.

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To the Same,

Huntingdon, 24 Dec. 1775.

a new man.

TALK not to me of the new year. I am

I'll be sworn to it I am not the same identical ). H. that I was three months ago. You have created me--yes, I know what I say-created me anew. As to thanking you for the bliss I taste


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with you-to attempt it would be idle. What thanks can express the heaven of heavens

But I will obey you in not giving such a loose to my pen as I gave the day before yesterday. That letter and the verses it contained, which were certainly too highly coloured, pray'commit to the fames. Yet, pray too, as I begged you yesterday, do not imagine I thought less chastely of you because I wrote them. By Heaven, I believe your mind as chaste as the snow which, while I write, is driving against my window. You know not what I think of

you. One time perhaps you may.

The lines I repeated to you this morning, I send you. Upon my honour they are not mine. I think of thein quite as you do. Surely an additional nierit in them is, that to the uninitiated, in whom they might perhaps raise improper ideas, they are totally unintelligible.

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My old friend the Corporal looked as if he had been tarred and feathered yesterday, when he arrived with your dear billet. Omiah took up the sugar-caster, when he saw him through the parlour window, and pow. dered a fresh slice of pudding, by way of

painting the snowy Corporal. Omiah's simu plicity is certainly very diverting, but I

should like him better, and take more pains with him, if I did not think he suspected something. The other day, I am sure he came to spy the nakedness of the land,

Thank Heaven, our caution prevented 5

i But, why do I call your billet dear, when
it contained such poetry? Yet, to confess
the truth, it did charm me. And I know
not, whether as you say, those, to whom
it could do any harm, could possibly under-


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stand it. For uninitiated means, I believe, not yet admitted into the mysteries--those who have not yet taken the veil; or, I should rather say, those who have not yet thrown off the veil. Why was I not permiited by my destiny to keep on mine, till my H. my Mirs seized me in his ardent arms ? How gladly to his arms would I have given

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up my very soul !


Cruel fortune, that it can't be so to-day ! But we forgot when we fixed on to-day, that it would be Christmas-day, I must do penance at a most unpleasant dinner, as indeed is every meal and every scene when you are absent—and that, without the confolation of having first enjoyed your company. To-morrow,, however, at the usual time and place. Your discontinuing your visits here, since the first day of our happiness, gratifies the delicacy of us both. Yet, may it not, my H., raise fulpicions elsewhere? Your agreeable qualitits were too conspicuous not to make you missed. Yet, you are the best judge.

My poor, innocent, helpless babes! Were it not on your account, your mother


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would not at the part she does.-What is Mrs. Yates's sustaining a character well for one evening? Is it so trying as to play a part, and a base one too, morning, noon, and nig'it?-Night! But I will not make my H. uneasy.

At least, allow that I have written you a long scrawl. Behold, I have sent you a tolerable good substitute for myself. It is reckoned very like. I need not beg you not to shew it. Only remember, the painter's M. is not to rob your own M. of a certain quantity of things called and known by the name of k tles, which I humbly conceive to be her due, though she has been disappointed of them to-day.

So, having nothing further to add at present, and the post being just going out, I remain with all truth,

Dear Sir,

Your most humble servant,



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