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yet doth glory, tho’ her port be bold Her aspect radiant, and her tresses gold, Guide thro' the walks of death alone her car, Attendant only on the din of war : She not disdains the gentler vale of peace, Nor olive shades of philosophic ease, Where heav'n taught minds to wooe the muse

resort, Create in colours, or with sounds transport; Where youths court science, or.where sages teach, Where statesmen plan, where mitred fathers

preach More pleas’d on Isis' silent marge to roam, Than bear in pomp the spoils of Minden home.

To read with Newton's ken the starry sky, And God the same in all his orbs descry ; To lead forth merit from her humble shade ; Extend to rising arts a patron's aid; Build the nice structure of the gen'rous law, That holds the free-born foul in willing awe ; O'er pale misfortune drop, with friendly figh, Pity's mild balm, and wipe affliction's eye ; These, these are deeds Britannia must approve, Must nurse their growth with all a parent's love. These are the deeds that public virtue owns. And, just to public virtue, glory crowns.



To the Same.

Ireland, 3d May, 776.

My last, I hope, did not offend you. The bank note I was obliged to return; although I thank you for it more than words can tell you.

Shall I, whom you will not marry, because you will not load me with your debts, increase those debts ; at least

prevent you from diminishing them, by robbing you of fifty pounds ? Were I capable of it, I should be unworthy your love. But be not offended that I returned it. Heaven knows how willingly a quire of such things should have accompanied it, had Heaven made me so rich. Be not anxious about me.

Talk not of the postage which your dear letters cost me. Will you refuse to make your H. happy? And think you I can pay too dear for happiness?


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But, Lord! you rave. I am richas rich as a Jew : and without taking into the calculation the treasure I possess in your love. Why, you talk of what I allow that relation, poor soul! that does not swallow up all my lands and hereditaments at Gosport. Then there's my pay, and twenty other ways and means besides, I dare say, could I but recollect them.-Go to I tell you

I am rich. So, let me know you got the silver paper safe, and that I am a good boy

Rich! To be sure I am--why, I can afford to go to plays. I saw Catley last night, in your favourite character. By the way, I'll tell you a story of her, when she was on your side the water.

Names do not immortalize praise-worthy anecdotes, they immortalize names.--Some difference had arisen between Miss-Catley and the managers concerning the terms upon which she was to be engaged for the season. 'One of the managers called upon her, at her little lodgings in Drury-lane,


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to settle it. The maid was going to shew the gentleman up stairs, and to call her mistress. “No, no," cries the actress who was in the kitchen, and heard the manager's voice,“ there is no occasion to shew “ the gentleman to a room.--I am busy " below, (to the manager) making apple

dumplings for my brats. You know « whether you have a mind to give me the

money I ask, or not. I am none of

your fine ladies, who get a cold or the “ tooth-ach, and can't sing. If you have “ a mind to give me the money, say so;

my mouth shall not open for a farthing “ less. So, good morning to you--and “ don't keep the girl there in the passage ; “ for I want her to put the dumplings in " the pot, while I nurse the child. The turnips of Fabricius, and Andrew Marvel's cold leg of mutton, are worthy to be served up on the same day with Nan Catley's apple-dumplings.

Come-I am not unhappy, or I could not talk of other people and write thus


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gaily. Nothing can make me truly unhappy, but a change in your sentiments of me. By the Almighty God of heaven, I know my own feelings so thoroughly, I do not think I could survive such a thing.

As you love me, scold me not about the poplin you'll receive next week. It cost me nothing—1 may surely give what was given to me.




To the Same.


29th May, 1776. Do you think, that to make such

propofals, as your last contained, is the way to reconcile me to this worse than banishment? You' refused to come into my seheme of marriage--Nothing shall tempt me to come into your scheme. Persist in your idea of going on the fiage; and, as I live, I'll come over and make a party to damn you the first night of your appearance. Since


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