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33. Mifs



Page 32. Mr. H. to Miss Ireland, 1 July 91

Love and tendernessbegs her to send
him “ Werther."

to Mr H. England, 20 Aug. 93
Uneasy, distreffed, at not hearing for so
long a time-apprehensive that he may
have seen Werther” (which she begs.
him never to read) and may have follow-
ed the horrid example-a distracted ad-
dress to any person in whose hands her

34. Mr. H. to Miss Ireland, 10 Sept.

His late silence occasioned by illness-
anecdote of a letter in the 71st number

of the Spectator.
35. The Same to the Same. Ireland, 15 Sept. 97

Character of Mr. *****-- Irish robbery

anecdote of Irish history. 36. The Same to the Same. Ireland, 18 Sept. 103

Story of Count Alberti-poetical ridicule

of an astrological father. 37

The Same to the Same. Irl. 26 Jan. 1777. 112
Lord Harcourt quits his vice-royalty-as
an answer to her reproofs for the tender-
ness of his letters, fends her a letter to

Lady Marlborough from her royal mistress. 38. The Same to the Same. Ireland, 6 Feb.

Extraordinary will of Jane Dixon, a

Scotch suicide. 39.

The Same to the Same. Ireland, 27 Mar. 120

A beautiful French poem.
40. The Same to the Same. Ireland, 20 Apr. 122

In answer to one that does not ap-
pear, by which he learnt she is very
ill-- anecdote of the death of the Irish
Chief Justice, Sir Willian Yorke-deter-
mined to go to England, in consequence
of her illness, though for that purpose
he should be obliged to fell out.



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41. The

42. Mifs.

43. Mifs


Page 41. The Same to the Same. Can. Cof. Ho.4 May. 125

Distracted that he cannot gain adinit-
mittance at the Admiralty, in confe-
quence of her dangerous illness.

-'s maid to Mr. H. Adm. 4 May. 126
Written from Miss 's mouth--the is
given over, and dying.

(finished by her maid) to Mr. H. The same date, 5 o'clock.

ib. Her disorder has taken a sudden turn for

the better. 44. Mr. H. to Miss Cannon Coffee-Ho. 27 June, 5 o'clock.

128 The day on which Dr. Dodd suffered he was present-oblervations thereonalmost broke his chatte resolutions of forbearance in their first interview after her late recovery-defends his selling out of

the army--proposes to take orders. 45. The Same to the Samę. 7 July.

137 Absolutely forbids her keeping her appointment with Mrs. rates, about going on the stage. The Same to the Same. Croydon, 20 Sept. 138

Some curious subjects for painting. 47.

The Same to the Same. 5 Feb. 1778. 143

Fought a duel in the inorning. 48. The Same to the Same. -Street, 2 March. 147

Reflections on Ceppi's shooting Mrs.
Knightly ---the purity of Miss —'s hands


from bribes. 49.

The Same to the Same. Hockerill, 5 Sept. 152
Reflections on the forbeararce to which
he has adhered for almost two years
on Empson's shooting Lord Spencer's maid.
The Same to the Same. - ftreet, 28 Jan. 79. 155
It appears he has taken orders-juit re-
returned from his parsonage-house in


58. The as is strong enough. 59. The Same to the Same. 9 April.


Page St. The Same to the Same. -streel, 7 Feb. 157 52. The Same to the Same. At Sea, 20 Feb. 158

Deceives her at firit with a letter written
by the D. of Cumberland to Lady Grof-
vienor-assures her he shall never be hap-
py till they are married-sends her
"The moans of the Forest after the

battle of Flodden Field.” 53.

The Same to the Same. 24 Feb. 169
Chatterton's fucili, in confequence of
the wear and tear of his inind-strange
effects of te fame cause mentioned by
Tilfo-the fingular self-destruction of
Smith and his Wife in 1739-yet this
crime should not be called an Anglicism

- a more singular French anecdote. 54. The Same to the Same.

i March.

i$2 : See their ways before them in a month, or six weeks at furthest, marriage will make them happy-his parsonage-house

he has ordered to be set in readiness. 55. Mr. H. 10 Charles Efq; 20 March

183 Indisputable grounds for jealousy of

Miss 56. The Saine to the Same. 6 April. 184

Still stronger grounds is resolved on
suicide-lines written by fome one under

such a res lution. 57. Mr. H. to Mr. B.

7 April
Resolved on suicidecommends Miss

to his care. 5& Mr. H. to Charles Esq; Tothilf. 8 Apr. 195

Has murdered her a d not himself-
begs him to bring some poison, such

ib. Come to himself no more thoughts of fuiche-will upon ro accounts make any attempts on his life.

60. The


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