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Página 77 - Come in!" the Mayor cried, looking bigger: And in did come the strangest figure! His queer long coat from heel to head Was half of yellow and half of red, And he himself was tall and thin, With sharp blue eyes, each like a pin, And light loose hair, yet swarthy skin, No tuft on cheek nor beard on chin, But lips where smiles went out and in; There was no guessing his kith and kin: And nobody could enough admire The tall man and his quaint attire. Quoth one: "It's as my great-grandsire, Starting up...
Página 75 - He was dressed all in fur from his head to his foot, And his clothes were all tarnished with ashes and soot...
Página 86 - The breeze comes whispering in our ear, That dandelions are blossoming near, That maize has sprouted, that streams are flowing, That the river is bluer than the sky, That the robin is plastering his house hard by; And if the breeze kept the good news back, For other couriers we should not lack; We could guess it all by yon heifer's lowing,— And hark!
Página 70 - SAID the first little chicken, With a queer little squirm, " I wish I could find A fat little worm." Said the next little chicken, With an odd little shrug, " I wish I could find A fat little bug." Said the third little chicken, With a sharp little squeal, " I wish I could find Some nice yellow meal.
Página 106 - Look, dear mother, the flowers all lie Languidly under the bright blue sky. See, how slowly the streamlet glides; Look, how the violet roguishly hides; Even the butterfly rests on the rose, And scarcely sips the sweets as he goes.
Página 94 - Instead of a girl, with towel to hem, I might be a princess, with robe and gem; With a gay little page, and a harper old, Who knew all the stories that ever were told,— Stories in prose, and stories in rhyme, That happened somewhere, once-on-a-time. In the country of Somewhere, no one looks At maps and blackboards and grammar books, For all your knowledge just grows and grows, Like the song in a bird, or the sweet in a rose. And if ever I chance, on a fortunate day, To that wonderful region to...
Página 101 - But had they no means of sailing upon the ?" asked . "Yes; I suppose there never was a time when did not in some way sail upon the ." First, small s were made of the of and the of . Sometimes a was made by digging out or burning out the inside of a large . Men found out how to make larger and longer . Even the largest were pulled along by till became known. Then , first of , and then of were built; and now there are large enough to transport thousands of AN EXERCISE IN DISCRIMINATION. To the Teacher.—In...
Página 46 - Study these names and their abbreviations: January Jan. July February Feb. August Aug. March Mar. September Sept. April Apr. October Oct. May November Nov. June December Dec.
Página 92 - He grew thin and pale and weak, until, worn out with disappointment, he pined away and died. When his friends found poor dead Narcissus, they were filled with sorrow, and they went about sadly to prepare a funeral pile. But, most wonderful to tell! when they returned to bear away the body, it could nowhere be found, and before their astonished eyes a little flower rose from the water's edge, just where their friend had died. They named the flower in memory of him, and it has been called Narcissus...
Página 93 - If we lived in the country of Somewhere, you Could do whatever you chose to do. Instead of a boy, with the garden to weed, You might be a knight, with a sword and a steed ; Instead of a girl, with a towel to hem, — I might be a princess, with robe and gem, With a gay little page, and a harper old, Who knew all the stories that ever were told, — Stories in prose, and stories in rhyme, That happened...

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