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of the persons against whom the tax is levied, which may be found within the county. If no sufficient personal property belonging to such person can be found in the county, the collector shall collect such tax of the tenant or lessee in possession of the premises, on which the rent is reserved, in the same manner as if such tax had been assessed against such tenant or lessee. Every such tenant or lessee paying any such tax, or of whom any such tax shall be collected, shall be entitled to have the amount thereof, with interest, deducted from the amount of rent reserved upon such premises, which may be due or may thereafter become due thereon, or may maintain an action to recover the same.

[L. 1846, ch. 327, § 3; R. S., 8th ed., 1107,
re-enacted in part, without change of substance, except
that the tax may be collected by sale of any property in
the county instead of the tax district. This is to conform
to the change in $ 71 as to the collection of taxes by sale
generally. Section 21 provides that if the person entitled
to receive the rents is not known, the tax shall be assessed
directly to the tenant.]

§ 76. Collection of unpaid taxes on debts owing to nonresidents of the United States.- If it shall appear by the return of any collector that any tax imposed upon a debt owing to a person residing out of the United States remains unpaid, the county treasurer shall, after the expiration of twenty days from such return, issue his warrant to the sheriff of any county in this state where any debtor of any such nonresident creditor may reside, commanding him to make of the real and personal property of such nonresident the amount of such tax, to be specified in a schedule annexed to the warrant, with his fees and the sum of one dollar for the expense of issuing such warrant, and to return the warrant to the treasurer issuing the same, and to pay over to him the money which shall be collected by virtue thereof, except the sheriff's fees, by a day therein to be specified within sixty days from the date thereof.

The taxes upon several debts owing to a nonresident shall be. included in one warrant. The taxes upon several debts owing, to different nonresidents may be included in the same warrant, and the sheriff shall be directed to levy the sum specified in the schedule annexed, upon the real and personal property of the nonresidents, respectively, opposite to whose names, respectively, such sums shall be written, with fifty cents for the expenses of the warrant.

Such warrant shall be a lien upon and shall bind the real and personal property of the nonresidents against whom issued from the time an actual levy shall be made upon any property by virtue thereof, and the sheriff to whom the warrant shall be directed shall proceed upon the same, in all respects, with like effect, and in the same manner, as prescribed by law, in respect to execution against property issued upon judgment ren. dered in the supreme court, and shall be entitled to the same fees for his services in executing the same, to be collected in the same manner.

[L. 1851, ch. 371, SS 6-8; R. S., 8th ed., 1084,
without change of substance. See note to § 34.]

$ 77. Return of warrant for collection of taxes on debts owing to nonresidents; neglect to make return.- If any sheriff shall deglect to return any such warrant as directed therein, or to pay over any money collected by him in pursuance thereof, he shall be proceeded against in the supreme court by attachment in the same manner, and with like effect, as for similar neglect in reference to an execution issued out of the supreme court in a similar action, and the proceedings therein shall be the same in all respects.

If any such warrant shall be returned unsatisfied, wholly or partly, the county treasurer may obtain an order from a judge of the supreme court of the district, or a county judge of the county, of such treasurer, issuing the warrant, requiring such nonresident or any person having property of such nonresident or indebted to him, to appear and answer concerning the prop

erty of such nonresident. The same remedies and proceedings may be had in the name of such county treasurer or comptroller before the oficer granting such order, and with a like effect, as are provided by law in proceedings against a judgment debtor supplementary to execution against him, returned wholly or in part unsatisfied.

The expenses of a county treasurer, and such compensation as the board of supervisors may allow him for his services under this section, and for making and transmitting to the assessors of the several towns of his county an abstract or copy of the state. ments of the agents of nonresident creditors, shall be a county charge.

[L. 1851, ch. 371, SS 9, 10, 11; R. S., 8th ed., 1085,
without change of substance.]

$ 78. Remedy of tenant for taxes paid by him.- If a tax upon real property shall have been collected of any ocoupant or tenant, and any other person, by agreement or otherwise, ought to pay such tax, or any part thereof, such occupant or tenant shall be entitled to recover, by action, the amount which such person ought to have paid; or to retain the same from any rent due or accruing from him to such person for the land so taxed.

[R. S., pt. I, ch. 13, tit. V, § 4; 8th ed., 1160,
without change of substance.]

§ 79. Payment of taxes on part of lot.—The collector shall receive the tax on part of any lot, piece or parcel of land charged with taxes, provided the person paying such tax shall furnishi such particular specification of such part, and in case the tax on the remainder thereof shall remain unpaid the collector shall enter such specification on his return to the county treasurer, clearly showing the part on which the tax remains unpaid, and if the part on which the tax shall be so paid shall be an undivided share, the person paying the same shall state to the collector who is the owner of such share, and the collector shall enter the name of such owner on his account of arrears of taxes, and such share shall be excepted in case of a sale for the tax on the remainder.

[R. S., pt. I, ch. 13, tit. III, SS 8, 9; 8th ed., 1118,
without change of substance.]

$ 80. Payment of taxes on state lands in forest preserve.—The treasurer of the state, upon the certificate of the comptroller as to the correct amount of such tax, shall pay the tax levied upon state lands in the forest preserve, by crediting to the treasurer of the county in which such lands may be situated, such taxes, upon the amount payable by such county treasurer to the state for state tax. No fees shall be allowed by the comptroller to the county treasurer for such portion of the state tax as is so


[Fisheries, game and forest law (1895, ch. 395), § 274 in part, without change.]

§ 81. Fees of collector.—On all taxes paid within thirty days from the date of notice that he has received the roll, the col. lector shall be entitled to receive, if the aggregate amount shall not exceed two thousand dollars, two per centum, and otherwise one per centum, in addition thereto. On all taxes collected after the expiration of such period of thirty days, the collector shall be entitled to receive five per centum in addition thereto. The col. lector shall be entitled to receive from the county treasury two per centum as fees for all taxes returned to the county treasury as unpaid.

[R. S., pt. I, ch. 13, tit. III, § 10; 8th ed., 1118, as am. by
L. 1890, ch. 145; R. S., 8th ed., supp., 3252,
R. S., pt. I, ch. 13, tit. IV, $ 20; 8th ed., 1151,

L. 1855, ch. 427, SS 6, 7; R. S., 8th ed., 1130. The provision that the return shall be made in the form pre. scribed by the board of tax commissioners is new. Otherwise there is no change in substance.]

§ 82. Return by collector of unpaid taxes.-Every collector who makes and delivers to the county treasurer an account of unpaid taxes, upon the tax-roll annexed to his warrant, which he shall not have been able to collect, verified by his affidavit, that the sums mentioned therein remain unpaid, and that he has not, upon diligent inquiry been able to discover any personal property out of which the same could be collected by levy and sale, shall be credited by the county treasurer with the amount of such account. In making such return of unpaid taxes, the col. lector shall add thereto five per centum of the amount thereof. In case such tax is uncollected upon lands assessed to a resi. dent he shall also state the reason why the same was not collected. Such return shall be indorsed upon or attached to said roll, and shall be in the form to be prescribed by the state board of tax commissioners. Such tax and percentage may be paid to the county treasurer at any time before a return is made to the comptroller.

[R. S., pt. I, ch. 13, tit. III, § 10; 8th ed., 1118, as am. by
L. 1890, ch. 145; R. S., 8th ed., supp., 3252,
R. S., pt. I, ch. 13, tit. IV, § 20; 8th ed., 1151,

L. 1855, ch. 427, SS 6, 7; R. S., 8th ed., 1130. The provision that the return shall be made in the form prescribed by the board of tax commissioners is new. Otherwise there is no change in substance.

The legislature added the words “In making such return of unpaid taxes, the collector shall add thereto five per centum of the amount thereof."]

§ 83. Return when collection has been enjoined.-Any stay, lawfully granted by any court of record by injunction or other order or proceeding, of the collection of any tax existing at the expiration of the period for the collection of the tax under any warrant or process in the hands of the collector or other officer for the collection thereof, or existing at the time of the expiration of the term of office of the collector or officer holding such war. rant, shall operate as an extension of the time within which such collector or other officer may collect such tax until such stay is terminated and for the period of thirty days thereafter.

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