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been divided since the assessment, the county treasurer shall deliver such transcript to the board of supervisors at their next annual meeting. If any such cancellation was by reason of the tax having been paid before the same was returned by the county treasurer, such treasurer shall present the transcript to the board of supervisors of the county, and the amount of such tax, with the interest, shall be collected by such board of the collector or the county treasurer who made the erroneous returns, and shall be paid into the state treasury.

[L. 1855, ch. 427, SS 18, 23; R. S., 8th ed., 1132,
without change of substance.]

§ 106. Correction of imperfect descriptions.— The supervisor of the tax district in which any lands are situated, upon which a tax shall have been rejected by the comptroller, or shall have been cancelled and charged to the county to which it had previously been credited, shall add to the assessment-roll of the tax district in which the land is situated for the year during which a transcript of the returns of such taxes shall have been forwarded by the comptroller to the county treasurer, an accurate description of such lands, if he can obtain the same, the correct amount of taxes thereon, the tax of each year and each kind of tax separately, and shall furnish the comptroller with all such maps and surveys of such lands as shall be required by him. Such supervisor may, if necessary, cause a survey and map of each lot or parcel returned for more perfect description to be made, and the expense of such survey and map shall be a town charge. The board of supervisors shall direct the collection of such taxes so added to such assessment-roll, and they shall be considered the taxes of the year in which the description shall be perfected. If any such supervisor shall not fully comply with the provisions of this section the comptroller shall not thereafter admit, but shall reject, all such reassessed, cancelled or rejected taxes as may be returned to him. If such taxes are not levied upon such lands as herein required, the board of supervisors shall cause the same, with interest thereon, to be levied upon the tax district in

which originally assessed, and collected with the other taxes of the same year. If the tax district shall have been divided since such assessment, such taxes and interest shall be apportioned by the board of supervisors among the tax districts included in the limits of such original tax districts in such equitable manner as it may deem proper.

[L. 1855, ch. 427, SS 19-21; R. S., 8th ed., 1152,
without change of substance.)

§ 107. Nonresident taxes, when and how paid to comptroller.The comptroller shall, at any time after August first, next after receiving statement thereof from the county treasurer, furnish any person desiring to pay the taxes on any parcel of land, a certificate of the amount of such taxes, interest and charges, and the State treasurer may receive payınent therefor upon such certificate, which shall be countersigned by the comptroller and entered in the books of his office. Such interest shall begin August first, of such year, and be at the rate of ten per centum per annum. Any person claiming a divided or undivided part ju any parcel may pay to the State treasu rer any part of the amount due thereon, proportionate to the share or interest claimed by him, on the certificate of the comptroller. The remaining tax and charges shall be a lien on the residue of the land or interest only. If the land has been subdivided since the assessment, the comptroller may require a map of the subdivisions. Any person may pay the tax for any one year on any tract or lot of land without paying the tax of any other year.

[L. 1855, ch. 427, SS 26-30; R. S., Sth ed., 1133,
re-enacted without change of substance.]

$ 108. Deduction of overchargeş.—If any tract or lot of land shall have been returned as containing a greater quantity of land than it actually contained, the amount overcharged shall be deducted. If the tax shall have been paid according to such return, the overcharge shall be refunded out of the treasury upon the production to the comptroller of satisfactory proof of the quantity actually contained in each tract or lot at the time of the assessment. No such overcharge shall be cancelled nor such over-payments refunded, unless application shall be made to the comptroller before the sale of such lands, and within six years after the assessment. If the whole amount of the tax shall have been paid to the county treasurer out of the state treasury, the comptroller shall charge the amount so refunded with interest and charges thereon to the treasurer of the county to which the tax was returned, and shall transmit an account thereof to him. The county treasurer shall deliver such account to the board of supervisors at their next annual meeting, which shall cause the amount thereof to be added to the taxes of the tax district in which the tax was assessed, and when collected it shall be paid into the treasury of the county.

[L. 1855, ch. 427, S$ 30-32; R. S., 8th ed., 1134,
without change of substance.]

§ 109. Overpaid taxes.—If it shall satisfactorily appear to the comptroller that the amount of any tax has been paid, and after. .wards other money has been paid into the state treasury on account of such tax or that the amount of any tax has been overpaid to the treasurer of the state, he may draw his warrant on the treasury for the amount paid in excess of the tax due, in favor of the person paying the same.

[L. 1855, ch. 427, § 24; R. S., 8th ed., 1133,
without change of substance.]

ARTICLE VI. Sales by Comptroller for Unpaid Taxes and Redemption of

Section 120. Notice of sale.

121. Maps to be furnished comptroller.
122. Sale, how conducted.
123. Purchases by comptroller, for state or county.
124. Withdrawal from sale of lands upon which the state

has a lien.

Section 125: Payment of bids and certificate of purchase.

126. New certificate upon setting aside sale.
127. Redemption of lands.
128. Redemption of lands conjointly assessed.
129. Prohibition of the despoliation of lands sold.
130. Notice of unredeemed lands.
131. Comptroller's deed.
132. Effect of former deeds.
133. Possession of lands by the state.
134. Notice to occupants.
135. Certificate of nonredemption and completion of title.
136. Redemption by occupant and certificate of redemp-

137. Redemption by occupant before notice and effects

of failure to redeem.
138. Lien of mortgage not affected by tax sale.
139. Redemption by mortgagee before notice.
140. Cancellation of sales.
141. Setting aside cancellation of sale.
142. Expenses of sale.
143. Payment of moneys into state treasury.

$ 120. Notice of sale.—The comptroller may sell any lands here. tofore or hereafter returned to him for nonpayment of any tax thereon, if such tax and the interest thereon, or any part thereof shall remain unpaid for one year after February first, following the year in which the tax was levied. He shall make out a list of all such lands in any county and transmit to the county treasurer thereof at least eighteen weeks before the commencement of the sale, a number of copies of such list sufficient to furnish five copies to the county treasurer, two copies to the county clerk and two copies to the clerk of each town and city in which such lands are situated. The county treasurer shall transmit the same to such officers. The comptroller shall publish such list with a notice, that on a day to be specified therein and the succeeding days, so much of such lands as may be necessary to

discharge the taxes, interest and charges due thereon at the time of sale, will be sold at public auction at the capitol in the city of Albany. Such list shall be inserted in two newspapers published in such county, once in each week for twelve successive weeks prior to the commencement of the sale, and in the body of the newspapers and not in a supplement. If there are not two newspapers published in the county, the publication shall be in two newspapers which the comptroller shall determine to be most generally circulated in the county. Due proof of the publication of such list and notice in each newspaper shall be made and filed in the office of the comptroller within twenty days after the last publication. The expense of printing, publishing and transmitting such list shall be audited by the comptroller and paid out of the state treasury. No error in the description of the lands in any list published in any newspaper shall render any sale void or in any manner affect its validity.

[L. 1855, ch. 427, § 41; R. S., 8th ed., 1135,
L. 1893, ch: 711, § 1, as am. by
L. 1895, ch. 805,
without change.]

§ 121. Maps to be furnished comptroller.—The comptroller may apply to the supervisor of any town for maps of any tract of land returned from such town for nonpayment of taxes, if he deem it necessary in order to test the correctness of the description thereof, preparatory to a sale of such lands, and the supervisor shall furnish such maps at the expense of the town, if they can be procured; if not, he shall furnish such descriptions of the lands as he can obtain, with a statement of the quantity in each subdivision, if the same is divided. The treasurer of every county shall, on receiving a list of lands to be sold at a state sale trans. mit to the comptroller at least one month before any state tax sale, a certified list of all lands bid in at any tax sale, in the name of such county, or transferred to such county upon any such sale, or to which the county may have acquired a tax title, the deed for which has not been recorded in the office of the clerk of the

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