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or deposite 10 security, either by bond, with one or more sufficient sureties, for double the

the payment thereof, or by the deposite of a portion of such

merchandise, equal, at least, to double the amount of the duties Bond or depo- on the whole importation; which bond shall be cancelled, or the celled or delic merchandise, so deposited, shall be delivered to the owner, on vered up, on, the producing to the deputy collector a certificate, of the collec&c.

tor of the district, that the duties have been duly paid. Penalties, &c. 3. That all penalties and forfeitures incurred by force of this ed according act, shall be sued for, recovered, distributed, and accounted for, 10 the act of2d in the manner prescribed by the act, entitled “ An act to reguMarch, 1799.

late the collection of duties on imports and tonnage," passed on Vol. i. p. 573. And may be the second day of March, one thousand seven hundred and ninemitigated or ty-nine, and may be mitigated or remitted in the manner precording to act scribed by the act, entitled “An act to provide for the mitigatof 34 March, ing or remitting the forfeitures, penalties, and disabilities, accruVol. I. p. 458. ing in certain cases therein mentioned,” passed on the third day

of March, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-seven. (Ap

proved, March 2, 1821.) Vol. iii. p.

Chap. 153. An act extending the time for issuing and locating military land warrants to 1721. 1921.

officers and soldiers of the revolutionary arary. Time for issu

$1. Be it enacted, f.c. That the time limited, by the second ing warrants extended to section of the act approved on the twenty-fourth day of Februa4th of March, 1823.

ry, one thousand eight hundred and nineteen, for issuing military land warrants to the officers and soldiers of the revolutionary

army, shall be extended to the fourth day of March, one thousTime for locating war

and eight hundred and twenty-three; and the time for locating rants extended the unlocated warrants shall be extended to the first day of Octo Ist Oct. 1823

tober thereafter. (Approved, March 2, 1821.]

Cuap. 154. An act to establish the district of Pearl river.
Bays, &c. on
Lake Borgne,

$1. Be it enacted, &c. That, from and after the first day of &c. to be a

July next, all the bays, waters, and shores, on Lake Borgne and collection district, after Ist the Gulf of Mexico, and all the rivers emptying into the same, July, 1821. A port of en

within the limits of the state of Mississippi, shall be a collection try, &c.

district, to be called the District of Pearl River : of which, a port near the mouth of Pearl river, at such place as the president of

the United States shall designate, shall be the port of entry; A collector for and a collector for the district shall be appointed, to reside at with a salary such place as the president shall direct, at or near the said port, of 250 dolls. besides fees.

who shall be entitled to receive, in addition to the fees and other
emoluments established by law, the annual salary of two hundred
and fifty dollars. (Approved, March 2, 1821.1
Chap. 155. An acl confirming the location of the seat of government of the state of Illinois'

and for other purposes.
Four sections
of land, &c.

$1. Be it enacted, &c. 'That the four sections of land, includ

ing the section number sixteen, in township number six north, commissioners for the seat of range number one east, of the third principal meridian, heretogovernment of fore selected by commissioners appointed for that purpose, for firrned to the the seat of government of the state of Illinois, be, and ihe same state. are hereby declared to be, confirmed to, and vested in, the said

state, for the purpose aforesaid.

Vol. jii. p.


the office at

CHAP, 170.

$. 2. That the governor of said state be, and he is hereby, au- The governor thorized to select any unappropriated section in said township, select a secfor the use of the inhabitants thereof, which shall be in lieu of tion in lieu of

No. 16. the said sixteenth section. (Approved, March 2, 1821.) 1 Chap. 163. An act authorizing the president of the United States to remove the land office Vol. iii.p. in the district of Lawrence county, in the territory of Arkansas.

1659. § 1. Be it enacled, fc. That so much of the act, entitled “An Part of the act act making provision for the establishment of additional land of- 1818, repeal. fices in the territory of Missouri,” as requires that the land office for the district of Lawrence county shall be established at the seat of justice in said county, shall be, and the same is hereby, The president repealed; and the president of the United States is hereby au- may establish thorized to remove and establish said office at any suitable place

any suitable within the said district. [Approved, March 2, 1821.]

place. An act to alter the times of holding the district court in the northern district Pol. iii. p. of New York,

16-16. 1665. § 1. Be it enacted, &c. That the district court of the United District court Siates of America, for the northern district of New York, direct- holden at Uii. ed by law“to be holden at Utica, shall hereafter be holden, at the ca, on the last same place, on the last Tuesday of August, instead of the third August, and Tuesday of May, in each year; and that the court directed by the court at law to be holden at Albany, on the second Tuesday of Novem- last Tuesday ber, shall, instead thereof, hereafter be holden, at the same place,

of January on the last Tuesday of January, in each year.

§ 2. That all actions, suits, process, proceedings, commenced, Proceedings, or to be commenced, or now pending, in said district court, and accordingly. liable to be discontinued or suffer prejudice from the foregoing alterations, may be returned to, and shall be continued to, the district court to be holden in pursuance of this act, in such manner as that the same shall suffer no discontinuance or prejudice by virtue of this act. (Approved, March 2, 1821.)

Cuap. 171. An act to alter and establish certain post roads. § 1. Be it enacted, &c. That the following post roads bè, and Post roads disthe same are hereby, discontinued ; that is to say: From Con- Vol. iii.p. cord, in Rockingham county, by Salisbury, Andover, New Ches- 2016. ter, Bridgewater, and Plymouth, thence by New Holderness, New Hampton, Sanbornton, and Salisbury, to Concord, and from Farmington to Middleton, in New Hampshire. From Carver to Wareham. From Northampton, by Southampton, to Springfield, in Massachusetts. From Herkimer, by Woodworth's, Columbia, by Underwood's, Litchfield, to Laghwaite. From Vernon to Delhi. From Little Falls, by Fairfield, Newport, and Russia, to Remisen, in New York: Froin Liberty Corner, by Doughty's mills, and New Providence, to Springfield, in New Jersey. From Morgantown, by Crab Orchard, tó Kingwood, in Virginia. From Milledgeville, to Greensborough, in Georgia. From Pocataligo, by Hickory Hill, to Augusta, in South Carolina. From Clinton, in Tennessee, to Pulaski, in Kentucky. From Washington to Cincinnati ; and from Lancaster to Washington, in Ohio. From Falmouth to Grant's Lick, on the east side of the river, in Ken. tucky. From Smithton to John Graham's, in Missouri, Vol. III.



Post roads es- $ 2. That the following be established post roads; that is to tablished In Maine.

say: In Maine. From Brunswick, by Topsham, Lisbon, Wales, Monmouth, Leeds, Wayne, and Fayette, to Jay; and thence, by Livermore, Turner, and Durham, to Brunswick. From Green, by Leeds and Wayne, to Winthrop. Froin Bangor, by Levant, Corinth, New Charlestown, Atkinson, Sebec, Brownsville, Williamsburg, Foxcroft, Guilford, and Sangerville, 10 Bangor. From Warsaw, by Hartland, and St. Albin's, to Palmyra. From Beth

el, by Gilead, Shelburne, Durand, Kilkenney, and Jefferson, to In New Hampshiro.

Lancaster, in New Hampshire. In New Hampshire. From Concord, in Rockingham county, by the M'Crillis tavern, in Canterbury, Northfield Meeting House, Sanbornton, Smith's village, on the turnpike, across the river near Pine Hill, and Bridgewater, to Plymouth. From Smith's village, on the turnpike, by New Hampton meeting house, and the paper mill in Holderness, to Plymouth. From Concord, by Boscowan, Salisbury village, Andover, New Chester, Bristol, and the Mayhew turnpike, 10 Rumney. From Rochester, by Chesnut Hill, in Farmington, to Middleton. That the post route from Centre Harbor to Plymouth,

and the post route from Portsmouth, by Meredith and New HampIn Massachu- ton, to Plymouth, shall be by the post office in Holderness. In

Massachusetts. From Greenfield, by Bernardstown, Northfield, Warwick, Orange, New Salem, Shutesbury, Leverett, Sunderland, and Montague, to Greenfield. From Richmond to West Stockbridge. From Northampton, by East Hampton, South Hampton, Westfield, Southwick, and East Granby, to Hartford, in Connecticut. From Worcester to Groton. From Boston, by a turnpike road, to Taunton; and thence, by Wellington, Dighton, Swanzey, Warren, Bristol, Portsmouth, and Middleton, to

Newport, in Rhode Island. From South Hadley, by Granby, to In Connecti

Belchertown. In Connecticut. From Mansfield to Willington.
From Stafford, by Union, to Woodstock. From Brooklyn, by
South Killingly, to 'Thompson. From Bridgeport, by Long Hill,

Trumbull, Levi Edwards, in Huntington, Newtown, and BrookIn New York. field, to New Milford. In New York. From Utica, by Whites

borough, Floyd, Steuben, and Western, to Rome. From Cayuga to Montezuma. From Turin, by Harrisburg, Copenhagen, Tylersville, Pinkney, and Rodınan, 10 Adams. From Newburgh, by Middletown, Marlborough, Milton, and New Paltz, to Poughkeepsie. From Upper Red Hook Landing to the present post road from New York to Albany. From Watertown, by Le Raysville, 10 Antwerp. From Mooresville, by Bovina, in Delaware county, to Delhi. From Bergen, by Riga and East Riga, to Rochesterville. From Ellicottville, by Little Valley, Conewongo Creek, and Gerry, to Mayville. From Caledonia to Riga. From Whitehall, in Washington county, by Putnam, 1o Ticonderoga. From Southold, in Suffolk, to the village of Oysterponds. From Utica, in the county of Oneida, to Bainbridge, in the county of Chenango, by New Hartford, Paris Furnace, Bridgewater, Brookfield, Columbus, New Berlin, Norwich, and Guilford. From Lisle, in the county of Broome, through the towns of Berkshire and Caroline, on the Susquehannah, and Bath turnpike road, to Ithica, in the county of Tompkins. From Manlius, by Oran, Delhi, Fabius, Pompey, and thence to Manlius. From



Utica, by Rome, to Montezuina, and thence to Rochester, upon
and near the Great Canal. From Bennington, Vermont, by
White Creek, Cambridge, Easton, and Greenwich, to Saratoga
Springs, New York. From Ritchfield by Peltrie's, in Columbia,
by Underwood's, in Litchfield, to Utica. From Peltrie's, in Co-
lumbia, by Elie Palmer's to Herkimer. From Little Falls, Her-
kimer county, by Eaton's Bush, Middleville, Newport, Naham
Daniel's, Russia post office, to Trenton, with a side mail from
Middleville to Fairfield post office. From Canandaigua, in the
state of New York, by Manchester, to Palmyra ; from thence by
South Williamson and Williamson, to Pultneyville. In New In Now
Jersey. From Chester to Flanders. From Liberty Corner to

Jersey Somerville. From Trenton, by Croswick's tavern, Rickle's Town, Julius, and Arny's, to New Egypt. In Pennsylvania. In PonnsylvaFrom Easton, by Stockertown, to Roscommon. From Chester, by Village Green, Wilcoxe's mills, Concord meeting house, and Dilworthtown, to West Chester. From Clark's Ferry, by Landisburg, Douglass's Mills, and Concord, to Fannelsburg. From Somerset, by Connelsville, Union, Smithfield, Germantown, and Geneva, to Morgantown, in Virginia. From Hanover, by Berlin, to Dillstown. From Lambpeter square to Cochransville. From Gettysburg, by Petersburg, and Dillstown, to Harrisburg. From Berwick, on the Tioga and Susquehanna turnpike, to Meansville. From Lancaster, by New London Cross Roads, Newark, and Christiana Bridge, to New Castle, in Delaware. From Gettysburg, by Lughtersburg, to Hagerstown, in Maryland. From Leditz, in Lancaster county, by Elizabeth Furnace, and Shuefferston, 10 Lebanon. From Beavertown, by Jef. friestown and Noblestown, to Cannonsburg. In Delaware. From In Delaware. Milford to the village of Milton; a new roule. In Maryland. In Muryland. That the mail route from Easton to Princess Anne shall pass over Dover Bridge, and by New Market and Cambridge ; the route froin Easton, by the Trappe, to Cambridge, shall nevertheless be continued. From Easton to the Trappe, in Talbot county. From Harford to Michael's Store. In Virginia. From King-In Virginia. wood, by Crab Orchard, Hagan's Store, to Sinithfield, in Pennsylvania. From Lewis Courthouse, by French Creek Settlement, Flatwood's, and Elk river, to Nicholas Courthouse. From Woodring's mill, in Preston county, by Goff's Ferry, on Cheat River, 10 Leading Creek, in Randolph county. From the mouth of Fishing Creek, on Ohio river, by Buffalo, Barnes' mills, Prickett's Settlement, and Smithfield, to Kingwood. From Springfield to Romney, in Hamnpshire county. From Morgantown, by Jackson's Iron Works, Carlisle's Furnace, to Sandy Creek Glades. Froin Charlottesville, by Warren, to Buckingham Courthouse. From Culpepper Courthouse, by State Mills, to Woodville. From Staunton, by Little River, to the Panther Gap. From Jacksonville, in Wood county, by Murphy's Settlemeni, to Lewis Courthouse. That the mail route from Mariella to Wheeling pass by Sisterville and the mouth of Fishing Creek. That the mail route from the Warm Springs, in Bath county, by Anthony's Creek, to Lewisburg, shall, in returning, pass by Frankford, Locust Creek, Barnes' Mill, Cackley's, Bradshaw's, and Gatewood's, to the Warm Springs. In North Carolina. From Carolina.

In North

Salisbury to Fayetteville. From Wilkesborough, by Mock's Old Fields, Salisbury, Skeen's Ferry, Lawrenceville, Wadesborough, and Sneedsborough, to Cheraw, formerly Chatham, in South Carolina. From Charlotte, by Chester Courthouse, and Newberry Courthouse, to Edgefield Courthouse, in South Carolina. That the mail route from Fayetteville to Wilmington pass by David

Wright's store, in Duplin county. From Salisbury, by Fulton, In South

to Huntsville. In South Carolina. From Columbia, by AshCarolina.

ville and Warm Springs, in North Carolina, to Lexington, in

Kentucky. From Coosawatchie, by Robertsville and King Creek, In Georgia. 10 Augusta. In Georgia. From Monticello, by Monroe, in Wal

ton county, and Lawrenceville, in Gwinnett county, to Hall Courthouse. From Jefferson to Fairfield, in Camden county. From Carnesville, by Habersham Courthouse, to Rabun Courthouse. From Powelton, in Hancock county, by Greensborough,

to Madison, in Morgan county. From Carnesville, by Bushville, In Kentucky. to Hall Courthouse. In Kentucky. Froin Franklin to Nashville,

in Tennessee. From Eddyville, by Iron Banks, to New Madrid, in Missouri. That the post route from Burkesville to Monticello shall pass by Robert Poage's, in Stockton's Valley. That the post route from Columbia to Glasgow shall pass by Edmonton, in Barren county.

From Scottsville to Cairo, in Tennessee. From Falmouth, in Pendleton county, passing the three forks of Grassy Creek and Gains's, to Burlington, in Boone county. From

Bowling Green, by Litchfield and Hardinsburg, to Corydon, in In Tennessoo. Indiana. In Tennessee. Fom Clinton 10 Burkesville, in Ken

tucky. From Washington, in Rhea county, by Hamilton Courthouse, and the new turnpike road, to Morganton, at the mouth of Sequatchee, by Marion Courthouse, and Jackson Courthouse, to Huntsville, in Alabama. From McMinville, by Shelbyville, to Columbia. From Sparta, by Cookeville, Gainesborough, and Meigsville, to Tompkinsville, in Kentucky. From Kingston, by Washinglon, to Huntsville, in Alabama. That the route from Springfield to Russelville, in Kentucky, shall pass Forts Mills, on Red river. From Murfreesborough to Statesville. From Vernon, by Perry Courthouse, to Reynoldsburg. In Ohio. From Lebanon, by Monroe, to Hamilton. From Washington, in Pennsylvania, by Wellsburg, in Virginia, Steubenville, New Salem, New Philadelphia, Wooster, and Norwalk, to Lower Sandusky. From Cacton, in Stark county, by New Portage, Norton, and Wadsworth, to Medina, in Medina county. From Lancaster, by Circleville, to Chillicothe. From Granville, in Licking county, by Worthington, to Dublin, in Franklin county. From Urbana, by Troy, to Granville, in Dark county. From Dover, In Tuscarawas coonty, by Shanesville and Berlin, 10 Millersburgh, in Coshocion county. From Dresden, in the county of Muskingum, to Mansfield, in the county of Richland, by the way of West Carlisle, in Coshocton county. From Aurelius, by Duck creek Salt Works,

in Morgan county, by Senecaville, to Guernsey Salt Works, and In Indiana.

to Washington, Guernsey county. In Indiana. From Brownstown to Indianapolis. From Vernon to Indianapolis. From Connersville to Indianapolis. From Lawrenceburgh, by Aurora, Hanover, and the Rising Sun, to Versailles ; and to return by the way of Vaughan's in Manchester township. From Rich

In Ohio.

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