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Southern Pacific Co. (Pac. Sys.). 184,557 | 2.92 672,533 10.63
Central Pacific Railroad Co.*
Northern Railway Co.*
California Pacific Railroad Co.*.
Southern Pacific R. R. of Cal.*.
Atlantic and Pacific Railroad Co.. 13,433 5.67
California Central Railway Co...

60,095 17.09
California Southern Railroad Co..

56,370 15.33
Los Angeles and Pacific Ry.Co.t
S. F. & N. P. R. R. Co...-..

30,759 27.80
Visalia Railroad Co.....

Eel River and Eureka R. R. Co...

Northern California R. R. Co.
South Pacific Coast Railway Co.*.
North Pacific Coast Railroad Co.. 26,209 31.73 25,160 30.47
Pacific Coast Railway Co.I.


.16 21,770 23.79 Sonoma Valley Railroad Co.

380 1.56
Carson and Colorado R. R. Co...

Colusa and Lake Railroad Co...
Arcata and Mad River R. R. Co..

National City and Otay Ry.Co.t.
Nevada County Narrow Gauget.
Nevada and California Railroad.. 8,034

Visalia and Tulare Railroadt

233,757 983,526

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* Reported by Southern Pacific Company. + Not reported.

Bituminous rock—19,063 tong20 per cent.


TABLE No. 18.

Southern Pacific Company
Central Pacific Railroad Company*.
Northern Railway Company*
California Pacific Railroad Company*
Southern Pacific Railroad Company of California*
Atlantic and Pacific Railroad Company
California Central Railway Company
California Southern Railroad Company
Los Angeles and Pacific Railroad Company
San Francisco and North Pacific Railroad Company
Visalia Railroad Company
Eel River and Eureka Railroad Company
Northern California Railroad Company
South Pacific Coast Railway Company*
North Pacific Coast Railroad Company
Pacific Coast Railway Company
Sonoma Valley Railroad Company
Carson and Colorado Railroad Company
Colusa and Lake Railroad Company.
Arcata and Mad River Railroad Company.
National City and Otay Railway Company -
Nevada County Narrow Gauge
Nevada and California Railroad Company
Visalia and Tulare Railroad Company -

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* Reported by Southern Pacific Company.
Not reported.
Operated by the San Francisco and North Pacific Railroad Company.
& Operated by the Carson and Colorado Railroad Company of Nevada.

The foregoing statement of equipment, No. 18, shows that there were operated by the several railroad companies during the year 1888, 803 locomotives, 1,039 passenger cars, 8,400 box cars, 6,786 platform and fruit cars, and 812 work cars. This shows an increase over 1887 of 187 locomotives, 249 passenger cars, 827 box cars, 1,873 platform and fruit cars, and 324 work cars. The railroads employ in their operation one locomotive to each 4.94 of a mile, one passenger car to each 3.81 of a mile, and 3.8 freight cars to each one mile of road operated.


The total number of employés reported by the railroad companies in California for 1888 was twenty thousand six hundred and thirty-two (20,632). In 1887 the number employed was 17,085—an increase in 1888 of 3,547, or 17 per cent.


An exhibit is made in Table No. 19 of wages received by the different classes of railroad employés in this State.

R-5 26

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The total number of tons of fuel consumed in 1888 was 814,707, at a cost of $5,505,325 21, of which total cost the Southern Pacific Company expended $4,804,853 55.

The Atlantic and Pacific Railroad Company purchased coal and wood at the least cost, namely, coal, $1 81 per ton; wood, $1 per cord.

The North Pacific Coast paid most for coal, viz.: $12 55 per ton.
The Pacific Coast Railway Company paid most for wood, viz.: $5 36

The Southern Pacific Company used 67.28 pounds of coal per mile, and the Atlantic and Pacific used 96.74 pounds per mile.

per cord.

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