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Stone, none; iron, none; wooden, 627.

Aggregate length, 23,690 feet.
Owned by this company, 243 miles of line; owned by this company, 486 miles of wire;

number of stations on all roads operated by this company in California, 26. TERRITORY OF NEW MEXICO,

County of Bernadillo.}ss. Wm. C. Hazledine, Solicitor for the Western Division of the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad Company, being duly sworn, deposes and says, that the statements, tables, and answers contained in the foregoing thirty-four sheets have been compiled and prepared by the proper officers of said company, from its books and records, under his direction and supervision; that he, the deponent, has carefully examined the same, and that as now furnished by him to the Board of Railroad Commissioners, they are, in all respects, just, complete, and true, to the best of his knowledge, and, as he verily believes, the same contain a true and full exhibit of the condition and affairs of said company on the thirtyfirst day of December, 1888, as the same are shown by report to the Secretary of the Interior


Subscribed and sworn to before me, this sixteenth day of July, 1889.

KARL A. SNYDER, United States Commissioner, Territory of New Mexico.


HISTORY. 1. Name of common carrier making this report: California Central Railway Company. 2. Date of organization: May 20, 1887. 3. Organized under the general statutes of California. 4. Formed by consolidation of the following companies, all incorporated under the laws of the State of California :

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Riverside, Santa Ana, and Los Angeles Railway Company.
San Bernardino and Los Angeles Railway Company.
San Bernardino Valley Railway Company.
San Jacinto Valley Railway Company
Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley Railroad Company
Los Angeles and Santa Monica Railroad Company
San Bernardino and San Diego Railway Company.
San Diego Central Railroad Company

Sept. 29, 1885.

Nov. 22, 1886.
..Jan. 12, 1887.

Mar. 7, 1887.
Sept. 5, 1883.

6, 1886. Nov. 20, 1886. Nov. 8, 1886.

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Number of stockholders at date of last election : 12.
Last meeting of stockholders for election of Directors: May 17, 1888.
Post Office address of general office: Los Angeles, Cal., and Boston, Mass.
Post Office address of operating office: Los Angeles, Cal.

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California Central Railway Company San Bernardino Los Angeles.

66.34 California Central Railway Company Los Angeles

Los Angeles Junction. 83.10 California Central Railway Company East Riverside Orange....

40.68 California Central Railway Company Perris..

San Jacinto

19 13 California Central Railway Company Escondido Junction. Escondido

21.23 California Central Railway Company San Bernardino. Mentone

12.50 California Central Railway Company Ballona Junction..-- Port Ballona

15.05 Redondo Beach Railway Company-- *Inglewood

Redondo Beach

10.81 Total...


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SECURITY FOR FUNDED DEBT. First mortgage.-All the lines comprising the California Central Railway Company, aggregating 258.28 miles, and all other property real and personal, including equipment and income from same.

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Amount of interest and discount paid during year upon floating debt and current liabilities: $1,074 79.


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Right of way
Real estate.

$173,473 00 Grading and bridge and culvert masonry 164,307 72 Bridges and trestles.

217,826 03 Rails.

604,676 86 Ties.

177,175 54 Buildings, furniture, and fixtures.

176,576 80 Shop machinery and tools

5,077 28 Engineering expenses.

22,909 37 Interest and discount-account construction 197,220 18 Telegraph line

12,775 56 Wharfing, etc.

13,778 56 Road built by contract-capital stock issued for construction

2,449,000 00 Other items...

652,430 11 Total construction.

$4,867,227 01 Equipment: Locomotives

11,831 85 Passenger cars..

6,000 00 Freight cars

830 65 Other cars of all classes.

1,355 58 Floating equipment..

22,560 14 Total equipment.

$42,578 22 Grand total construction and equipment.--- $4,909,805 23

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Right of way and other real

Grading and bridge and

culvert masonry
Bridges and trestles.
Buildings, furniture, and

Shop machinery, tools.
Engineering expenses.
Interest and discount-ac-

count construction..
Telegraph line
Wharfing, etc.
Road built by contract-

capital stock issued for

construction Purchase of constructed

road-stock issued for capital stock of consoli

dated companies Other items

[blocks in formation]

Total construction
Passenger cars
Freight cars...
Other cars of all classes
Floating equipment.---

Total equipment .--
Grand total cost of con-

struction and equip-

[blocks in formation]

Precipice Cañon Water Company..
Marin Railway and Dry Dock Company

$1,500 00 12,000 00 $13,500 00

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