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$1,089,285 26

927,376 07

$161,909 19 $161,909 19

Gross earnings from operation
Less operating expenses

Income from operation....

Total income
Deductions from income:

Interest on funded debt accrued during year
Interest and discount on floating debt paid during year
Other deductions-interest on bonds of Redondo Beach

Railway Company as rental
Total deductions from income..

Net deficit...
Surplus on Deceniber 31, 1887.
Deficit for year ending December 31, 1888.

$336,540 00

1,074 79 29,740 33 86,633 60

9,450 00

463,438 72

$301,529 53

2,023 10 301,529 53

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Chargeable to Chargeable to
Passenger Traffic. Freight Traffic.


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Conducting transportation:
Wages of enginemen, firemen, and round-

Fuel for locomotives
Water supply for locomotives :
All other supplies for locomotives.
Wages for other trainmen.
All other train supplies
Wages of switchmen, flagmen, and watchmen
Expense of telegraph, including train dis-

patchers and operators..
Wages of station agents, clerks, and laborers
Station supplies.
Switching charges-balances
Car mileage-balances
Loss and damage
Injuries to persons....
Other expenses.

General expenses :

Salaries of officers
Salaries of clerks
General office expenses and supplies
Agencies, including salaries and rent.
Expense of traffic associations
Rents of buildings, tracks, yards, and ter-

Legal expenses.-
Stationery and printing..

Recapitulation of expenses :

Maintenance of way and structures..
Maintenance of equipment....
Conducting transportation.
General expenses..

Grand totals...
Percentage of operating expenses to earnings.

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12.50 miles; put in operation Feb. 1, 1888. *Inglewood to Redondo Beach

.10.81 miles; put in operation Apr. 16, 1888. Ballona Junction to Orange

-28.97 miles; put in operation Aug. 12, 1888. San Juan to Los Angeles Junction. ..24.18 miles; put in operation Aug. 12, 1888. 2. Redondo Beach Railway Co. Lease dated December 17, 1888, to take effect from opening of road to June 1, 1932. Interest on bonds paid as and for rental. *4. $2,449,000 tirst mortgage bonds and $2,449,000 capital stock issued. * Redondo Beach Railway leased.

CONTRACTS, AGREEMENTS, ETC. Express. Wells, Fargo & Co. Mails.-United States Post Office Department. Between San Bernardino and Duarte, distance 41.04 miles, at $180 40 per mile;

$7,403 61 per annum, Between Duarte and Los Angeles, distance 22.09 miles, at $180 40 per mile; $3,985 03

per annum. Between Riverside and Capistrano, distance 59.94 miles; compensation not fixed. Between Capistrano and Los Angeles Junction, distance 26.06 miles; compensation not

fixed. Between San Bernardino and Lugonia, distance 9.25 miles; compensation not fixed. Between Oceanside and Escondido, distance 22.77 miles; compensation not fixed. Between Los Angeles and Port Ballona, distance 18.07 miles; compensation not fixed. Between Perris and San Jacinto, distance 20.16 miles; compensation not fixed. Between Los Angeles and Orange, distance 31.82 miles; compensation not tixed. Western Union Telegraph Company. Pullman Palace Car Company.

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Tonnage, Number
Passengers, Mileage,
Number of Cars.

Revenue and


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Passenger traffic:

Number of passengers carried earning revenue.
Number of passengers carried one mile.
Average distance carried
Total passenger revenue
Amount received from each passenger.
Average receipts per passenger per mile
Passenger earnings per mile of road..-

Passenger earnings per train mile.....
Freight traffic:

Number of tons carried of freight earning revenue
Number of tons carried one mile
Average distance haul of one ton.-
Total freight revenue
Amount received for each ton of freight..
Average receipts per ton per mile.
Freight earnings per mile of road...
Freight earnings per train mile-north or east.
Freight earnings per train mile—south or west
Passenger and freight:

Passenger and freight earnings
Passenger and freight earnings per mile of road
Expense per mile of road ...
Total earnings per mile of road, including mails, express,

Train mileage:

Miles run by passenger trains.
Miles run by freight trains.
Miles run by mixed trains..

Total mileage trains earning revenue
Miles run by switching trains....
Miles run by construction and other trains

Total train mileage ......
Mileage of loaded freight cars-north or east
Mileage of loaded freight cars-south or west.
Mileage of empty freight cars-north or east
Mileage of empty freight ears--south or west
Average number of freight cars in train.
Average number of loaded cars in train
Average number of empty cars in train
Average number of tons of freight in train...
Average number of tons of freight in each loaded car

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