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Price 10s, 6d.

Of Physical, Political, and Commercial


Designed for the use of Schools and Colleges. Containing Seven-

teen coloured Maps, with Descriptive Letterpress. The Maps engraved

on Steel by E. WELLER, F.R.G.S. In One Volume, royal 8vo.


1. The World, showing the Distribu- 5. Europe - Physical Features accu-

tion of Land and Water, the Physical rately indicated, exhibiting also the

Features of the Land Masses Mountain heights of Mountains, lengths of Rivers,

and River Systems, Volcanic Districts, depth of the Seas, and Winter and Sum-

Upland and Lowland Plains, Deserts, mer Temperature.

Tundra, Steppes, Prairies, Llanos, Selvas, 16. Europe-Political and Commercial;

and Pampas. Hydrographical Basins, Localities of Manufacture, Trade, Com-

Marine Currents and co-tidal Lines, merce, and Minerals; Commercial Ma-

Trade Routes.

ritime Cities and Towns; Fisheries, &c.

2. The World (Mercator's Projection), 7. Asia, Physical Map, as Europe.

showing the direction of Constant, Vari 8. - Political and Commercial

able, and Periodical Winds. Storms, Map.

Distribution of Rain, Solar Distribution 9. Africa, Physical Man.

of Temperature, Climatology, Isotheral 10. Political and Commercial,

and I sochimenal Lines.

11. North America, Physical Map.

3. The World (Mercator's Projection, 12,

Political and Com-

showing the Geographical Distribution mereial

of Plants, particularly those used as food 13. South America, Physical Map.

and clothing for man.

Political and Com-

4. The World (Mercator's Projection), mercial.

showing the Geographical Distribution of 15. The British Islands, Physical Map.

Animals. The Habitats of Land and 16. -

-Geological Map.

Marine Animals useful to man, with a 17. Australia, Physical, Political, and

small Map indicating the Distribution Commercial Map: the Gold Fields,

of the Human Family.

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Price 18. 6d. coloured.


XX Containing 12 Maps, engraved on Steel by J. and C. WALKER. 12mo.

LONDON : Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans.

V V E DINBURGH : A. and C. Black. DUBLIN: Hodges and Smith.

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