Common Sense, Volumen3

Common Sense, 1903

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Página 5 - Smith spoke about — that you can fool some of the people all of the time and you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all the people all the time.
Página 8 - We live day by day, and if we live to-day thoroughly poised in mind, taking no anxious thought concerning anything, we will have fitted ourselves to live the morrow when it comes. Let us keep the mind clear and bright, fill it with wholesome thoughts of life, and be kindly in our feelings toward others. Let us have no fear of anything, but realize that we are one with universal power, — that power which can supply our every need, — that health, strength, and happiness are our legitimate birthright,...
Página 7 - It is all very well," said he, " to tell me that a young man has distinguished himself by a brilliant first speech. He may go on, or he may be satisfied with his first triumph ; but show me a young man who has not succeeded at first, and nevertheless has gone on, and I will back that...
Página 12 - Successful men, it is said, owe more to their perseverance than to their natural powers, their friends, or the favorable circumstances around them. Genius will falter by the side of labor, great powers will yield to great industry. Talent is desirable, but perseverance is more so. " How long did it take you to learn to play ? " asked a young man of Geradini. " Twelve hours a day for twenty years,
Página 8 - ... within us that, coming in touch with the identical quality in other people, stirs it into activity. When this result does not follow, it means that we have risen above it. If it seems to come and has no effect upon us, we have proof that we are not one with it ; that is, that we have no fondness for it. We do not like to have unkind things said of us by others ; yet if we ourselves say unkind things we become one with that habit of thought and thus call forth just such remarks, which adversely...
Página 10 - It's the knowing man who knows enough to know there's a lot he doesn't know." "Added knowledge will harm no one. The more you are, the more you get. In the words of'David Harum—"Them as has, gets.
Página 12 - Cay the scale of wages which you and the triunal appointed by you shall award, we will immediately call a convention and recommend a resumption of work, upon the understanding that the wages which shall be paid are to go in effect from the day upon which work is resumed.
Página 8 - ... such remarks, which adversely affect us mentally and therefore physically. We become one with whatever we love. We become intimately related also to those about whom we say unkind things — to the unkind thought of the world; the converse of this proposition being equally true. If we love to say and do kind things, we are one with the good deeds and the good people of the world. And so it is with health, with wholeness ; for health and wholeness, harmony and heaven, mean virtually the same thing....
Página 5 - ... propose that the issues culminating in this strike shall be referred to you and a tribunal of your own selection, and agree to accept your award upon all or any of tL^ questions involved.
Página 2 - Look at all the women's papers — why isn't there one for men ? There is — treats of his clothes, his pipe, his book, his glass, his sport, his manners, his chafing dish, etc., with plenty of men's stories. The Gentleman s Magazine! Ten cents monthly, dollar a year —twenty-five cents for three months to try it — money back if you don't like it. THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE CO., (IMC , CHICAGO EARTH REVI By BYRON A.

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