Travels in Lycia, Milyas, and the Cibyratis: In Company with the Late Rev. E. T. Daniell, Volumen1

J. Van Voorst, 1847 - 634 páginas

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Página 34 - Caplan,' the leopard which infests the crags of Cragus at the present day. An ornamental flourish appears on the door-side near the leopard, and is repeated on the corresponding panel on the other side; but there is no animal carved on that panel. On the panels beneath the tomb are carved dogs, and there are also traces of others on the pediment. Pegasus is a Persian horse, having a topknot and knotted tail. A saddle-cloth of ornamental character has been painted on his back. The group...
Página 105 - This very beautiful building had escaped Sir C. Fellows, who passed within two or three hundred yards of it. It is a noble fabric, and one which excited on examination a deep interest. It is but little incommoded by rubbish and bushes, so that we were enabled to place ourselves at once without difficulty under the lofty dome in the centre or body of the church, and survey its interior, where the noisy 106 CATHEDRAL.
Página 219 - Now the broad and high plain, which stretches to the eastward of the city, terminates in abrupt cliffs along the shore. These cliffs are above 100 feet high, and considerably overhang the sea ; not in consequence of their base having crumbled away, but from their summit projecting in a lip, which consists of parallel lamina, each jutting out beyond its inferior layer ; as if water had been continually flowing over them, and continually forming fresh accretions.
Página 234 - Hitherto we had met with no mention of the city in any of the inscriptions ; but on ascending to the last-mentioned wall we came upon an inscribed pedestal which assured us we were in Termessus, — a name shouted out by the finders with no small delight, and echoed by the old rocks as if in confirmation. It must have been new to them after having rested so long unspoken. On reaching the third wall our surprise was great at finding that hitherto we had been wandering, as it were, only in the vestibule...
Página 33 - We remained three days at Tlos. It is a most delightful place. Few ancient sites can vie with it. Built on the summit of a hill of great height, bounded by perpendicular precipices and deep ravines, commanding a view of the entire length of the valley of the Xanthus — the snowcapped Taurus in one distance, the sea in another, the whole mass of Cragus and its towering peaks and the citadel of...

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