The Possibility of Contemporary Prophetic Acts: From Jeremiah to Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2013 M12 13 - 138 páginas
Is it possible to speak of prophets and prophetic activity in today's world? If so, who determines whether the prophetic acts are authentic? Is this role, formerly filled by faith communities, now being done within the secular community? Randall Bush explores these questions from biblical, theological, and historical perspectives, looking at examples from the prophet Jeremiah, the writings of Paul Tillich, and the modern civil rights movement work of Rosa Parks and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This compelling discussion touches on issues as old as scripture and as current as today's news headlines, and the topic remains as relevant now as it ever was for those "with eyes to see and ears to hear."

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Understanding Prophetic Acts
Paul Tillich and the Ongoing Possibility of Prophetism
The Modern Prophetic Acts of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther
Concluding Remarks
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Randall Bush has taught at Carthage College and Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. Currently he serves as Senior Pastor at East Liberty Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He has also published a wide range of scholarly articles and reviews in periodicals such as Theology Today, The Christian Century, Koinonia, and Theological Studies.

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