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Library Conditions,

The Library to be under the control of the Directors, who may withhold such books from circulation, as they may deem expedient.

Each Member shall be entitled to take from the Library, one folio, or one quarto, or two of any lesser fold, with the plates belonging to the same, upon signing a receipt for the same, and promising to make good any damage which may be sustained when in their possession, or to replace the same,

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No person shall lend any book belonging to the Institute, except to a member, under a penalty of one dollar for every offence.

The Directors may permit other persons than mem. bers to use the Library. No member sball detain any book longer than four weeks, after being duly notified that the same is wanted by another member, upder a penalty of twenty-five cents per week.

On or before the first Wednesday in May, all books shall be returned, and a Committee of the Directors appointed for that purpose shall examine the Library, and make a report of the condition at the Annual Meeting.

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