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ART. I. In General, .

SS 3162–3181.

ART. II. Liability of Carrier for Assaults

upon and Insults to Passengers, SS 3184-3191.

ART. III. Liability of Carrier for Ejection

of Passenger,

SS 3195-3269.

SUBDIV. 1. Grounds of Action for Wrong-

ful Ejection,

88 3195-3204.

SUBDIV. 2. Ejection for Reasons Connected

with the Contract of Carriage and the

Payment of Fare,

88 3208-3231.

SUBDIV. 3. Expulsion of Passengers for

Causes Connected with their Character,

Condition, or Conduct,

$$ 3234-3241.

SUBDIV. 4. Time, Place and Manner of Ex-

pelling Passengers,

$$ 3244-3258.

SUBDIV. 5. Questions of Procedure in AC-

tions for Expulsion of Passengers,

$$ 3262-3269.

ART. IV. Liability of Carrier for Arrests of


SS 3372-3281.

ART. V. Damages Recoverable by the Pas-

senger for Expulsions, Assaults,

Insults, and Other Positive


SS 3285-3298.

XCVII. Responsibility of Carrier to Trespass-

ers on his Vehicle as Distinguished

from Passengers,

SS 3302-3323.

ART. I. General Doctrines and Illustrations, SS 3302-3316.

ART. II. Who are Such Trespassers,

SS 3319–3323.

XCVIII. Contracts Limiting the Liability of

Carrier for Injuries to Passenger, SS 3326–3344.

XCIX. Liability of Carrier for Injuries to

Passengers through Defaults of

Connecting Lines, .

SS 3318-3371.

C. Liability for Injuries where One Car-

rier Uses Another Carrier's Means

of Transportation, .

SS 3375-3394.

CI. Liability in Respect of Passenger's


SS 3398-3172.

ART, I. In General,

SS 3398–3412.

ART. II. What is and what is not Baggage, SS 3114-3125.

ART. III. Delivery to and Redelivery by the


SS 3428-3138.


ART. IV. Responsibility in Case of Mixed

Possession between Carrier and


$$ 3441–3446.

ART. V. When Carrier Liable only as Bailee

for Hire, .

88 3447-3453.

ART. VI. Contracts and Notices Limiting

Carrier's Liability for Baggage, SS 3455–3462.

ART. VII. Questions of Procedure, Evidence

and Damages in Actions for

Loss of Baggage,

$$ 3464–3472.

CII. Negligence and Other Torts of Street

Railway Carriers,

SS 3475-3601.

ART. I. Negligence of the Carrier,

$S 3475–3556.

Subdiv. 1. In General, .

$$ 3475-3498.

SUBDIV. 2. Collisions and Derailments,

&$ 3502-3508.

SUBDIV. 3. Negligence with Respect to

Passengers Boarding Street Cars, .

$$ 3511-3515.

SUBDIV. 4. Negligence with Respect to

Passengers Alighting from Street Cars, . 88 3518-3531.

SUBDIV. 5. Trespasses, Ejections, Assaults,

Insults, Annoyances,

88 3534-3540.

SUBDIV. 6. Questions of Procedure with

Respect to Street Railway Injuries,

88 3543-3548.

SUBDIV. 7. Miscellaneous Holdings with

Reference to Street Railway Carriers,

$8 3550-3556.

ART. II. Contributory Negligence of Street

Railway Passengers, .

SS 3557-3601.

Subdiv. 1. In General, .

$$ 3557-3560.

SUBDIV. 2. In Boarding the Street Car,

$$ 3563-3569.

SUBDIV. 3. In Riding in a Dangerous Place,

Position, or Manner, upon the Street Car, 88 3572-3586.

SUBDIV. 4. In Alighting from the Street


$$ 3589-3601.

CIII. Sleeping Car Companies,

$$ 3605-3622.

CIV. Stage and Hackney Proprietors, $S 3626–3640.

CV. Carriers of Passengers by Water, . SS 3643–3715.

ART. I. In General,

SS 3643–3689.

ART. II. Statutes of the United States Af-

fecting the Rights of Such Pas-


SS 3695-3715.

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