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LIFE OF Moses, No. III.-Ex. ij. 23—25. ii. iv.


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No. X.-Num. xvi. xvii. XX. xxi. 1-10. Deut.

xxxiii. xxxiv.



IMMEDIATELY after the decease of Dr. KOLLOCK, his bereaved congregation and friends were solicitous for the publication of the Sermons which he left. They were anxious to see those Discourses preserved to which they once listened with pleasure and profit, that the perusal might again afford them gratification and pleasure. Their wishes are now complied with, and all his writings, which were fit for the press, are presented to the public. At first, it was designed to publish only the posthumous Sermons of the author ; but, after the work was put to press, there were so many urgent requests from his friends, that the Discourses which he himself published in 1811, and which for many years have been out of print, should be inserted, that the editor has yielded to their solicitations : with the exception of a few Biographical Lectures, which are inserted in their proper place with the scriptural characters, they will all be found at the end of the last


The Sermons, which were left in manuscript, were all written by the author for the pulpit, without any thought or design of publication. They were not even revised by him


VOL. 1.

before his death. If they had had his finishing hand, they would have appeared more accurate and correct.

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May that God, whose glory the author strove so zealously to promote, bless the perusal of these Sermons to the advancement of the Redeemer's kingdom!

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