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Aaron Stockwell's Book, Ellis, 30.
And David Danced (poem), Whiteside, 150.
Annus Mirabilis, Editor, 142.
April, 1917 (poem), Heath, 272.
Beauty (poem), Deutsch, 267.
('imenskien (poem), Whiteside, 147.
Constantinople, Bullock, 353.
Country Child, A (Pump Room), Showerman, 66.
Dead Man and the Sea, The (poem), Wannamaker, 269.
DCFs History Teach? (Pump Room), Tannenbaum, 259.
Eagle, The (poem), Trombly, 157.
Editorial Announcement, 73.
Education and Tradition, Lingley, 48.
Elizabethan Stage Throne, The, Lawrence, 93.
Four Poems, Whiteside, 147.
Glass of Water, A (poem), Earp, 3.
Group of Sonnets, A, Roth, 1.
Idle Verses, Torbert, 79.
In the Land of Romance, Miles, 20.
In a Moonshine Cove (Pump Room), Miles, 364.
Jane Austen, Woodbridge, 195.
Junkerdom in Russia and in Germany, Purin, 297.
Long Shadows Over Digby (poem), Heath, 273.
Love Is a Rose (poem), Torbert, 79.
Lyrics, Heath, 75.
Modern Psychology and the Problem of Vocational Guidance, Per-

rin, 224.
Moods (poems), Heath, 272.
Note on Claude Tillier, A, Roth, 61.
Odes of Luis Ponce de Leon (translated), Jones and Sims, 152.
Old Age, Wilkinson, 158.
On German Political Philosophy and the War, Cunningham, 334.
On Hearing of the Death of Joseph Bovshover (poem), Roth, 2.
On Seeing a Portrait of Rupert Brooke (poem), Roth, 2.
Organization of Our Latin-American Trade, Cunningham, 178.
Over Their Hiccups (Pump Room), W., 139.
O What I Feel (poem), Torbert, 79.
Pan-Germanism in the Age of Pericles, Battle, 275.

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