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" SUBSEQUENT authorities have found fault with the first land ironclads in many particulars, but assuredly they served their purpose on the day of their appearance. They were essentially long, narrow, and very strong steel frameworks carrying the engines,... "
The Blinded Soldiers and Sailors Gift Book - Página 115
editado por - 1916 - 225 páginas
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The Strand Magazine, Volumen26

Sir George Newnes - 1903
...another moment half-a-doxen surviving artillerymen were holding up their hands amidst a's'cattered muddle of dead and wounded men, and the fight was...points at small ports all round the upper edge of the HF DKCIDKU TO KOI. LOW Т1Ш (¡fl.lY adjustable skirt of twelve-inch iron-plating which protected...
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British and French Writers of the First World War: Comparative Studies in ...

Frank Field - 1991 - 280 páginas diameter, each a driving wheel and set upon long axles free to swivel round a common axis. This gave them the maximum of adaptability to the contours...hillock and another deep in a depression, and they would hold themselves erect and steady sideways upon even a steep hillside.4 Wells imagined that the...
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