Annual Report of the Trade and Commerce of Chicago, Volúmenes50-51


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Página xiv - It is true that the success of the strong induces imitation by the weak, and that incompetent persons bring themselves to ruin by undertaking to speculate in their turn. But legislatures and courts generally have recognized that the natural evolutions of a complex society are to be touched only with a very cautious hand, and that such coarse attempts at a remedy for the waste incident to every social function as a simple prohibition and laws to stop its being are harmful and vain.
Página xiii - People will endeavor to forecast the future and to make agreements according to their prophecy. Speculation of this kind by competent men is the self-adjustment of society to the probable. Its value is well known as a means of avoiding or mitigating catastrophes, equalizing prices and providing for periods of want.
Página xxxvii - Lower Egypt, India, Syria, Cyprus, Persia, Asia Minor, Mexico, Cuba. May — Texas, Algeria, Central Asia, China, Japan, Morocco. June — California, Oregon, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, Kansas, Arkansas, Utah, Colorado, Missouri, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, south of France. July — New England, New York.
Página 6 - It shall be lawful for such corporation, when they shall think proper, to receive and require of and from their officers, whether elected or appointed, good and sufficient bonds for the faithful discharge of their duties and trusts; and the president...
Página 92 - No. 1 Straight Rye Straw — Shall be in large bales, clean, bright, long Rye Straw pressed in bundles, sound and well baled. No. 2 Straight Rye Straw — Shall be in large bales, long Rye Straw, pressed in bundles, sound and well baled, not good enough for No. 1. No. 1 Tangled Rye Straw — Shall be reasonably clean Rye Straw, good color, sound and well baled. No. 2 Tangled Rye Straw — Shall be reasonably clean, may be some stained, but not good enough for No. 1. No. 1 Wheat Straw — Shall be...
Página 14 - ... in the open market in the exchange hall during the hours of regular trading, and under no circumstances shall any member, firm, or corporation assume to have executed any of such orders, or any portion thereof, by...
Página 35 - ... shall also execute a good and sufficient bond with sureties to be approved by the president of said council and conditioned that such bank will safely keep and account for and pay over said money . . .
Página 13 - Section 8 of rule 4 of the complainant association Is as follows : " 'Sec. 8. Any member of the association who shall be interested or associated in business with, or who shall act as the representative of, or who shall knowingly execute any order or orders for the account of any organization, firm or individual engaged in the business of dealing in differences on the fluctuations in the market price of any commodity — without a bona fide purchase and sale of property for an actual delivery...
Página 6 - ... with the clerk of the circuit court, an execution may issue upon such award as if it were a judgment rendered in the circuit court, and such award shall thenceforth have the force and effect of such a judgment and shall be entered upon the judgment docket of said court "Sec.
Página 33 - new" shall be inserted In each certificate of inspection of a newly harvested crop, as follows: Oats, until the fifteenth day of August.

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