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“ No aspersions on thee have these lips ever thrown,
I have dwelt on thy love and thy kindness alone."
« Thou hast mention'd the babes with thy venomous breath-
Thou fool! that vain boast hath condemn'd them to death.
" Forewarn'd thou hast broken the merciful spell
That permits in our palace those children to dwell,
Whose existence has never been whisper'd on earth-
Oh ! accursed the hour I rejoic'd in their birth !"
Then he struck her fair face as she knelt at his feet--
16 Oh the death-blow," she cried, “ from thy hands will be sweet !
Since the deep chords of love thus mysteriously thrill,
While I suffer in patience resign’d to thy will."
! In this ill-fated mansion no more shalt thou stay,
Where thy crime was committed :-Away! then-Away!"
“ Farewell, my dear father farewell, my fond mother
Farewell, weeping sister farewell, infant brother !-
" Farewell, ye high Heavens ! -farewell, thou green earth!
And farewell, thou sweet home, the dear place of my birth !--

For the King of the mountains I left you before,
. And for him, in his anger, I leave ye once more."
Horrid laughter appears in the Monarch's dark face,
While nine circles round the tall mountain they trace,
And the tears on fair Isabel's bosom fell fast,
As smaller each circle became than the last.
The glad sun in the blue depths of heaven shone bright
As she gaspingly sought the last ray of its light;
Her young daughter beheld her with terror o'ercast
“ Oh, mother, dear mother ! repose thee at last.
« Beneath this gold canopy lay thy pale head,
Where cusbions of crimson profusely I've spread."
" My child ! give me wine-bring the cup of my death-
Then close my sad eyelids-receive my last breath.
“ A more tender farewell thy poor mother would take,
But fear, my sweet daughter, thy young heart 'twould break."
She drank and to ice a more warm heart was chill'd,
Than by love's richest treasures had ever been fill'd.
Thus from home and from happiness Isabel stray'd,
And thus the pale Monarch her passion repaid ;-
Like a lily she sapk when a pitiless shower
Has unsparingly beat on the delicate flower.

(Literary Gazette, Sept.)


THOUGH this dreadful tragedy has The river became of a milky white

been slightly mentioned in the colour, from the vegetable putrefaction newspapers, we do not remember to washed from the high lands ; trees that have seen any detailed account of it; had withstood the fury of gales for and the following from the pen of Mr. numbers of past years, were torn up Prince, one of the sufferers, will, we by the roots and laid prostrate. The think, be found interesting as a sketch gale continued with great violence (a horrible sketch) of society :- about 36 hours, when it moderated,

“On the 1st or 2d of October, the and was succeeded by a series of fine, inhabitants of Luconia experienced one clear, though sultry weather. The of the most severe hurricanes they had flood immediately subsided, but the ri. ever known. Previous to its com- ver still remained swollen beyond its mencement, the marine barometer fell, usual size, and its waters continued to in the short space of one hour, from flow, discoloured by particles of de29. 80 to 28. 70, and, during its con- composed vegetable matter. The vatinuance, fell still lower. All the low pours that were now continually arising Country about Manilla was inundated. from the drenched earth, combineck

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with the free use the poorer class of that barrels of poison had been found inhabitants made of the river water, in the river ; that the strangers had soon produced disease. That scourge poisoned the water ; that every evenof India, the Cholera Morbus, made ing they scattered venomous powders its appearance among them, spreading in the air ; that the very atmosphere with incredible rapidity. The people they breathed was poisoned ; that the became panic struck; almost every foreigners were not affected themselves, person seized with this dreadful disor- as they possessed antidotes. These, der died. A splendid ball, which was and a thousand other reports equally to have been given in honour of the idle, but of a like evil tendency, were new constitution, was, by order of the firmly and easily credited by the colgovernment, postponed ; and a con- oured population of Manilla and its sultation was called by the authorities, environs. An unfortunate event that to decide upon the best method to transpired on the morning of the 9th, check the progress of this messenger of served but too strongly to confirm them death. A mixture of alcohol and lau- in their opinions. A young French danum was ordered to be prepared surgeon, Mons. Godefoi, (who had and distributed gratis to the poor in- rendered himself very conspicuous, by habitants, from the shops of the apoth- his humane attendance and visitation ecaries and houses of persons pointed of the sick,) had left a quantity of medout for the purpose; this was accord- icine at the house of a person where ingly done indiscriminately to all those several people were lying sick, giving who chose to call for it; the people directions as regarded the manner of flocked with their vials and cups to administering, and the quantity necesthe appointed places; the medicine was sary for each invalid No sooner had given them, but not a question asked, Godesoi left the house, than a small as it regarded the age, constitution, or dog was procured, and the medicine disorder of the patient. An infant of poured down his throat-as might be two days old, with the complaints inci- expected, he soon died. The account dental to the early stage of infancy, of this transaction spread like wildwould receive the same dose of physic fire; the inhabitants sallied from their as would be delivered for an adult, ly- houses, armed with pikes, knives, and ing on the point of death, with the clubs, overtook poor Godefoi, whom Cholera Morbus. Those who fancied they cut and mangled in a shocking they had the disorder, or wished to manner, leaving him for dead; his guard against it, would procure and body was picked up and conveyed to swallow the same quantity and sort of a house opposite the Dragoon barracks medicines as those dangerously ill. near the little bridge of Santa Cruz, Beneficial effects were, no doubt, felt where he soon shewed signs of lifefrom this in some instances, but, in his hands were tied behind him, and he others, it was productive of the most was placed in the prison of the Correfatal consequences, and, upon the gidor, where he remained 24 hours, whole, I candidly believe, occasioned without receiving any assistance; he much more harm than good.

was afterwards sent to the hospital, and “ During this trying period, many I am happy to say, was recovering fast of the foreign gentlemen that commer- when I left Manilla. cial and other pursuits had drawn to “ The news of this atrocious act this country, actuated by motives of soon spread among the foreigners, but humanity, visited the sick, distributed, the person of the sufferer was not corat their own expense, medicines proper rectly reported. It was generally beto counteract the fatal tendency of the lieved that I was the unfortunate perdisease, and, in many instances, saved son. Capt. Nichols, on hearing this, whole families from its baneful effects. started immediately to my assistance,

“ Taking advantage of the terror leaving a short note to Capt. Warringand desperation of the moment, evil ton and Mr. Wilson, informing them of disposed persons circulated, among the the occurrence, and requested them to poor and ignorant juhabitants, reports follow him to St. Miguel's. Those

gentlemen received this shortly after, down; they are cutting him to pieces, when they proceeded towards the place dragging him about like a dog.' where I resided. In front of the apoth- The transaction took place in front ecary's shop, in the Escalta, they met of Mons. Guillot's house, (which stood with the American consul, (Mr. Stew- opposite that of the Persees, they imart,) and Capt. Ballston, of the Eng- mediately attacked it-Guillot was at lish country ship Edward Stettrell; the window; he was fired at by a serthey informed them that Nichols had jeant of the Spanish regulars, from the fallen in with Godefoi, the naturalist, street, and either killed or wounded; who had informed him of the attack on the house was immediately forced and his brother; that both those gentlemen plundered, Guillot cut to pieces, and had gone to the palace to demand pro- his body dragged about the streets. tection and assistance from the gover- An Armenian gentleman, Mr. Baptist, nor. While they were conversing, the who had long been a resident, and was two gentlemen returned ; they had married in the country twenty years seen the governor, and all the satisfac- before, escaped from the house badly tion they could get from him was, a wounded. promise that he would consider of it. “ It would have been supposed that

“ The whole company, (with the the massacre of these innocent men exception of Stewart and Ballston,) would have satisfied the savage dispostarted to visit the wounded Godefoi. sition of the populace, but, on the con

“ A few minutes after, Warrington trary, that innate principle, that thirst was called back by Stewart, and strong. for blood and rapine, which a Luconian ly advised not to proceed, but he had possesses from his cradle, was roused determined ; jumping into his barouche and guided by the constitutional cowhe ordered the coachman to hurry for ardice they draw in their infancy from ward and overtake his companions, the breasts of their mothers; they rush(who were walking ;) this he was una- ed on to murder the defenceless, and ble to do, for, by the time he was glut their ferocious appetites with new abreast the church of St. Cruz, the scenes of horror and atrocity. mob, (that was momentarily increas- “ The Persian merchants expecting ing and becoming more outrageous,) an attack on their houses to follow that made several attempts to drag him from of Guillot's, Warrington and Ballston the carriage; the driver became alarm- were obliged to descend into the comed, turned back, and before Warring- mon sewer, where they remained, in ton was aware of it, had re-crossed the all manner of filth, till night. They small bridge, stopping again at the afterwards escaped in a close carriage apothecary's, where he here rejoined to the city. Stewart and Ballston. In a few mi- « The hotel for foreigners, kept by nutes after, the mob turned, coming Bernard Hantleman, a German, wlio towards them, shouting and making a held a commission as lieutenant in the great noise ; they could distinctly see Spanish marine, was next attacked. Nichols, Wilson, and Godefoi, whom The mob, which had greatly increased, they were bringing along with them, filled the street on which it fronted. prisoners; to escape themselves was Hantleman went to the door in full now the only resource; Stewart enter- uniform, thinking they would respect ed the house of a Spanish merchant, him as a Spanish officer, but he was where he concealed himself; Warring- deceived; they cut him down, left him ton and Ballston, a house occupied by for dead, and rushed over his body into some Persian merchants, who put them the house. At this time, fortunately, in a back room. They had scarcely there were only four gentlemen, (of entered when they heard the Persees the numerous boarders,) at home, viz. : exclaim, · They have cut poor Wilson Foulon, Gautrin, Vose, and Duperat. in the neck and have murdered him.' Vose immediately leapt from a back 'Now,' exclaimed they, they have window into the yard of a Spaniard, stabbed Nichols in the back ;' and, a and concealed himself under a platmoment after, The Frenchman is form, between which and the mud beneath it, he could just force himself. than that amount of indigo and nanHere he lay till night, when, disguised keens was thrown into the river, or as an Indian, he entered the city.- burnt in the streets. Duperat was instantly butchered; his « At the house occupied by Messrs. grey hairs could not excite the pity of Warrington, Nichols, and Wilson, they the blood-hounds of Manilla; Foulon found no blood to shed, the servants, and Gautrin were in the same room, and a lad belonging to the Addison, they took leave of each other, the for- had escaped to adjoining houses ; so mer concealed himself under the bed, furious were they at this, that not an the latter covered himself with a mat. article did they leave undestroyed ; The mob rushed into the room, dis- even the ceiling and window-frames covered Foulon, and killed him by a were hacked to pieces. Among the thousand wounds; but they did not papers destroyed in this house, were perceive Gautrin. Shortly after they the registers and other vouchers of the left the room, and again return- ships Addison and Merope. ed, but did not discover him; all ex- “ Mr. Dunsfeldt's house was assailcept one villain again disappeared ; ed about 2. P. M. That gentleman unthis fellow, in searching for any thing fortunately invited several friends to that might be left behind worth taking, dine. Some of them were in the saw Gautrin, who immediately, being house, together with several Frencha stout, powerful man, knocked him men, who had left an adjoining house down, though not before he had given and entered this for safety. The door the alarm; the mob returned, when of this house was very strong, and rewith his fists only, this gallant French- sisted the efforts of the mob three hours. man fought his way through the crowd, About 3 P. M. the governor, Don Mareceiving at every step dreadful wounds riano Fernandez Folgueras Manandez from the pikes, knives, and clubs of de Godan Fernandez del Reguero Vathe assassins. Just as he cleared the lea Flora, knight of several orders, &c. mob that were close in pursuit, sight &c. &c. (I write his name at large, to failed, when he was seized by a Span- assist, as far as lays in my power, in ish police officer, who tied his hands handing it down to the infamy he debehind his back, led him to the guard- serves, arrived, with a guard of infanhouse, where, shameful to relate, he try, besides his usual body guard of was put in irons by the Spanish offi- cavalry, in front of this house ; he cers, and the soldiery wished to finish begged the populace to desist and rethe work but too dreadfully commen- tire to their homes; but he was hooted ced. Ile demanded a confessor ; while at, and some of the mob even threatthey sent out for one, Mr. Olere, an ened him with their pikes. When, inofficer of rank, came in, and humane- stead of ordering his troops to disperse ly sent him to the hospital, and saved the assailants, which one discharge of his life from the brutality of the soldiers. small arms would have done eflectualEvery article in the hotel was plun- ly, he sneaked off, leaving the unfortudered or destroyed ; even the horses, nate gentlemen to their fates. This dogs, and other animals belonging to, pusillanimous conduct of the old wretch or in the service of foreigners, were can neither be excused nor palliated in cut to pieces by these brave Luconians. the least point, as it is a notorious fact,

“ A simultaneous attack now com- that at this time there were from 4 to menced on all the houses where foreign- 5000 regular troops quartered within a ers were known to reside. The house few furlongs distance, that might have of Monsieur Pasquet in San Gabriel's, been brought forward to his assistance in was immediately forced. Here Mons. fifteen minutes, and yet it was near two Debar was cut to pieces ; Pasquet es- hours after this before the mob were encaped to a Spanish house adjoining, abled to force the door with large pieand concealed himself. The plunder ces of timber, brought from some disof this house was immense, of which tance for the purpose. Every person 26,000 dollars was in specie, and more in the house was immediately massa

cred; their bodies, cut and mangled in became excessively painful. They such a manner as not to be distinguish- now put me into a canoe, and re-crossed, were thrown from the windows, ed the river. As I passed the house, and dragged through the streets, the I saw my property had been thrown mob piercing and jumping upon them from the windows, and what the mob till they lost all appearance of their could not carry away lay in a pile in ever having been human beings. The the street, together with the poor majorhead of Shaffalitzky was cut off and domo of the house, (whom the assaskicked about the street. In this house, sins had also driven from the windows A. Shaffalitzky, T. Dunsfeldt, Mons. of the second story ;) he had broke both Estoup, Mons. Arnaud, Mons. Martin, legs in the fall. and Justin, a French lad, belonging to “The foreman of the distillery had V. Alexandre, and a French cook, Jo- prevented my immediate massacre seph, were murdered.

when I was taken; he continued with " The house of the Russian consul me during the time I was dragged general, P. Dobell, Esq. was attacked through the streets of St. Miguel, and at 1 P. M. by a detachment of the mob preserved my life, although he could from Escalta, after the butchery of not prevent several heavy blows, or the Nichols and Co. Fortunately, the heaping of mud and dirt on my head. consul and his family were at Macoa, At the bamboo hut of the Gobernardo with the exception of Mr. James Ben- Cillo of the Pueblo, to which they connett : at this house I resided. Several ducted me, I found Mr. Bennett, who of the police officers of this pueblo had been carried there before me; we (San Miguel) came to the door and were both immediately put in the advised Mr. B. to open it, promising to stocks, in company with an Indian arprotect him; this was accordingly rested for robbery. The villains soon done; the mob rushed in with the offi- began to conclude on the mode of takcers, but from the room we were in ing our lives, which they were not long they succeeded for a short time in in settling. At this critical moment keeping them, but from time to time B. with great presence of mind, exseveral of them entered. The officers claimed- We are Catholics; kill us rallied round Bennett, and I was driven without a confessor, and the whole of from the windows of the second story, you will die before morning. Superat the point of their knives; from the stition induced them to believe this, yard I had immediately to swim the and for a time saved us from violence. river, amid a shower of stones and During the whole time, till late in the clubs. Landing at the gate of a large evening, the mob continued in front of distillery on the opposite side, which the house, demanding us of the police was shut, I had to scale a wall 15 or 16 officer. Many of the assassins entered feet high; no sooner had I shown my- and sat round us; we expected every self on the top of which, than I was at- moment some of these would plunge tacked by the workmen of the distille- their knives in our bosoms, or that the ry, and knocked off the wall by clubs, crowd would force the house, and nothfell into the yard, and was made pris- ing short of the interference of Divine oner. Previous to the opening of the Power prevented it. door to the mob, Mr. B. and myself “ Between 4 and 5 P. M. we were had stripped to our flannels, to swim terribly alarmed by the shouts of the the river, intending to ask the advice mob, and the cries of Marta, Marta, of an Armenian merchant, who lived together with groans and the sounds of on the opposite bank ; but altering our heavy blows. A moment after Mons. minds, I had no opportunity to dress D’Arbell was brought into the house, myself, and consequently had only a mangled and cut in the most shocking flannel shirt on when taken. My arms manner, covered with blood, and diswere lashed behind me with cords figured with wounds in such a manner drawn so tight as to completely stop as to prevent my recognizing him for a the circulation of the blood, and soon number of hours. A few minutes after

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