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This is a nice little book (although I am too stressed out to read it all). I like the approach with the idea that there is a lot that we can do to change the outcome of what would otherwise happen to us if we do not take the initiative ourselves. I like that. There is no need for us to be driven by our circumstances or our surroundings. Sure, there are certain elements that are against us and hinder us but those external things do not have to determine the outcome of events in our lives. That is an excellent concept. There is also many things that we can do to alter even the very elements that many believe cannot be changed.
I once saw (bare with me) an ant attempting to navigate its way in the rain with heavy rain drops. It would take a few steps and get knocked down by a single drop of rain. It would get back up and get hammered again. Not once did the ant get discouraged or depressed! It just kept on going and going even though it was clearly not getting anywhere. Eventually, I am sure that the ant made it to wherever it was going because of the sheer determination that it had.
I know there are people that just give up and give in too quickly. I have also seen (bare with me again) people caught in a snow storm and some people just gave up and it was clear they could care less what was happening to them and to their vehicles. I saw a man almost put his SUV into a tractor trailer even though the driving was at a snail's pace like he was oblivious. I have seen people afraid of water for no apparent reason. Conditions that some people enjoy, others find it overwhelming as though they have had a lack of direction and or experience all of their lives.
I found this book to be very refreshing.

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