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MARCH 10, 1924

Tankage ManureWaste.—Gallagher & Ascher v. United States (No. 2290)— Appeal from Abstract 45818.

MAY 8, 1924 Bort-diamonds.—Commercial Diamond Co. v. United States (No. 2326)— Appeal from Abstract 46248.

Bort-diamonds.- Ford Motor Co. v. United States (No. 2329) — Appeal from Abstract 46248.

JANUARY 13, 1925

Damage.—Kaplan Bros. v. United States (No. 2394)—Appeal from Abstract 46903.

Timeliness of petition for remission.-Schram v. United States (No. 2412)— Appeal from an unpublished decision of the Board of United States Genera Appraisers of April 28, 1924.

JANUARY 15, 1925 Frozen herring.–United States v. Meyers & Co. (No. 2377)—Appeal from G. A. 8735 (T. D. 39991).

JANUARY 28, 1925 Shortage.—United States v. Krower-Tynberg Co., Inc. (No. 2496)— Appeal from Abstract 48056.

APRIL 8, 1925 Shortage-Timeliness of protest.--Doob-Friedman Corporation v. United States (No. 2516)-Appeal from Abstract 48171.


JANUARY 3, 1924

Cotton cloth-Emergency tariff.-Field & Co. v. United States (No. 2243) Appeal from Abstract 45549.

May 8, 1924 Protest, time liners.-Illinois Duster Co. v. United States (No. 2301)—Appeal from Abstract 45985.

Bort-diamonds.-Anglo American Industrial Diamond Co., Inc. v. United States (No. 2371)—Appeal from G. A. 8731 (T. D. 39976).

OCTOBER 14, 1924

Weight of acid.-Cincinnati Chemical Works v. United States (No. 2431)Appeal from G. A. 8786 (T. D. 40159).

NOVEMBER 11, 1924

Remission of additional duty.Barnard v. United States (No. 2461)—Appeal from Abstract 47705.

JANUARY 13, 1925 Merchandise not legally marked.United States v. Barkey & Co. (No. 2389)— Appeal from G. A. 8747 (T, D. 40018).

Fancy soap.-Morris, Mann & Reilly v. United States (No. 2474)- Appeal from Abstract 47759.

Cuban sugar.-— American Shipping Co. et al. v. United States (No. 2237)— Appeal from Abstract 45479.

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JANUARY 15, 1925

Olive oil.— Wile, Sons & Co. v. United States (No. 2478)—Appeal from G. A. 8862 (T. D. 40408).

FEBRUARY 17, 1925 Original water-color drawings.—Hempstead & Son v. United States (No. 2407) Appeal from Abstract 46982.

MARCH 26, 1925 Gloves.-Grass Bros. v. United States (No. 2457)— Appeal from G. A. 8829 (T. D. 40307).

APRIL 7, 1925 Shortage.--Innes & Co. v. United States (No. 2513)—Appeal from Abstract 48092.



and page
Demand for delivery contrary to custom must be met..

XI, 19
Duty may be abated without.

III, 168
Goods lost overboard after arrival..

IV, 51
Goods must be deliverable-

IV, 51; XI, 19
Goods totally destroyed..

II, 332, 336
Notice of, when in time

XI, 357
(See also Nonimportation.)
Crude, artificial, what are..

VI, 72
Function not to produce friction or heat.

V, 489
Acetol is an ester....

XI, 388
Acetone oil is not an oil...

VIII, 329
Acetylene gas lighters are not smokers' articles ...

II, 439
Acid, cresylic, or cresol, or liquid carbolic. (See Cresylic acid.)
Acid, tannic. (See Tannic acid.)
Acids, nitric and sulphuric mixed

IX, 298
Act July 26, 1911.

IV, 146, 186; V, 519, 235, 36
Action to recover duties, no constitutional right of..

V, 15
Additional duty:
For not marking article; none for not marking pac age.

XII, 327, 341
For undervaluation....... IV, 320; VI, 516; VII, 145, 498; IX, 21, 239, 296; X, 109, 120, 247; XI, 477; XII, 1
For undervaluation after decision on appeal...

XII, 237
For undervaluation based on extra official information..

XII, 535
For undervaluation, forfeiture distinct

XII, 440
For undervaluation (indirect).

XII, 245
For undervaluation, no petition for remission under act of 1922, when entry was under act of

XII, 93, 103, 104
For undervaluation, petition for remission appealable to this court under 1922 act.

XII, 93,

103, 104, 307, 440
For undervaluation, petition for remission must be filed with board within 60 days of ap-
Praisement notice.

XII, 354
Goods in excess..

II, 278; IX, 296
Addition to make market value. (See Value.)
Adeps lanæ. (See Wool grease.)
Asbestos yarn, American wire and foreign asbestos, wire is advanced.

XII, 332
Asphalt and bitumen..

I, 400
Bleaching cotton waste is not an advancement

II, 223
Cleaning is not.

I, 246; II, 485; VII, 114; XI, 1998
Chicle, desiccated is.

VIII, 9; XI, 1
Chicle broken is not ...

X, 98
Feather flues are not feathers advanced.

IX, 256
Forgings, ground..

II, 350
Judicial notice not taken as to advancement of American electric generators.

XI, 229
Mixture with other materials.

I, 400
Noils of camel's hair...

XII, 78
Shells cut and bored as.

III, 504
Shredding dyewood is an advancement.

II, 374
Structural shapes pressed after rolling ..

V, 175
Structural shapes with holes punched or drilled

V, 474
Advertising matter; books for gratuitous circulation

III, 528; IV, 458; V, 443, 523; XII, 167
Agate beads and agate button blanks..

V, 459
Agency presumed..

XI, 382

Agency, proof of. (See Evidence.)

and page
Agency, protest made by agent is made by principal.

XI, 383
Agriculture; horticulture is not..

VI, 242
Animal industry....

VII, 360, 364; IX, 307
Vineyards and orchards.

VII, 353
Agricultural implements:
Classification depends on use.

VI, 243, 444, 562; VII, 353, 360, 364, 408
Defined and distinguished..

VI, 243, 494, 562; VII, 353
Ensilage cutters are.

IX, 307
Lawn rakes are not

VI, 562
Shears, pruning, for orchards and vineyards, are.

VII, 353
Shears, sheep, are...

VII, 360, 364
Shovels, farming, are..

VII, 408
Made of grass, paper, and wire....

V, 85
May or may not be artificial feathers.

VI, 112
Alabaster pedestals not sculptures..

II, 508
Albumen; vegetable, definition of.

VI, 142
Alcohol in wine, determination of percentage.

III, 177
Compound, so-called fruit essence as..

III, 375
Liquors. (See Liquors.)
Medicinal preparations (Chinese wines).

XI, 329, 331, 402
Medicinal preparation, evidence..

I, 146; III, 10
Soap not an alcoholic compound.

III, 358
Ale. (See Liquor.)
Ale in casks; allowance for wantage, leakage, etc.

III, 291
Alizarin assistant ..

I, 360; IV, 452
Alizarin, synthetic, "Tuscan red” is not.

X, 177
Alkaloids produced from morphine are alkaloidsfor opium.

VI, 41
Filing of claim.

IV, 24
For damage in bonded warehouse under act of 1922 applies if duty paid or not.

XII, 373
For damage not confined to perishable articles.

III, 164
For dirt adhering to cattle hides.

I, 316
For dirt in oil seeds..

II, 338
For leakage of ale in casks.

III, 291
For leakage of sake (1897).

II, 305
For leakage of wine...

II, 340
For loss by fire under act of 1913 governed by act of 1913, not 1922.

XII, 250
For shortage...

IX, 140, 481; XII, 410
For tare on hides...

I, 316
For wantage of ale in casks; lees not allowed as..

III, 291
For wantage of beer in barrels.

IV, 406; VII, 301
For water in weight of silver salt

XII, 115
None for dirt or impurities in raisins

IV, 228
None for dregs and lees in ale.

II, 291
None for impurities unless in excess of normal.

II, 338; IV, 228
None for leakage of sake (1909) -

II, 371; V, 582
None for leakage of wine.

II, 340
None for liquid in canned fish..

IV, 401
None for liquid in canned vegetables...

V, 167
None if packages opened in absence of customs officers.

II, 189
To British exporter of spirits is "bounty or grant",

VII, 97
(See also Loss; Nonimportation; Shortage.)
Alloy, steel, ferro-silico manganese..

XII, 365
Almonds, "clear," what are...

II, 399, 444, 450
Altars, church, are articles of utility, not sculptures, statuary, or works of art..

XI, 233
Circles and blanks cut from sheets not as sheets.

IV, 245; V, 514
In coils is not aluminum in sheets...

VI, 85
Leaf (Oeser folie)...-

XI, 495
Amber, imitation of, not jewelry under actfof 1913.

VII, 18, 161
Amberoid crude pipe bits and cigarette holders are not smokers' articles..

XII, 186
Amendment of appraisement. (See Appraisement.)

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