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“But the General Assembly may, by general laws, authorize any township, city or incorporated village to aid any railroad company in the construction of its road, within this State, subject to the following restrictions, and such others as may be prescribed by law: no subscription, loan or contribution, for such purpose, shall be made, unless authorized at an election held in pursuance of law, by at least two-thirds of all the electors of such township, city or village, to be ascertained in such manner as may be prescribed by law, and subject to the further conditions of section four of Article eleven, when applicable. Nor shall such aid be granted until the township, city or village granting the same shall have adequate security that the road so aided will be completed. At such election, no person shall vote who shall not have resided in the township, city or village, for six months prior thereto. No election shall be held until the part of the road upon which the expenditure is to be made has been located and established, nor oftener than once a year, nor shall aid be voted to more than one railroad at any election. The order for election shall specify all the conditions of such loan, subscription or contribution, the consideration proposed to be given therefor, the estimated cost of the proposed work, the means secured for its completion, and the part of the work on which the proposed subscription, loan or contribution is to be expended. Provision may be made by law for the issue of stock or bonds for the amount of any such subscription or loan; but no township, city, or village, shall be liable for the debts of the company. The obligations of a township, city, or village, incurred for such purpose, shall not


bear a greater interest than seven per centum per annum,
nor shall the aggregate thereof at any time exceed five
per centum of the value of the property of such town-
ship, city, or village, as ascertained by the latest tax
duplicate. The aggregate of taxes levied by a town-
ship, city, or village, to pay such obligations and inter-
est, shall in no year exceed one per centum of such

If this proposition be adopted, it shall be added to
and become a part of section six of Article VIII of this

For License “License for traffic in spirituous, vi-
nous or malt liquors, under such regulations and limita-
tions, as shall be prescribed by law, may be granted;
but this section shall not prevent the General Assembly
from passing laws to restrict such traffic, and to com-
pensate injuries resulting therefrom.”

Against License – “No license to traffic in intoxicating liquors shall be granted; but the General Assembly may, by law, restrain or prohibit such traffic, or provide against evils resulting therefrom.”

If either of these alternative propositions, "for license,” or “against license,” be adopted, it shall become section eleven of Article XVI of this Constitution.

SEC. II. At said election the ballots shall be in the following form:

New Constitution Ticket - Erase that part of each vote which you do not favor. First Vote - For the New Constitution.

Against the New Constitution.

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Second Vote For Minority Representation.

Against Minority Representation. Third Vote - For Railroad Aid.

Against Railroad Aid. Fourth Vote - For License.

Against License. If one clause be erased, the other shall be counted. If both clauses be erased, or neither clause be erased, the vote upon that subject shall not be counted.

SEC. 12. The Secretary of State shall, at least thirty days before said election, cause to be delivered to the clerk of the court of common pleas of each county, blank poll books, tally sheets, and forms of returns, sufficient for the use of his county, and, also, five times as many properly prepared printed ballots for said election as there are voters in such county, and, on or before the first day of July next, shall cause this Constitution to be printed in one English and one German weekly newspaper, of each political party, printed in each county, if such paper be printed therein, at a cost, for each paper, of not more than fifty dollars, the expense whereof shall be audited and paid as other public printing, ordered by the secretary of state, is by law required to be audited and paid; and said clerks of court, at least five days before said election, shall cause said blank poll books, and tally sheets, forms of returns and ballots, to be distributed to the judges of election in each election precinct in their respective counties.

SEC. 13. Said election shall be held and conducted at the places, by the officers, and in the manner now by law provided for the election of members of the house of representatives, as far as practicable; and the judges of election shall transmit forthwith the poll books and tally sheets of said election, containing a certified statement of the number of votes cast for and against this Constitution and for and against each of said propositions, to the clerks of the courts of common pleas of their respective counties, and said clerks shall forthwith make an accurate abstract of the number of votes cast for and against this Constitution and for and against each of said propositions, and the whole number of votes cast at said election in their several counties, and transmit a copy thereof to the secretary of state, and within twenty days after said election, the secretary of state shall open the returns thereof, in the presence of the governor; and if it shall appear that a greater number of votes have been cast for the new Constitution than against it, then the same shall become and be the Constitution of Ohio. If the said Constitution be so adopted, then such of the separately submitted propositions as shall receive an affirmative vote greater than the negative vote thereon shall be declared adopted, and become a part of the Constitution, and such of said propositions as shall fail to receive such affirmative vote shall be declared lost; provided, that a vote against license shall also be deemed and counted as an affirmative vote in favor of the section prohibiting the grant of license; and the governor shall issue his proclamation stating the results of said election.

SEC. 14. Section three of Article XI shall not be operative as to cities and villages, the debt of which already amounts to as much as ten per centum of the tax duplicate, until the first valuation of real estate for taxation, after the adoption of the Constitution.

RUFUS KING, President. Attest: DUDLEY W. RHODES, Secretary.

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Proposed by joint resolution of the General Assembly, March 29, 1875. Submitted to electors, October 12, 1875. Total vote cast

595,248 For amendment

278,005 Against amendment

73,801 Not adopted. Resolved by the General Assembly of the State of Ohio, that an amendment to the Constitution of the state of Ohio be proposed in the following words: Notwithstanding the provisions of the second section of this article, the general assembly shall have power to provide by law, for the assessment of a special tax on dogs without regard to value, and to provide for the confiscation and killing of such animals upon failure or refusal of the owner, keeper or harborer thereof, to pay such special tax.

If this amendment to the Constitution of the state of Ohio shall be adopted by a majority of the electors of the state of Ohio, voting at the next general election holden for the election of senators and representatives, it shall become section seven of the twelfth article of the Constitution of the state of Ohio.89

39 Laws of Ohio, vol. Ixxii, 270. – Ed.

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