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Jane 2, 1892

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June 2, 1892

AALIA PAAKAI, the Salt Lake of, A, B. Lyons, 29

Abbe (Prof. C.), Cloud-Observations at Sea, 70

Aberrant Fossil Ungulates of South America, 608

Aberration, Lord Rayleigh, Sec. R.S., 499

Aberration Problems, Prof. O. Lodge, F.R.S., 549

Aberration, Theory of Astronomical, M. Mascart, 68

Abney (Capt.), Colour Photometry, 213,

Aborigines of the Dominion of Canada, Hon. E. Dewdney, 587

Abraham (R.), a Standard Condenser, 528

Accidents in Germany, Workmen Killed and Wounded in,

Vacher, 350

Acloque (A.), Les Champignons, 222

Acoustics : Refraction and Velocity of Sound in Porous Bodies,


Acquired Characters, Inheritance of, Alfred W. Bennett, 53

Acromegaly: the Skeleton of the Irish Giant Cornelius

Magrath, Dr. D. J. Cunningham, F.R.S., 147

Across Thibet, Gabriel Bonvalot, 269

Adami (J. G.), Contributions to the Physiology and Pathology

of the Mammalian Heart, 451

Adams (Prof. John Couch) : Obituary Notice of, 301; the

Cambridge Philosophical Society and, 322 ; Proposed

National Monument to, 401

Addenbrooke (G. L.), Aluminium and its Application to Photo-

graphy, 134

Adelsberg Cave, the, 207

Adhesion, the Limpet's Power of, Percy A. Aubin, 464

Æolosoma, Formation of a Temporary Cyst in the Fresh-water

Annelid, Frank E. Beddard, 28

Aërial Locomotive Machines, Use of Chronophotography for

Study of, Marey, 71

Aërodynamics, Experiments in, Lord Rayleigh, F.R.S., 108

Africa : Projected Expedition by Dr. Oscar Baumann in East,

65; Equatorial, My Personal Experiences in, as Medical

Officer of the Emin Pasha Relief Expedition, Thos. Heazle

Parke, 265; Travels in Africa during the years 1879-83,

Dr. Wilhelm Junker, 507; My Second Journey through
Equatorial Africa, Hermann von Wissmann, 507;. Two
African Explorers, 376; 'Captain Dundas's Expedition in
East, Mount Kenia, Ernest Gedge,_566 ; African Diamond

Industry, the South, at the Chicago Exhibition, 567

Agassiz (Prof. Alex.), Dredging Operations in the Eastern

Pacific, 281

Agriculture : Results of Experiments in, at Rothamsted, on the

Question of the Fixation of Free Nitrogen, Dr. J. H.

Gilbert, F.R.S., 32; Agricultural Department, Victoria,

Results of the Travelling Dairy, A. Crawford, 39; the

Weather Bureau of the United States, 86; the Reclaiming

and Cultivation of Land in the Camargue, M. Chambrelent,

143 ; Principles of Agriculture, 173; the Value of Maize as

Food, 234; Elements of Agriculture, Dr. W. Fream,

388 ; the Average Yield of Wheat in Ohio, 420 ; Proposed

Establishment of an Agricultural College in British Guiana,

520 ; Agricultural Needs of India, 588 ; Journal of the Royal

Agricultural Society, 568

Air Temperature, Sun-spots and, 271

Air and Water, Vivian B. Lewes, 531

Airy (Sir George Biddell), Obituary Notice of, 232

Aitken (John, F.R.S.), on the Number of Dust Particles in the

Atmosphere of Various Places in Great Britain and on the

Continent, with Remarks on the Relation between the

Amount of Dust and Meteorological Phenomena, 299

Alaska, the Boundaries of; the Geographical Position of

Mount St. Elias, I. C. Russell, 472
Alder (H. St. A.), Scientific Nomenclature, 104

Algol, Dr. S. C. Chandler, 446
Alkali-maker's Hand-book, by George Lunge, Ph.D., and F.

Hurter, Ph.D., Prof. T. E. Thorpe, F.R.S., 121
Allbutt (Dr. T. C., F.R.S.), Appointment of, to be Regius Pro.

fessor of Physic in room of late Sir Geo. Paget, 402
Allison (Mrs.), the Similkameen Indians of British Columbia,


Alloys, Prof. W. C. Roberts.Austen, F.R.S., Report to the

Alloys Research Committee of the Institution of Mechanical

Engineers, 22

Aloi (Prof.), Influence of Electricity on Growth of Plants, 520

Alpine Rubi, T. D. A. Cockerell, 320

Alternate Currents of High Potential and Frequency, Lectures

on, Nikola Tesla, 345

Altitudes, Astronomical Possibilities at Considerable, Prof.

Pickering, 498

Alum Solution, T. C. Porter, 29
Aluminium : and its Application to Photography, G. L. Adden-

brooke, 134; the Manufacture and Use of, from an Engi.

neering Point of View, A. E. Hunt, 568

Amazons, Obituary Notice of Henry Walter Bates, F.R.S., the

Naturalist of the, 398

America: American Journal of Mathematics, 45 ; Spanish

Arrangements for the

Celebration of the Quatercentenary of the

Discovery of America, 64, 567 ; American Meteorological
Journal, 70, 189, 357, 597; American Journal of Science,
118, 310, 445, 622; American Superiority in Mechanics,
Coleman Sellers, 157 ; the Utilization of the By-products of
the Coke Industry, Dr. B. Terne, 157; McKinley Tariff and
Scientific Instruments, 208 ; Fisheries of the Great American
Lakes, 259 ; Fishing through the Ice in the Great American
Lakes, 280; Remarkable Display of Aurora Borealis in, 378 ;
Kalm's Account of his Visit to England, on his way to, in
1748, 412 ; American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to
Animals, Report of, 496 ; Influenza in, Prof. Edward S.
Holden, 582; American Town Trees, J. Robinson, 603 ;
Forestry in, Prof. W. R. Fisher, 611; Ancient Civilization

of Central, Alfred P. Maudslay, 617

Amorphous Boron, the Properties of, A. E. Tutton, 522

Amsterdam Royal Academy of Sciences, 48, 72, 240, 408, 576,


Anatomy, Comparative : the Cranial Nerves of Man and Sela-

chians, Prof. Cossar Ewart, 527

Anatomy of the Dog, 16
Ancient Civilization of Central America, Alfred P. Maudslay,

Ancient Monuments, Orientation of, Rev. Fred. F. Grensted,

Ancient Tombs and Burial Mounds of Japan, Prof. Hitchcock,

Andalusite at Ariège, on the Relations existing between the Form

and Nature of the Beds of, M. A. Lacroix, 624
Andaman Islands, Disappearance of the Aborigines of the, 587
Anderson (Thos. D.), the New Star in Auriga, 365
Andes of the Equator, Travels among the Great, Edward

Whymper, Prof. T. G. Bonney, F.R.S., 561
Andoyer (M.), Orthochromatic Plates for Astronomical Photo.

graphy, 280

André (M.), the Spontaneous Oxidation of Humic Acid and

Vegetable Soil, 288; the Manifestation of Negative Elec-

tricity during Fine Weather, 528

Anemometer Comparisons, W. H. Dines, 623

Anemometers, Two New Forms, in use at Kew Observatory,


Aneroid Barometer, How to Use the, Edward Whymper, 339

, ,


Aneroid in Hypsometry, the, Herbert Tomlinson, F.R.S., 440 Effect of Chlorine and Bromine, the Constitution of Parabrom.
Aneurism, a Treatise on the Ligation of the Great Arteries and Parachloraniline Sulphonic Acids, 525; Anhydrides of

in continuity, with Observations on the Nature, Progress, and Sulphonic Acids, 525; Production of Ketone 1: 2: 4.
Treatment of, Chas. A. Ballance and Walter Edmunds, Acetorthoxylene from Camphor by Action of Sulphuric Acid
Dr. M. Armand Ruffer, 530

and Zinc Chloride, 551

Angot (A.), Instructions Météorologiques, 196

Arons (Dr.), Experiments on the Electrical Polarization at the

Angot (M.), Temperature Observations in 1890 on Eiffel Tower, Two Sides of a Metallic Plate Immersed in an Electrolyte at


Right Angles to the Current, 576

Ångström, the Chromosphere Line 6676-9, Rev. A. L. Cortie, Arrow Poison, A. Coppen Jones, 343

103; Heat-Radiation of Gases under the Electric Discharge, Art, on the Relation of Natural Science to, Prof. E. du Bois


Reymond, F.R.S., 200, 224 ; W. Ainslie Hollis, 319

Animal Sketches, C. Lloyd Morgan, 291

Arteries, a Treatise on the Ligation of the Great, in Continuity,
Animals, a Remarkable Book on the Habits of, W. H. with Observations on the Nature, Progress and Treatment of
Hudson, Dr. Alfred R. Wallace, 553

Aneurism, Chas. A. Ballance and Walter Edmunds, Dr. M.
Annales of the University Observatory in Vienna, 138

Armand Ruffer, 530
Annelid Æolosoma, Formation of a Temporary Cyst in the Artillery of the Future and the New Powders, James Atkinson
Fresh-water, Frank E. Beddard, 28

Longridge, 146

Annelids : Preliminary Notice of a New Branchiate Oligochæte, Asia, Central, M. Grum-Grzimailo's Journey to, 40

Frank E. Beddard, 109

Askenasy (Herr), Silent Combination of Hydrogen and

Anthrax, Animals rendered immune to, Dr. Th. Weyl, 312 Oxygen, 616

Anthropogéographie, Friedrich Ratzel, 557

Ass, the Cat and the Sheep in China, the Origin of the, Dr

Anthropology: Anthropological Society, 71, 164, 431, 503, Macgowan, 285

551; the Mexican Atlatl, or Spear Thrower, 66, 103 ; the Assheton (R.), the Formation and Fate of the Primitive Streak

Limits of Savage Religion, Dr. Tylor, 71; Strange Sym- in the Frog, 140

bolical Marriage Custom in India, Dr. Post, 135; the Simil. Assimilation of Diet investigated in a Dog working in a Tread

kameen Indians of British Columbia, Mrs. Allison, 164; Nature mill, Dr. Rosenberg, 599

and Man in North America, Prof. N. S. Shaler, 220 ; Prof. Assmann (Dr.), Meteorological Observations during Balloon

Putnam's Exhibit at Chicago Exhibition, 259; the Transfor- Voyages, 168

mation of the Animal Skull into a Human Skull

, P. Topinard, Assmann (Dr.), Observations made in a Captive Balloon, 432

260 ; Discovery of Aboriginal Skulls in the Argentine, Señor Aston (Emily), some Compounds of Oxides of Silver and Lead,

Moreno, 278 ; Rev. Lorimer Fison on Anthropological Study, 93

426; Anthropogenie, oder Entwickelungsgeschichte des Astronomy: T. W. Backhouse on the Apparent Size of Objects

Menschen, Prof. Ernst Haeckel, 482 ; L'Anthropologie, near the Horizon, 7; Proper Motions of the Stars, W. H. S.

521 ; the Manchu Race, 523 ; the Ceremonial Circuit of the Monck, 8 ; Dr. Müller on the Telluric Spectrum, 21 ; Tempel.

Cardinal Points among the Tusayan Indians, J. W. Fewkes, Swist's Periodic Comet, 21 ; Catalogue of Rutherfurd's Photo:

546 ; Finds at the Great Zimbabwe Ruins, Theodore Bent, graphs, 21; Our Astronomical Column, 21, 41, 68, 89, 117,

551; Population of the Five Continents, Emile Levasseur, 137, 159, 186, 210, 237, 261, 280, 307, 325, 352, 380, 404,

552 ; Mission Scientifique de Cap Horn, J. Deniker and P. 422, 446, 473, 497, 521, 547, 569, 589, 616; Outburst of

Hyades, 577; the Botocudos of Brazil, 615

Dark Spots on Jupiter, 42 ; Wolf's Periodic Comet, 42 ; the
Anti-Taurus, the Eastern Taurus and the, D. G. Hogarth, 138 Total Lunar Eclipse of November 15, 42 ; the Elements of
Antipodes, Oysters at the, 43

the Minor Planets, 42 ; Star Groups, J. Ellard Gore, 52 ;
Antoine (Ch.), the Characteristic Equation of Water-vapour, Theory of Astronomical Aberration, M. Mascart, 68 ; Two

New Laws of Celestial Mechanics, H. Struve, 70; the
Antwerp, proposed International Economic Congress at, 586 Rotation of Jupiter, A. Belopolsky, 70 ; Determination of the
Apertures, the Law of Limiting, Dr. E. J. Spitta, 186

Solar Parallax, A. Auwers, 89; Photometric Observations,
Aphanapteryx in the New Zealand Region, Prof. Henry 0. Dr. Müller, 90 ; Tables of Vesta, G. Leveau, 95; Method of
Forbes, 580

observing the Motion of Stars in the Line of Sight, Prof. J.
Apteryx, Additional Observations on Development of, T. J. Par- Norman Lockyer, F.R.S., 117; the Variation of Latitude,
ker, F.R.S., 311

117; Photography of the Eclipsed Moon, 117; the Recent
Arabian Sea : Cyclones in the, 276 ; Cyclone Memoirs of the, (December 1, 1891) Eclipse of the Moon, Mrs. R. M.
W. L. Dallas, 135

Crawshay, 134; Proposals for a Co-operative Observation of
Archæology : Excavation of the Prehistoric Mounds in Ohio, the so-called Luminous Clouds, 117; Prof. J. S. Slater's

20 ; the Chronology of the Neolithic Age in Scandinavia, and Improved Armillary Sphere, 134; the Secular Acceleration
the Bronze Age in the East and Southern Europe, Prof. Monte- of the Moon, and the Length of the Sidereal Day, 137 ; State
lius, 39 ; Dr. Ermling on the Nurhagi of Sardinia, 114; of Solar Activity, Prof. Tacchini, 137;. Observations of u
the late Dr. Reinholm on Finnish Archäology, 496

Cephei, J. E. Gore, 137 ; Influence of Ring and Disk Blinds

Architects, Institution of Naval, 570

in Micrometric Measurements, Dr. Walter Wislicenus, 137 ;

Architecture, Naval : the Steadying of Vessels at Sea, J. I. Annales of the University Observatory in Vienna, 138;

Thornycroft, 570 ; the Influence of Shallow Water upon the Astronomische Nachrichten 3068, 3069, 159 ; Jupiter and

Trial Trip Speeds of Modern Vessels, W. H. White, F.R.S., his First Satellite, E. E. Barnard, 159 ; Spectra of the Sun and

571 ; on Balancing Marine Engines and the Vibration of Metals, F. McClean, 159 ; Tempel-Swist Comet, 159; Distri-

Vessels, A. F. Yarrow, 571

bution of Energy in Stellar Spectra, Prof. Pickering, 159; on

Arctic Plants, Fresh Evidence concerning the Distribution of, the Observation of North Polar Stars in the Vertical of Polaris,
during the Glacial Epoch, Dr. A. G. Nathorst, 273.

159; Measurement of Jupiter's Satellites by Interference, A.
Arendt (Dr.), Relationship of Atmospheric Electrical Phenomen A. Michelson, 160 ; Capture of Comets by Planets, Prof. H.
to Terrestrial Magnetism, 432

A. Newton, 186; Law of Limiting Apertures, Dr. E. J.
Argentine, Discovery of Aboriginal Skulls in the, Señor Spitta, 186 ; Congaissance des Temps, 186; Secular Varia-
Moreno, 278

tion of Latitudes, 210; Rotation of Venus, Herr Loschardt,
Arithmetic, Chemical, Problems in, E. J. Cox, 293

210 ; Stars having Peculiar Spectra, Prof. Pickering, 210; a
Arithmetic, Mental, Clive Cuthbertson, 78; Dr. K. Haas, 198 Double Moon, Rose Mary Crawshay, 224 ; Woll's Periodic
Arithmetic for Schools, Chas. Smith, 247

Comet, Dr. Berberich, 237; the Diffraction Effects produced
Arithmetical Exercises in Chemistry, Leonard Dobbin, 76 by placing Screens in Front of Object Glasses, Prof. Pritchard,
Arizona, the Prehistoric Irrigation Canals of, 185; the Native 237; Refractive Power of Cometary Matter, E. E. Barnard,237;
Iron of Cañon Diablo, M. Mallard, 575

Himmel und Erde, 237 ; Washington Observations, 1886,
Armstrong (H. E., F.R.S.): Sulphochloride of Isomeric 237 ; Stonyhurst Drawings of Sun-spots and Faculæ, Rev.

Dibromonaphthalenes, 263 ; Action of Alcohol on Sulphonic Walter Sidgreaves, 261 ; some apparently Variable Nebulæ,
Chloride, a Means of producing Ethereal Salts of Sulphonic Lewis Swift, 261 ; the Red Spots on Jupiter, W. F.
Acid, 263 ; Action of Bromine on Mixture of Ortho- and Denning, 272; Motion of Stars in the Line of Sight,
Paranitro-a-Acenaphthalides, 263; Camphrone, 263; the Prof. H. C. Vogel, 280; Orthochromatic Plates for
Interactions occurring in Flames, 430; Relative Orienting Astronomical Photography, MM. Fabre and Andoyer, 281 ;

the Astronomical Theory of the Glacial Period, Sir Robert Atmosphere, the Mass of the, M. Mascart, 311

Ball, Prof. G. H. Darwin, F.R.S., 289 ; on some Points in Atmosphere, Polarization of, by Light of Moon, N. Piltschikoff,

Ancient Egyptian Astronomy, J. Norman Lockyer, F.R.S., 456

296, 373 ; Obituary Notice of Prof. John Couch Adams, 301 ; Atmosphere, the General Circulation of the, Dr. J. M. Pernter, 593

Proposed National Monument to late Prof. J. C. Adams, 401 ; Atmospheric Pressure, Physiological Action of Diminished,

Election of Sir R. S. Ball to Lowndes Professorship in room F. R. Mallet, 606

of late Prof. Adams, 402 ; Wolf's Numbers for 1891, 307 ; Atmospheric Rings, Dr. Sprung, 599

Solar Activity in 1891, Rudolf Wolf, 307 ; a New Journal, Attitudes of the Zebra during Sleep, and their Influence on

307 ; Large Meteor of January 24, 1892, W. F. Denning, the Protective Value of its Stripes, on the, 248

317; New Star in the Milky Way, Ralph Copeland, 325; Aubin (Percy A.), the Limpet's Power of Adhesion, 464,

Observations of Mars, Dr. Lohse, 326 ; Solar Prominence Auriga, on the New Star in, 344, 366; Thos. D. Anderson,

Photography, Prof. G. E. Hale, 326 ; Re-discovery of Brooks's 365 ; G. Rayet, 408 ; J. Norman Lockyer, F.R.S., 429 ;

Comet (1890 II.), 326; the Vacant Chair of Astronomy at Astronomer-Royal for Scotland, 454, 527 ; S. W. Burnham,

Cambridge, 337 ; on the New Star in Auriga, 344, 366 ; Thos. 473 ; H. C. Vogel, 498

D. Anderson, 365; G. Rayet,408; J. Norman Lockyer, F.R.S., Auroras :

: a Rare Phenomenon seen at Lyons, N.Y., Dr. M. A.
429 ; the Astronomer-Royal for Scotland, 454, 527 ; H. C. Veeder, 7; at Halifax, Prof. J. G. MacGregor, 7; at
Vogel, 498 ; Report of U.S. Naval Observatory, 352 ; Obser- Toronto, R. N. Hudspeth, 7; Plan for Observations to
vations of Nebulæ and Star Clusters, M. Bigourdan, 352 ; determine Local Distribution and Altitude of, M. A. Veeder,
Solar Observatio Prof. Tacchini, M. Marchand, 352; 234; Aurora, Geo. M. Seabroke, 605 ; Arthur Marshall, 605 ;
Measures of the Nebula near Merope, 352 ; Photographic Arthur E. Brown, 605 ; Aurora visible from Westgate-on-
Magnitudes of Stars, 380 ; Zodiacal Light, o. T. Sherman, Sea, 613; Aurora Borealis, J. Lovel, 223; Aurora Borealis
381 ; a Preliminary Statement of an Investigation of the in America, Remarkable Display of, 378 ; the Aurora

Dates of some of the Greek Temples as derived from their Spectrum, Prof. Hale, 522

Orientation, F. C. Penrose, 395 ; Solar Disturbances of 1891, Australia : Hydrology of the Mitta Mitta, James Stirling, 40;

June 17, H. H. Turner, 404 ; Photography of Solar Promi- Botanical Museums and Gardens of Australasia, Prof. Goodale,

nences, M. Deslandres, 404; on the Variation of Latitude, 65; a New Freshwater Isopod, Charles Chilton, 66 ; Olive.

Dr. S. C. Chandler, 404 ; the Warner Observatory, 422 ; Culture in Australia, J. L. Thomson, 135; Horticulture in

Measurement of Solar Prominences, M. Fizeau. 422; the South Australia, 184. Australasian Association for the Ad.

Draper Catalogue of Stellar Spectra, A. Fowler, 426 ; vancement of Science : Section A, Mathematics, Physics, and

Cordova Observatory, 446 ; Algol, Dr. S. C. Chandler, 446; Mechanics—Mathematical Analogies between various Branches

Sun-spots of February, 446; à New Comet, Prof. Lewis of Physics, Prof. Bragg, 423 ; Seismological Phenomena in

Swift, 446 ; Prof. Krueger on Motions of Periodic Comets, Australasia, 423; Quaternions as a Practical Instrument of

446 ; Orientation of Ancient Monuments, Rev. Fred. F. Physical Research, A. McAuley, 423; the Grouping of Stars

Grensted, 464 ; Solar Investigations, Prof. Hale, 473 ; New in the Southern Part of the Milky Way, H. c. Russell,

Double Star, 26 Auriga, S. W. Burnham, 473; Rotation F.R.S., 423. Section B, Chemistry and Mineralogy-W. M.

of Jupiter, W. F. Denning, 473 ; New Star in Auriga, Herrn Hamlet on the Progress of Chemistry in Australasia, 423 ;

Eugen and Gothard, J. Norman Lockyer, F.R.S., 473; the A. Liversidge, F.R.S., on the Rusting of Iron, 424. Section

Lick Spectroscope, 473; a Bright Comet, 473 ; Sun Pillar, C, Geology and Palæontology-T. W. E. David on Volcanic

Annie Ley, 484; New Comet, W. F. Denning, 484 ; Action in Eastern Australia and Tasmania, 424 ; W. J. C.

Fuzziness of some Variable Stars, Cuthbert G. Peek, 497 ; Ross on the Discovery of Two Specimens of Fossil Lepido-

Astronomical Possibilities at Considerable Altitude, Prof. dendrons in the Neighbourhood of Bathurst, New South

Pickering, 498 ; Increase of the Earth's Shadow during Lunar Wales, and the Inferences to be drawn from their Occurrence,

Eclipses, Dr. Hartmann, 498; Aberration, Lord Rayleigh, 424. Section D, Biology-Prof. W. Baldwin Spencer on the

Sec. R.S., 499; a New Comet, W. F. Denning, 513; the Freshwater and Terrestrial Fauna of Tasmania, 425; Prof.

Planet Jupiter, 521; the Objective Prism, Prof. Pickering, Hutton on the Origin of the Struthious Birds of Australasia,

521; Variation of Latitude, Dr. B. A. Gould, 521 ; the 425 ; Prof. Spencer on the Habits of Ceratodus, the Lung

Discovery of Neptune, Prof. Holden, 522 ; Astronomy at the Fish of Queensland, 425. Section E, Geography-Captain

Paris Academy, March 21, 522; Variability of Nebulæ, Dr. Pasco on Early Discoveries in Australia, 425 ; D. Murray on

Lewis Swist, 522 ; Solar Prominence Photography, M. Mr. Lindsay's Expedition in Western Australia, 425; J. P.

Deslandres, 522 ; Aurora Spectrum, Prof. Hale, 522; the Thomson on Recent Explorations and Discoveries in British

Capture of Lexell's Comet by Jupiter, Prof. G. H. Darwin, 526; New Guinea, 425. Section F, Economics and Social Science

the Relative Motion of 61 Cygni, Prof. A. Hall, 547 ; the and Statistics, 426. Section G, Anthropology-Rev. Lorimer

Temperature of the Sun, M. H. Le Chatelier, 547 ; Comet Fison on Anthropological Study, 426. Section H, Sanitary

Swift, March 6, 548; Wolf's Comet, 1891 II., Herr Dr. Science and Hygiene, 426. Section I, Literature and Fine

Thraen, 548 ; Periodic Perturbations of the Four Inner Arts- Prof. Morris on Universities in Australia, 426. Sec-

Planets, Prof. Newcomb, 548 ; N.P.D.'s observed with tion J, Engineering and Architecture-C. Napier Bell on

Greenwich and Washington Transit Circles, Prof. Newcomb, Sanitary Engineering, 426

548; Washington Observations, 1887, 548; Observations Austria, Health Springs of Germany and, Dr. F. O. Buckland,

of the Spectrum of Nova Auriga, Dr. Henry Crew, 569; 510

E. W. Maunder, 616; Denning's Comet (6 1892); Dr. R. Austria-Hungary, the Increase of Population in, 158

Schorr, 569; Comet Swift, 1892, 569 ; Displacement of Austrian Economists, W. Smart, 268

Radiant Points, Dr. J. Kleiber, 570; Two New Variables in Auwers (A.): Determination of the Solar Parallax, 89; the

Cepheus, Paul S. Yendell, 570; on the Variation in Lati- Sirius System, 617

tude, M. Faye, 570; Elementary Mathematical Astronomy, Aylesbury, Proposed County Museum for Bucks, 114.
C. W. C. Barlow and G. H. Bryan, 579; Astronomy at the Aymonnet (M.), Periodic Heat .Maxima observed in Spectra
Paris Academy, April 11, MM. Périgaud and Boquet, 589; from Flint and Crown Glass, and Rock Salt, 504
Solar Heat, Dr. Joseph Morrison, 589; Periodic Variations Ayrton (Prof. W. E., F.R.S.): the Thermal Emissivity of Thin
in Latitude, Chandler, 589 ; Perseids observed in Russia 'Wires in Air, 162 ; Rotatory Currents, 191 ; Electrotechnics,
in 1890, Th. Bredichin, 597; Photography at the Cape 326 ; the Function of a University, 439

Observatory, D. Gill, 600 ; Photographs of the Region of Azaleas, Intermediate Forms of, Wm. Sowerby, 519

Nova Cygni, 617; Winnecke's Comet, Dr. G. F. Haerdt), Azoimide, N,H, Further Researches upon, A. E. Tutton, 127

617 ; Personal Equations in Transit Observations, 617; the

Sirius System, Dr. A. Auwers, 617; Photographs of a part | Babel, the Tower of, and the Confusion of Tongues, Thos. G.

of Cygnus, M. Faye, 624

Pinches, 210

Atlantic, North, Severe Weather in the, October 1891, 38 Bacillus in Influenza, the Alleged Discovery of a, 250

Atlantic, North, Pilot Chart of, December 1891, 258

Backhouse (T. W.). Apparent Size of Objects near the Horizon,

Atlas, the Dwarfs of Mount, R. G. Haliburton, 66

7; Nacreous Clouds, 365

Atlas, Handy, of Modern Geography, 605

Bacterium allii, Dr. Griffiths, 624

Atlas, the Universal, 52

Bagard (H.), a Thermo-electric Standard of Electromotive

Atlatl, the Mexican, 66, 102

Force, 192

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