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The Holstein or Frisian Cattle.

Principal, Hawkesbury Agricultural College.

THERE are now some fine specimens of this famous breed of dairy cattle to be found in these Colonies. At Bodalla, the breed is recognised as perhaps the best that can be used for crossing with the ordinary dairy cow, in order to increase the milking capabilities and increase the size of the carcase. Mr. Prichard, of Nowra, has also some fine specimens of this breed. The late Mr. Grierson, manager of Bodalla, favoured this breed of cattle, and bred some fine specimens while at Bodalla.

In Victoria, Mr. F. Peppin was the first to introduce the Holsteins. He purchased the whole of the animals imported direct from Netherlands by Mr. John Grigg, of Longbeach, Canterbury, New Zealand, whose son was sent to purchase the best specimens he could find. Mr. J. C. N. Grigg, who selected the animals, wrote as follows :-“In order to get the Dutch Frisian cattle as pure as possible, I went to the very north of North-east Holland, in the country around Leenwarden and Groningen. I bought the bull Taureau at the Hamburg International Live Stock Exhibition. He was only commended at the show, but I preferred him because of his robustness, which showed that he had not been pampered in the least. I could have bad the first prize animal at the same money, but he was simply a ball of fat."

Mr. David Mitchell, of Cave Hill, Lilydale, purchased the whole of this breed of cattle from Mr. Peppin, and has now nearly a hundred head of these celebrated milkers. Mr. Peppin was very successful in dairy tests at the Royal Agricultural Shows with the imported “Dairymaid," who was a wonderfully fine cow, and her records in Victoria have never been surpassed. In 1888 she was awarded first prize for Dutch Frisian or Holstein cow, 3 years old or over in milk or in calf, and her progeny have taken-in 1856, first prize ; young bull; in 1887, first prize; young bull; in 1889, first prize bull, 3 years old or over ; in 1890, first prize bull, 3 years old or over. She has been most successful in the milk tests conducted by the Society. In 1887 she had by far the best record for milk, having yielded in two days 128 lb., which produced 4 lb. 118 oz. of butter—the second highest yield of butter.

In 1888 she won the “Leader” special prize of £20 for the highest yield of butter, and special prize of £10 10s. for the greatest yield of milk, viz., 117. lb. milk, which produced 23 lb. of cream and 3 lb. 2 oz. of butter, the second highest yield being 90 lb. of milk and 3 lb. 1 oz. of butter. Mr. Mitchell has also had the splendid record of 33 quarts from the imported cow “Sunflower"; the champion cow at the last Agricultural Society's Show has also given a record of 34 quarts, and milked “ off grass" has averaged 27 quarts for some time. The herd has now increased in numbers, and contains from 50 to 60 pure-breds, and about 100 half-breds; the latter, all fine

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