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American Educational Monthly,



An Independent magazine, designed to be: 1. A faithful record of educational progress at home and abroad. 2. A medium for the candid discussion of all matters relating to

instruction and school management. 3. An advocate of free public education, unrestricted by sectarian

bar. 4. A champion of a wider and more efficient course of instruction, a

higher order of school books, and all measures for elevating

the rank, remuneration and intelligence of teachers. Fearless and impartial criticism of quackery in school books and school supervision will continue to be made a special feature. The freest expression of opinion, consistent with justice and propriety, is earnestly invited. Original articles on educational topics are solicited, to be paid for when used.

It is always good.”Commonwealth. A lively and independent Monthly."-American Naturalist. The leading Educational Journal in America."-Louisville Journal.

The articles are short and comprehensive. Its notices of books and criticisms are just and intelligent."-National Intelligencer.

"It is invaluable to all who have children to educate or school taxes to pay." CLUB RATES.—5 Subscribers for $8.00; 10 Subscribers, $15.00; 20 Subscribers, $30.00. (Club Subscribers may be at different offices.)

Agents wanted in every locality. Circulars sent on receipt of postage. Specimens, 20 cents each.

J. W. Schermerhorn & Co.,

Co., Publishers,

14 Bond Street, New York.

This Weekly Religious Journal is now in its Forty-fifth volume. Originally established to promote Revivals, Missions, Temperance, and other Reforms, it has never relaxed in its zeal, but has carried the ardor of youth into the strength of manhood, and thus, being at once progressive and conservative, it has steadily acquired a greater and greater prosperity and influence.

In a recent and able article on the American Religious Press, the Evening Post, after referring to the origin of THE EVANGELIST in the Great Revival of 1830, thus continues :

“As the theatre of these remarkable scenes was chiefly Central and Western New York, it was there that the circulation of the new journal struck root and gained its strongest hold, which it retains to this day among the thriving cities and large towns of that region. Almost at its beginning it was edited by the Rev. Dr. Leavitt, who (as we have the best reason to know, for often in later years he was a laborer upon the Evening Post) was a man of rare editorial ability, and gave to THE EVANGELIST the impress of his own strong mind. For the last twenty years it has been under the skillful and satisfactory editorship of the Rev. Dr. Henry M. Field, who is so well known in the literary as well as the religious world. As it is more exclusively a Presbyterian newspaper, it has its constituency chiefly in the large and powerful denomination which it represents."

THE EVANGELIST maintains the various departments of a complete Religious and Family Paper, giving special prominence and fullness to all matters pertaining to the Presbyterian Church. Among its contributors are some of the most popular writers of the day. Rev. Theodore L. Cuyler, D.D., whose articles are circulated more widely at home and abroad than those of any other writer for our religious press, contributes an article every week. The paper is also especially fresh and instructive in its correspondence. Not to mention others, its series of Letters from pan (still continued) has attracted great attention; and Dr. Ellinwood (a Secretary of the Presbyterian Foreign Mission Board), is now on his way around the world, and contributing a series of papers of great interest. The Home Correspondence of THE EVANGELIST is also able and varied, ranging from the lively description of a Summer Excursion, or Border Mission-Tour, to the gravest discussions of Church Doctrine and Polity.

In its spirit, the paper aims at the utmost candor and courtesy, treating with fairness even those from whom it differs most. Thus it has contributed greatly to promote peace and union among the churches of this country. It was among the most effective advocates of the recent re-union of the Presbyterian Church, and now labors to promote its growth and peace, to the end that it may become a still greater power for good over the whole broad continent. Seeking a still more intimate relation with other Presbyterian bodies, it cultivates the most generous and brotherly regard towards all Evangelical denominations.

THE TERMS of THE EVANGELIST are $3.00 a Year, for which the Paper will be sent POSTAGE PAID. This is less than six cents a number, for which one obtains every week more reading than is comprised in an ordinary book.

If desired, A MAP OF THE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH IN THE UNITED STATES will be sent to new subscribers. It is 32x40, and gives the outlines of all the Synods and Presbyteries from the Atlantic to the Pacific, with the principal cities and towns where there are large cities, and has been published at an expense of nearly $3.000. address,


Box 2330, ,


“The Ablest and Best * * of American Religious Periodicals.”The Nation, N. Y.


The Christian Union,

An Unsectarian, Independent Journal, devoted to Religion, Morals, Reform, News, Literature, Music, Household Matters, Science, Art, Agriculture, Trade, Finance, eto. Having Serial Tales, Choice Poems, Puzzles and Stories for the Little Folks,

eto.-Contributions from well-known eminent Writers.


In religious matters, THE CHRISTIAN UNION is Evangelical and Unsectarian ; in political affairs, independent and outspoken. It contains the best and most readable articles to be obtained, and both short and serial tales from the foremost favorites; its contributors are men and women well known and eagerly read, taken from all Christian denominations, and from every group of brilliant literary workers in America and England, with correspondents in many parts of the world. It is

A Paper for all Families Everywhere. It is the most widely quoted throughout the whole country. Its form, 24 pages large quarto, pasted and trimmed, is so convenient for reading, binding and preservation, that it has in this alone a special merit. It has

The Largest Circulation in the World of its class, and therefore can afford to employ the best literary talent; and this year the paper will be made better than ever. It is a FAMILY JOURNAL for the whole house hold, young and old-father, mother, boys and girls, young men and young women -all find material of interest from week to week.

FOR 1875. The CHRISTIAN UNION will contain a brilliant series of Monthly Illustrated Numbers, giving articles by the most famous writers on subjects of interest-Domestic and Church Architecture ; Landscape Gardening; Trees, their beauties and uses; Astronomy ; General Science ; Music, both for Church and for the Household ; and several new Works of Fiction, and one or more Poems by favorite writers-each being Characteristically and Beautifully IUustrated. SUBSCRIPTION PRICE,

$3.00 PER ANNUM,

PREMIUMS. Any one of the following admired works of art will be safely delivered by mail, post-paid, to any subscriber's address, who, at the time of subscribing, indicates his choice and sends 50 cents to defray expenses of mounting, varnishing, packing, transportation, etc. :

1.—The pair of French Oil Chromos, “ Our Girls," " Wide Awake" and Fast Asleep."
2.-- The pair of French Oil Chromos, “ Our Boys," "The Dinner" and " The Nap."
3.—The artistic Cross and Flower Piece, French Oil Chromo, " The Lord is Risen."

4.-MARSHALL’s superb and world-famous Steel Engraving of " Washington," called by Huntington, President National Academy of Design, “ Truly, a masterpiece of the engraver's art.'

POSTAGE By the new U. S. law of July, 1874, all postages on newspapers, etc., instead of being paid, as heretofore, at the subscriber's Post Office, must be prepaid at the office where the periodicals are mailed. Therefore, to all subscription moneys for 1875, must be added 20 cents for pre-payment of the postage in New York.

PREMIUMS FOR OLUBS. On application, a list of Premiums for getting up Subscription Clubs (& very easy task with this paper) will be mailed to any one wishing to earn either

a Cash Commission, or some desirable Premium. GOOD AGENTS WANTED.

Address J. B. FORD & CO., Publishers, 27 Park Place, New York.

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Since the accession of Rey. DR. TALMAGE as editor of this paper, its growth has been steady and most satisfactory. An Evangelical, non-sectarian, and non-sectional journal was much needed in our land. THE CHRISTIAN AT WORK has filled this place, and no greater assurance of its acceptability is required than the fact that during the past twelve months, in the most depressing financial period known to this generation, we have taken over twenty thousand subscribers.

T. DE WITT TALMAGE has been editor in fact, as well as in name, and not a week has passed that his editorials and sermons, or other contributions from his versatile pen,

have not appeared in this paper.

THE CORPS OF CONTRIBUTORS includes the best and most enjoyable writers in this country. To each subscriber is presented a novel, unique, and beautiful premium, a

PORTFOLIO OF GEMS, by Hendschel : Twelve charming sketches for the parlor table in an ILLUMINATED PORTFOLIO, 8%x10% in. Subscription price $3.25, including postage on the PORTFOLIO, and also on the paper, as required by the new postal law, after January 1st, 1875. No frames, no mountings, no extras of any kind. Price of paper without premium $3.00 including postage.

A CHOICE OF PREMIUMS.-Subscribers who may prefer our splendid Chromo, after Landseer's great animal painting, “THE TWIN LAMBS,” size 22x28 inches, can have it (unmounted) at the same price.

TO ADVERTISERS.—THE CHRISTIAN AT WORK circulates in the best families of this country. Its value as an advertising medium is therefore evident. The rates, which are lower than those of other religious weeklies of equal circulation, are as follows :-Inside pages, 25 cents per line. Outside pages, 35 cents per line. Reading notices, 50 cents per line. Agate measure, 14 lines to the inch. Discounts on Repeated Consecutive Insertions.

AGENTS WANTED.-Liberal Commissions.-Exclusive Territory guaranteed. Samples and circulars sent on application to

HORATIO C. KING, Publisher, Box 5105, New York. OUR FOUR PAPERS—For Sunday School and Home. ILLUSTRATED-ORIGINAL-LIVELY-SPARKLING.—Each published monthly. Take them all and you have one for each week. Nothing sectarian in them; nothing dry or dull. The best and cheapest published. GOOD WORDS, MY PAPER, GOOD CHEER, OLD AND YOUNG, DER SONNTAGSGAST (German).

Der We number our papers, but do not date them, making them good at any time. SPECIAL OFFER.-To every Sunday-school Superintendent or other person from whom we shall receive an order for one year for not less than $10, we will send Five pairs (10 copies) of SPRING AND SUMMER FLOWERS, two beautiful Chromos in imitation of water colors, by the celebrated house of PRANG & Co., of Boston. The manufacturers' retail price of these Chromos is $2 each. We will furnish GOOD WORDS or MY PAPER, one year, and both of these Chromos, for 75 cents. To any one who will send us a club of five subscribers, at full prices, as above, we will send a sixth copy free, to their address, including the two Chromos. Full particulars as to prices, sample copies, and any information will be furnished on application.







FIFTY-TWO YEARS completed! And completed without a change in name, principles, plans, purposes or pledgeswith the original prospectus of 1823 as the pledge and promise of the future! The fact proves that the foundation was well laid on those eternal principles of TRUTH, which alone can stand amid the wreck of error and false philosophy.

THE NEW YORK OBSERVER, established in 1823, was the first newspaper in this country to employ a salaried foreign correspondence; and from that day to the present, it has been noted for the variety and value of the letters that appear in its columns, from every quarter of the world. The Observer was started as a religious and secular family newspaper. In religion it is Protestant and Evangelical, but has never been allied to the interests of any particular denomination ; giving without partiality the news of all, and laboring for the union of all who profess and call themselves Christians. It gives a weekly resume of all the important secular news; but avoids any position as a partisan in politics. In a word, it would be a difficult task to select a more reliable, profitable, instructive and entertaining family paper than THE NEW YORK OBSERVER.

We offer Two Complete Newspapers,—the one Religious, the other Secular. Cut the sheet at the top, and you have TWO PAPERS. The Religious paper is filled with the News of the Churches in all the

World; Correspondence of the most varied nature from every part of Evangelical Christendom; Editorials on the Religious Questions of the Day; Sunday-school and Missionary Reading ; Departments for Children and Youth; Temperance, Prayer-Meeting and Revival News ; Poetry and Devotional Reading Matter and items of news and interest from and concerning all parts of the great Religious and Benevolent World.

The Secular paper gives, in abstract form, the important News of the Week, both Domestic and Foreign ; Correspondence from various quarters ; Editorials on Current Topics ; Educational and Literary News ; Scientific and Agricultural Departments; Financial and Commercial News; Markets and Prices Current; Notes and Queries ; Anecdotes and Valuable Extracts. A more complete ande pregnant sheet can hardly be conceived ; and you place it in the family with the full assurance that NO HARM will result to any one from its perusal. All this weekly bill of fare for only $3 a year-LESS THAN A PENNY A DAY!

The usefulness of the New YORK OBSERVER, and its record, is in the family, the church, and the state, in all of which it has sought to diffuse that intelligence and principle which will exalt, refine, and advance the highest welfare and happiness of man. In all these years it has never contained a line that was not published with the design of making the reader wiser, better, and happier, and if it has succeeded in this purpose, its conductors have their reward. A paper that has held fast to its integrity and purpose for more than half a century will not falter in its career in the meridian of its days.

THE NEW YORK OBSERVER has more than satisfied all reasonable expectations. It has expended a large share of its income in the increase of the number and value of its correspondents, and the growth of its business has been steady and uniform from year to year. The last ten years have been the most prosperous it has ever enjoyed, and it is now pushing forward with bright hopes of enlarged progress and usefulness.

We offer NO PREMIUMS, NO PICTURES, NO CHROMOS—but a Donble Family Newspaper of eight pages, filled with important news in compact form, both RELIGIOUS AND SECULAR. Agricultural, Scientific, Literary, Juvenile, Financial, Markets, Prices Current, &c. PURE AND GOOD. $3.00 a Year in ad. vance, and 15 cents for postage.

S. I. PRIME & CO., Sample copies free.

37 Park Row, New York.

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