The American Journal of Insanity, Volumen53

Utica State Hospital Press, 1896
Includes section "Book reviews".

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Página 278 - MYSTERIOUS Night! when our first parent knew Thee from report divine, and heard thy name, Did he not tremble for this lovely frame, This glorious canopy of light and blue. Yet 'neath a curtain of translucent dew, Bathed in the rays of the great setting flame, Hesperus with the host of heaven came, And lo! creation widened in man's view.
Página 215 - Master, behold my sheaves. Few, light, and worthless — yet their trifling weight Through all my frame a weary aching leaves ; For long I struggled with my hapless fate, And stayed and toiled till it was dark and late — Yet these are all my sheaves. Full well I know I have more tares than wheat, Brambles and flowers, dry stalks and withered leaves; Wherefore I blush and weep as at thy feet I kneel down reverently and repeat, "Master, behold my sheaves!
Página 242 - It was intended to enforce the principle that "no freeman may be taken or imprisoned but by the lawful judgment of his peers, or by the law of the land.
Página 85 - All such insane shall be allowed to correspond without restriction with the county judge and district attorney of the county from which they were committed. The books of record and blank forms for the official use of the hospitals shall be uniform, and shall be approved by the commission.
Página 471 - Do you wish to limit the dissemination of your contributions to medical science by such an exclusion of them on the part of publishers from reputable publications? Is this literature the property of yourself and of the profession or not? Does your gift of it to a journal make it the private property of the publishers of that journal?
Página 224 - DEAD he lay among his books ! The peace of God was in his looks.
Página 85 - They shall examine all institutions, public and private, authorized by law to receive and care for the insane, and inquire into their methods of government and the management of all such persons therein.
Página 89 - If in such proceedings, the alleged insane person is determined not to be insane, the judge or justice may, in his discretion, charge the costs of the proceedings to the person making the application for an order of commitment, and judgment may be entered for the amount thereof and enforced by execution against such person.
Página 412 - Ostrander, in a paper read before the 7th meeting of the Association of Assistant Physicians of Hospitals for the Insane...
Página 471 - Year-Book condenses, systematizes, and criticises the year's medical work in a shorter space and more permanent manner than the journals, and has thousands of readers no single journal can claim or hope to reach. Every physician writes and publishes articles in order that every member of the profession may, if possible, learn of his work, and that science and progress may thus be furthered and humanity benefited. To...

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