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instead of being used as a pigment, with the consequent extreme care as regards color and quality, may be used merely as a source of zinc (and lead in the case of a lead-bearing ore).

The term “zinc burning" may be applied to any process in which zinc oxide is reduced to the metallic form and then burned back to oxide. Volatilization of the metal and fume is an essential feature of the commercial application of the process. The gangue and nonvolatile material in the ore may be either slightly sintered or fluxed and completely fused.

One of the earliest applications of the process was that of F. L. Bartlett at Canon City, Colo., using a low-blast furnace. The process is now developing along the lines of reverberatory smelting. The most successful of recent large installations is that at Great Falls, Mont., where a large reverberatory furnace is used to recover the last zinc from the residues from the electrolytic plant. In Wetherill grates which are used for the making of pigment, the ore is only slightly sintered. There is no running of melted slag and merely enough formation of it to clinker the residuum. In the igneous concentration of ore, the furnace operation is like that of ordinary smelting, slag is formed and tapped out, matte is also formed if there are copper and iron sulphides in sufficient amount. The main distinction is in the amount of fume made. In order to prevent a large loss of zinc in the slag, large amounts of silica are added, as a silicious slag is less likely to contain zinc. A small amount of coal must also be added to the charge in order to reduce the zinc oxide to metal.

The necessity of a highly silicious slag is fortunate in that it favors the application of the process to low-grade ores, high in silica. It is a simple means of concentrating low-grade ore, especially calamine, to save freight and treatment charges on worthless gangue. At Canon City, Colo., this is already being done and the product shipped to distillers or electrolytic refiners. The residue from leaching in electrolytic plants has also been treated by this process. The zinc remaining in this residue is largely in the form of zinc ferrite which is difficultly soluble in dilute acid but its zinc is easily volatilized in the furnace.

Another important phase of the growing use of this process is the possibility of the treatment of lead blast furnace slags. In the early stages of lead smelting in this and other countries, before ore-dressing methods had progressed to their present efficiency, the lead blast furnace charges were high in zinc. Such a condition still exists at many plants. The resultant slags contain 12 per cent or more of zinc oxide. In Australia, slags as high as 20 per cent have been made. This process is a possible method of recovering the zinc and lead in these old slags and from similar slags in the future.


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1 Furnished by the United States Geological Survey.


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